Newbies Giveaway thread **CLOSED**

Hey OG’ERS :wave:

Here is the DEAL!! I’ve noticed OG continues to have an influx of New Growers & I find this positively exciting :grinning:

I’m gonna help out some Newbies that have Signed up in the last 90 days & offer FREE SEEDS, a pretty sweet deal here…

To qualify, you only have to been on OG for 90 days or less.

No money involved & I don’t want anything back in return, just keep reading…

What’s Available? Well it’s your choice :smirk:

Thank you OG’ER who are offering up something to help this venture and make the Newbies feel super welcome.

Thank you @Gpaw for offering up $50.00 for Stamps, My Man, this OG’ER IS REAL…

Thank you @Kevin for offering 20 Physical Stamps so we can get more mailed out, This Is OG’ER material :ok_hand:

Thank you to @JustSumTomatoes for offering options A & B… As always, OG’ER BADA$$ here.

JustSumTomatoes has Unknown amount of Stamps available, so I’d jump on this If I was you…

Please choose 1 single option per person, NOT 1 of A, B & C. Please just choose 1 of the 3 options. Thank you

Option “A” ) Orange Grove F3 Reg
Option “B” ) Northern Lights x Orange Grove Reg
Option “C” ) BubbleGum Reg Autos “MBA#1”

What will I receive exactly?
1 free package of your choice seeds (Acttual seed count may be between 5 up to 10)

Option A & B Shipping Availability:
International :earth_americas:
United States :us:

Options C shipping availability:
United States :us:
Canadain :canada:

Directions to get seeds

Click the “Edit Wiki” button and add yourself to a list, hit save… IF it asks for you to write over anything, DONT. just cancel and try again in 5mins please, we don’t need people getting deleted or moved around…

Look at this like “Practice Seeds” Try your grow style & dial it in, so when you got some experience under your belt, it will make growing seeds that you purchased much more organized & enjoyable…

**The Only REQUIREMENT is this:

Make yourself a thread, start telling people about your grow, visit other people’s threads and mingle ( basically start making friends ) by becoming more involved in conversations with others, ask questions, search for information that interests you via the search bar & use the wealth of information on OG to your growing advantage… Ect :blush:

OG is an AMAZING place LOADED with AMAZING people :heart: let’s Grow together…

We will PM you directly within the next 2 weeks for your safe address so you can get some seeds.

IF you didn’t receive a PM from me OR @JustSumTomatoes it’s because we ran outta Stamps, Seeds OR you didn’t follow the directions…

Who’s on the list so far? YOU are IF your name is here;

Each Options List is CAPPED AT 35 people

Options “A” Orange Grove F3 Reg

#1) @Alphatoy
#2) @BigBoss
#3) @FattyRoots
#4) @GrowingInThePines USA
#5) @AKmileposts
#6) @Habobanero
#7) @La0laEsMia
#8) @Oldtimerunderground
#9) @MoBilly
Keep adding till 35…

Option “B” Northern Lights x Orange Grove Reg

#1) @MTL
#2) @olcoot
#3) @Bobgrows
#4) @Syn
#5) @Big4blunts2only0
#6) @wahatchi
#7) @Rogue
#8) @TreeTops
Keep adding till 35…

Option “C” ( MBA#1 )

#1) @Lapolda (Sent out 04/15/21)
#2) @Canabisius (NOT SENT YET)
#3) @TheNorthAbides (Sent out 04/15/21)
#4) @Taj (NOT SENT YET)
#5) @MyrtleGrounds (Sent out 04/15/21)
#6) @slytofhand (Sent out 04/15/21)
#7) @Jeffislovenlife (Sent out 04/15/21)
#8) @Garden-Buddy (Sent out 04/15/21)
#9) @Baz4 (Sent out 04/15/21)
#10) @Large-Gastropod (Sent out 04/15/21)
#11) @g1900 (Sent out 04/15/21)
#12) @DankDumplings (Sent out 04/15/21)
#13) @rabbit (Sent out 04/15/21)
#14) @Hydro921 (NOT SENT YET)
#15) @Dalorean (Sent out 04/15/21)
#16) @Kushking902 (Sent out 04/15/21)
#17) @Yetigrows (Sent out 04/15/21)
#18) @Alphatoy (Sent out 04/15/21)
#20) @Wadehump

Waiting on stamps to send out more
Keep adding till 35…


I give this giveaway 2 thumbs up. It’s a great idea and much credit to you sir.

All the best.


Wonderful :bulb: bro… great job, making og better everyday


That’s the OG attitude!


This is awesome ! Wau to help out all the beginners :smiley:

If you happen to have any left let me know. I would like to use a bubblegum male autos in some crosses I want to make ! In the United States :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ! Save me for last thou im not a noob :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Great giveaway thanks for thinking of the new members ,I remember when first joining wishing I could get in on the seed giveaways .

Also that’s a great strain to start collecting and growing out .


International. I’ll send you postage money. I’m from afar.


There is a reason this thread has a Stamp Limit lol “Old OG’ERS” will get a Crack at the same seeds brother, just later down the road (30 ish days from now) No actual time frame.


Everyone spread the Newbies news & get this filled up.


I was going to say, I consider myself a newbie, lol. I’ll happily wait for your second batch, been wanting some autos to play with.


If your 90 days and under, you can apply now. :wink:


Where the F are all the NEWBS? Lol :laughing:


You my new friend will receive some seeds.
I’ll PM you sometime in the next two weeks for your safe address.


That’s great news. You made me very happy. Thank you very much, really.


That’s Brilliant @CADMAN !!
:+1: :+1: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Great idea @CADMAN! Way to go!


What a wonderful gesture!


United States of America


@CADMAN I’m new here, joined up in February, but been prowling around like a gorilla sniffing glue. Past the level 1 with ease. Heck I think I’m almost at level 3, What a great gesture to fellow OG members, If I qualify I’m in the United States.


I am in the US. What do I do. I have only been reading and learning.