CLOSED! - FREE FROM THE TREE - cannabissequoia gives back

11/3/2018 6:02pdt

Open to any eligible OG Member with trust level 2 (see here how to reach tl2).

Pick 2 different strains per user until they’re all gone or 12/1 arrives.

Reply to this thread & PM me your desired nuclear attack coordinates. :mailbox:

Mailing will happen ASAP, but with holidays & poverty, expect by January at latest. :wink: 'cept Mad who lives in the middle of the Pacific, so 2020. :island: :wink: :laughing:

2018 cannabissequoia crosses

RedCherryBerry(male) x GlacierOG 20pk
RedCherryBerry(male) x SilverOG 20pk
RedCherryBerry(male) x RemedyCBD 20pk
RedCherryBerry(male) x Conspiracy Kush ALL GONE
RedCherryBerry(male) x Orange Sunshine#1 10pk
RedCherryBerry(male) x Berry White 10pk
RedCherryBerry(male) x Durban Poison 20pk
SourLifeSaver(male) x Conspiracy Kush ALL GONE
SourLifeSaver(male) x Durban Poison ALL GONE

(10pk means 10 seeds…)

I’ve looked forward to this all year long. :clap: :tada: :champagne: :gift:

Thank you so much OGers, and an extra lemon to @LemonadeJoe. :hugging:



oooo glacier and orange sunshine look tasty


I’d definitely go for RCB x OS#1 and SLS x DP


Rcb x os
Sls x durban if available


I’d love some RCB x OS#1 and SLS x CK if I’m not too late.


Great Giveaway!!! Thank you for your generosity to whole community :+1:


RedCherryBerry(male) x Durban Poison 20pk
SourLifeSaver(male) x Durban Poison 10pk

would love/… super generous of you … can cover shipping cost


Definitely the RedCherryBerry(male) x RemedyCBD and RedCherryBerry(male) x Conspiracy Kush.

They both sound incredible. TYIA


See this spirit is what makes this place great.

I would love the chance to try the sour life saver x conspiracy kush.

If there are enough to go round.




Amazing generous offer!! I have tons of beans to go through so I don’t need anything currently, but wanted to come on and say kudos for offering this for the members here!! Super awesome of you.

Happy Growing,


thats the spirit my man


Very sweet thing if any left orange and durban

I can provide shipping cost


Any chance I could get a few seeds? The RCB x Berry White sounds good, but anything not CBD oriented would do. Nothing against CBD strains, it’s just that it’s not what I’m looking for and someone else could better utilize it than I can.


Dude… :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::santa:. You have to use the Christmas tree now. You are officially santa claus


I’ll take the RedCherryBerry x RemedyCBD please.


:sweat_smile: This is fun.

Since @Meesh is on vacation whoever replies next get’s to pick hers. :smile:

@Badfishy1 @KronicKuz not sure :confused: needs ‘member’ badge? hmm?

Evidently there’s an OG trust level 2 requirement for bean trading but I’m unsure about this. And I’m pretty stoned. Thanks B.O.G. :wave: Anyone wanna clue me in on that?

:laughing: Ha! Just found this:

So, ok. Still not sure if it’s taboo to give away to new users or if it’s at my discretion. :thinking:

So far there’s plenty more but I’ll update several times a day. @MadScientist was my role model when I got here, so… :clap: :runner: :rabbit:

@TheJanitor @legalcanada @Bongedtobits I need your addr but don’t interrupt the game or anything, no rush yet, but I’ve got you marked down.

:pen_ballpoint: :clipboard: :sweat_smile: :sweat_drops: :scroll:

I need to work on organization according to my desk. :laughing:

…and I’ll get back on later tonight & make sure nothing’s “out-of-stock”, updating as they go.

Check seedfinder, leafly & BOG’s & TGA/("Heroes of the Farm collab,consp. kush) websites for strain info/reviews.


Shipping to US & CAN are all on me until further notice. If you want tracking or fancy stuff then maybe I’ll beg a few dollars later when they shut off my electricity. :laughing: Int’l beanhoarders will possibly be stuck with shipping costs.




Thank you kindly sir. Your kindness will be repaid.

Just PM me when you want my address.



Oooooo nice, I would take that one off your hands if someone hasn’t called dibs.
Kudos either way CS :evergreen_tree: :+1:


It’s always at your discretion. I’ve had a few hit and runs, but mostly people I’ve given seeds to stick around.

Apparently it’s cool if it’s in text, so here it goes…

This is how I send seeds internationally for very little money. First go to a dollar or discount store and buy some bulk cards. The holidays are coming, so you are sure to find something.

Next go to lowes and buy a sheet of corrugated plastic. It’s election time, I’m sure you can find a few signs free for the the taking next week. I cut these into 4" x 5" squares.

You will also need some cotton swabs. I usually have these in spades to keep my dab rig clean. And a permanent marker for identification.

Mark on the corrugated plastic with what variety is in the hole. Cut a cotton swab in half and insert half into one side of that hole. Insert 10-12 seeds, then cap it off with the other half of the cotton swab. Repeat this for as many varieties as you can fit (4-6 fit easily).

Now insert the corrugated plastic with the seeds and cotton swabs into the card. Put that in the envelope, I always throw in a few slaps, and address it.

Now go to the post office for stamps. You will need three different kinds of stamps. First a book of 20 Forever stamps for $10, then a book of 10 Global stamps for $11.50, and finally a book of 20 Additional ounce stamps for $4.20. That last one is the secret, it basically says, this card is too thick to go through the rollers. The US cards use a Forever stamp and an Additional ounce stamp.

I sent out all of @Jellypowered Agent K shes for around $50. That was I belive 20-25 packs all across the globe.


Plzz can I have the sourlifesaver x conspiracy kush
And if still avail redcherryberry x glacier og