Chefs and Foodies - Post Your Favorite Recipes (bonus points for pics)

This thread is meant to showcase your favorite recipes - of any kind. We have other threads that show how to cook with THC, but let’s post our recipes for any dish that we crave. I know many of you are great cooks, and maybe a few of you are actually chefs, so share your faves, and maybe a few secrets, too.

I’ll start.

Years ago, I was with friends at a brewery restaurant. We ordered pork belly and a bunch of other things. I was blown away by the flavor and texture of the pork belly and became obsessed with figuring out how they made it. I deduced they must have used a sous vide method, and eventually shared emails with the chef who filled me in on (most of) the rest.

Dry Cure a 5 pound pork belly:

100 grams kosher salt
7.5 grams saltpeter or 10 grams of pink salt
30 grams packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons whole black peppercorns
2 tablespoons whole yellow mustard seeds
2 tablespoons whole coriander seeds
1 tablespoon allspice berries
1 tablespoon juniper berries
6 whole cloves
1 tablespoon ground ginger
6 bay leaves, roughly torn

Combine salt, saltpeter (or pink salt), and brown sugar in a small bowl and whisk until evenly mixed. Rub evenly over entire surface. Combine peppercorns, mustard, coriander, allspice, cloves, ginger, and bay leaves and sprinkle evenly over both sides, pressing spices gently into the meat until they stick. Seal the pork belly in a vacuum sealed bag or a ziplock bag with all of the air pressed out of it. Place in bottom shelf of your refrigerator and let rest for 4 to 7 days, flipping once a day.

After curing the pork belly, rinse it off and pat it dry. Then reseal it in a vacuum bag or ziplock bag with ALL AIR REMOVED. Place in a sous vide bath set for 74C/165F and let it slowly cook for 24 hours.

Remove the cooked pork belly from the sous vide bath and place on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator with a cookie sheet on top and about 10 pounds of weight on top of it for 24 hours. You’re trying to get the pork belly slab to an even thickness.

After 24 hours in the fridge, now it’s time to deep fry your pork belly! Yup - get a small pot and fill it with oil to a depth of about 1/2 to 1 inch deeper than the pork belly is thick. Heat the oil to 350F. While waiting for the oil to heat up, pull the pork belly out of the bag. Wipe off the jelly/fat and cut into 2 inch x 2 inch squares or a little larger. Fry the pieces you plan to eat and refrigerate the rest.

Fry for 4 to 5 minutes. You want a crisp outer layer, but don’t overdo it. As soon as you pull the pork belly out of the oil, hit it with a glaze to prevent it from over drying or getting stringy.

Glaze recipe:
Equal parts honey, water, brown sugar. Bring to boil, then add a rosemary twig to steep. Glaze should be like a thin syrup.

That’s it! I like to serve it without much else because it’s so rich and delicious. However, I do like it served with halved Brussels sprouts cooked in bacon grease.


Damn that sounds great!!!


Mmmmm pork belly is delicious.

I made dill pickle bacon from scratch…

Curing salt, pickling dill, onions, garlic and pickle juice.

After doing a wet cure I stick it in the smoker and gave it a light dusting of dill pickle popcorn seasoning. It sounds fucked, but damn is ut delicious


I make pork belly burned ends.
Cut in squares and smoke for 4 hours at 225.
Put them in a metal pan and add bbq sause.
I use my homemade spicey.
Them back on the pit for a couple of hours .


Mmmm…it IS, @Sasquatch - and now I’m craving it! I have a 5 pound pork belly in the freezer just screaming at me now!


Anyone else ever made ossobuco? I first learned of it from the hunting show “meat eater” for those that don’t know its a hunting show that tricks you into watching a cooking show lol.

My gf made ossobuco after we saw it and damn I could eat it every day, the melted bone marrow from the shanks makes it so rich and creamy


@Grease_Monkey, it does sound strange, but I love (and make) dill pickles and I love bacon, so I’d love to try it! But no, I’ve never made osso buco. It sounds good, but I like my beef to get a little age on it.

Damn, @Hydro921, that looks yummy! Looks and sounds like great munchie food to have during a game…or session :smirk:


I sell it in our restaurant.
Sell it out every day lol


I’m not sure I have any favorite recipes. I like many different types of dishes. It mainly depends on the mood I suppose.

I love to cook Cajun, work with a bunch of people from South Louisiana. I picked up some good info from them on how to make a real gumbo. I’ll have to share it on here some time. Not easy to procure the ingredients outside of LA so ive resorted to making my own tasso & sausage.


Where to start, I’m a classicaly trained chef. I specialize in classical Italian style. I worked for Iron Chef Mike Simon for a few years, I have cooked for Bill Clinton, Obama (got to shake his hand), the red wings had a contract for before game meals at a place I was one of the chefs, countless other sports stars and celebrities. Ive been an executive chef a few times, but I like to cook, not do paperwork. Currently I between places since the pandemic has decimated my industry.

Anywho, I make a cherry stuffing pork roast for my family all the time. Its easy, delicious and they love it! Funny enough I have one in the oven now.

So 1 pork loin end roast (aka butchers roast), cut it so it lays flat, season both sides with salt, pepper, ginger powder, dried minced onions, garlic powder and soy sauce. Take 1/2 cup dry cherries and 1/2 box stuffing, add 1 cup of hot water, let it sit 5 mins to soak it up, stuff it into your loin, 375 for 2.5 hours. Slice and enjoy. Like I said, super easy and delicious.

Fresh out of the oven and now 20 minutes of rest time.

Then slice and enjoy


this was a5 kobe from Japan. That was a $700 (our cost) loin being cut into steaks…


I KNEW we had chefs in our midst. Yeah, it sucks what COVID is doing to your industry. So are you in the Cleveland area, or are you up in the Detroit area?

That pork loin recipe does sound yummy, and very simple. It’s weird to see a chef post a recipe that has boxed stuffing! I love stuffing, but never made it from the box. Would it work if I used dried sourdough bread cubes (which I make all my stuffing with) and the usual stuffing herbs and spices instead of the boxed stuff(ing)?

EDIT: OMG - everything you’ve posted looks scrumptious!!!



Dude, chefs at home eat Ramen, grilled cheese and tv dinners. We don’t wanna work at home too lol

Yeah, any bread cubes would work. This is the “how can I make tasty dinner in under 10 minutes of prep” style


Mine is easy biscuits and gravy with a couple of soft poached eggs

Make a rue with butter and flour add cream and stir with wisk until thickened add a bit of salt and pepper to taste

Cook some ground mild breakfeast sausage addto gravy with some of the grease

Pour over biscuits either homemade or ones from KFC
Topoff with a couple of soft pouched eggs

Good anytime breakfeast lunch or dinner sorry no pics havent made it in a while cant eat it that often dietition gets angry…

Peace out and stay safe


Try the frozen grands biscuits. Almost as good as kfc…


Yeah ive used those also and even some from hardees im just to lazy to make em from scratch


Mmmm…biscuits and sausage gravy. I love that stuff @potdaddy4x4 ! My mother and great grandmother made that when I was young and made it way better than anyone else’s that I’ve tried. They made the roux in the same cast iron skillet they made the sausage in - and used the grease from the sausage. And they both made excellent biscuits from scratch. But you’re right about the KFC biscuits - they’re very good.

Oh, and you’re right about the dietician not approving. It’s basically heart-disease paste.


Exactly. And since i have diabetes and am on dyalisis not a good combo but i grewup eating that everyday for breakfeast now its a once a month treat

Peace out and stay safe


Red Wings should tell ya, big D. :rofl: