ChemDawg ...specifically?

Is there any way to differentiate between the various ChemDawg’s (91’ vs others), other than perhaps effect? I bought this a few years ago and have just run it for a quick cross with a White Gold I have…I bought it at a Vancouver seed bank, at the store run by our Canadian Cannabis Crusader …Marc Emery… it was listed merely as ChemDawg…just curious if there was a way to differentiate…? It probably has another week or so to go…
That said, it stacked up and is packing on resin a heck of a lot better than anticipated…Was thinking I might reveg and make some S1’s if its as good as it looks

image image image image image image


Beautiful flowers man!


Marc was into making his own beans, just gotta check authenticity.


Nice looking flowers man :ok_hand: good luck with the reveg and S1s.

I’m not sure how to distinguish the two, but I know Rusty at Cannaventure uses both clones (Chem D and Chem 91, specifically the Skunk VA clone)

I actually just ordered a pack of his 91 Skunk D, which is :

Chem D clone x Chem 91 Skunk VA clone

He also has a pure Chem 91 (an S1):

Maybe the description there might help differentiate.

One thing to note is that apparently chem 91 is tricky to reverse and tricky to clone.


Looks closer to the Chem D or Chem 4 than the 91, 91 is a more graceful plant, 4 and D are the chunky ones. 4 and D also finish a bit faster than 91. They’re all very similar, in seed form or S1 it would be impossible to really tell, since all the chem cuts are sisters. 4, D, 91, Sis.

IDK when you bought these, but Chem D was/is all over Canada for a long time. Any cut can cross a border, but I happen to specifically know of that one being circulated widely in Canuckistan.

Looks like good weed but it’s really not something you can differentiate once it’s not in clone form. Hell, it’s hard to get 2 grow-bros to agree on which is the “real cut”.


No clue but its a Purdy lil girl


Hey Gang

Thanks for the opinions/contributions…

I would agree…Unless you have a credible person verifying a cut…or have a breeders package stapled to your plant you pretty much have a “Mutt” as far as identity goes…perhaps if this thing turns out to be something “Rockstar’ish” it might just become the Chem D …Toast cut! :slight_smile: Credibility starts somewhere for the annoymous with no identifiable lineage…like some old english movie and social class…:wink:

It’s been a very forgiving plant…been pretty much thrown on 12-12 from close to the get go to do this cross …I guess we’ll see how she smokes at some point…


You plant looks great .
I honestly never seen a pure 91 purple pheno. Ive seen plenty of mixes that were purple but never s1 that were purple like yours. I could be wrong though . I occasional am.
What ever you have it looks phenomenal.
It says its from the orginal clone . beautiful pheno if it is.


Thx…appreciate the positive vibes :slight_smile:


nailed it vernal !


I too was impressed with Vernal’s assessment…

I havent run this strain for sometime so interesting to hear from those more familiar with it…

I appreciate the discussion gang…


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Hey there @MrToast. I ran across your thread and wanted to share a link @Schwaggy explains in pretty good detail some major differences between the chem cuts he has been working with. Hope this helps :call_me_hand:


You’ll have to read through the whole thread as there are a few different posts

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Thanks a bunch…I appreciate the link.
Will take a peek.
I hacked down the top…CS’d the bottom… and will assess whether or not its worth the reveg after I sample…
It was frosty…hopefully has the cannabinoids to back it up :slight_smile:


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Hope it is as tasty as it looks, damn !

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Nice, post a smoke report when shes dried and cured. I’m curious how it turned out


Whatever it is, holy shit! That’s like bag appeal incarnate there lol

I always had the impression that Emery’s seeds were questionable for whatever reason, I’m looking forward to hearing how she smokes.


Reminds me of