Cola's Closet of Chaos (an accidental return to the Jack's Rainbow 🌈 project)

After a rocky re start. It’s almost coming together the new grow space.

here’s a quite well established cut of skittles. She is going to be used as a mother. With that being the case I will require another space before too long but for now the closet will do. stardawg (Manchester cut) also to be kept as a mother.

And thanks to @Bob13 for sending me some jack’s rainbow :rainbow: back. There’s 6 gone in. With the hope of getting 4 up.

I was planning on doing a dripper system but honestly not rating the flow I will get from the kit bought at home bargains

But I will be using the 145litre storage tub as a res for a flood and drain system based on the one you may have seen me build a while ago.

4" fan and filter
4" intake fan
6" clip on circulation fan
Vent cover to make the intake look a bit more discreet.
Advanced nutrients sensi grow.
3x sonoff basics. 1 for the light and 2 for the flood and drain system.

I have a little pump which was going to be used to feed through drippers but instead will likely use in the control bucket as a return pump. Also got an air stone to keep the Res oxygenated.

Still need to get 2 X float switches.
4x10l buckets with lids.
Net pots.
Clay pebbles.
M25 cable glands with seals.
12v solenoid valve.
12v driver for solenoid valve.
But I’ve run out of expendable income now :no_mouth:

For lighting I got an invisible sun240w lm301b. Which I acquired by wallpapering a wall for a mate. That’s a winner for me.

I know the space is tiny but you can all fit and you’re definitely welcome :wink:

Cola :peace_symbol:


well im a bit of a chunky monkey so i’ll watch from the door so as not ta crush ya shit :kissing:



I’m working on the chunky :joy: took me 30 years to not be the shape of a breadstick :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

Hopefully shit starts to get dialled in as the equipment arrives. Only turned the light on today after the recent heatwave :100::hot_face:

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Nice! Are ya guna Mylar the wall, or paint white for more reflection?

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mate that heat was a total ballbag! hottest day was the day i took my old tent down and put the new one up (good fuckin idea :rofl:)

ya set up looks like it will produce i ran dwc for years changed ta hand watered coco mrs lime could not hack the noise from the air pumps never done flood drain
do ya think that lil dripper thing would be ok for 4 pots water ta waste ive got a little pump

i know there is 6 but 2 are nearly done

have ya smoked the stardawg the stuff down here is shit


Cheers man. And I’m probably just gonna leave the walls as they are for now. I can’t see it making too much of a difference in such a small space. The 240w seems to be giving good coverage anyway bro.

Agreed on the heat. It can stay as it is at the moment about 20c is nice for me :100:

I’ve got faith it should produce something. Whether it produces something decent is to be seen bro :joy: I’ve built and ran a couple of flood and drain systems now. This will be the 3rd and both others did well. I love the noise of the fans and pumps myself. Something about a 50hz hum that’s soothing :thinking: all I can say on the little dripper system is. If you’re there to check frequently then go for it. I need a day or 3 on occasion to be away and peace of mind Is worth a lot :muscle:

I have smoked the dawg too. It’s the chemmy pheno not the musty one :kissing_heart:



£74.84 needed to finish the setup. Wish eBay did tick like my bud guy does :joy:

Actually forgot to add the float switches to that list.
£84.14 to go


Aloha & Oi :call_me_hand:

Your mention of the manc in wifebeater with dog on chain & stella got me thinking it must be the younger generation…descendents of Onslow… :joy:


:evergreen_tree: (that’s actually @Esrgood4u, I know)


That’s Onslow from “keeping up appearances” :rofl:


You’re probably not far off tbh :joy: the best example of a wife beater has gotta be Rab c nesbitt though. Sure he hails from the same place as our very own @Gaz29 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@cannabissequoia @Esrgood4u glasgy kiss :kissing_heart: being the perfect example. “That’s my jab. I’m the man”


It’s called a ‘glesga kiss’ (headbutting someone.)

Hey Cola, It was even based on the actual area in Glasgow that i was brought up in - GOVAN ( ibrox park and rangers fc have there stadium in Govan too.)

It’s a notoriously bad area in Glasgow - but it’s home to me.
Though I stay about 8/9 miles from it now, bringing up my daughter in a good neighbourhood but i visit family/friends in Govan frequently .!

Where are you staying now cola ? Still in Manchester or …?

Happy growing peeps’ .


I remembered that scene from watching it growing up with my dad :sweat_smile:

I think I remember you saying you were actually from govan too. It is supposed to be a rough spot but same with my hometown :joy: if it’s all you know then you know no different :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah back home ways now In Manny :sunglasses: just getting my cupboard space in order as you can tell from the thread :grin:

You got much special running in your spot at the moment bro?


I have a few different things growing/flowering etc.
but my lights sockets for the bedrooms and the living room have tripped a fuse and no matter how many times I try to reset it - it clicks off .!

I have a bunch of different stuff growing - i need to call the electrician to come and fix the fuse or whatever is stopping the power getting to my lights etc…

I had to take a couple of flowering plants to my kitchen and I have a couple of cob lights on them.
Im hoping budrot or mould doesn’t set in on the flowering plants.

Gonna call the electrician now, talk again later bro …

Happy growing mate :facepunch:


So you need a new breaker :rofl:

:green_heart: :seedling:


You can get you some little sunvisors from the parts store you don’t have to paint your walls. Put you some kind of reflection under the plants that way they can get light bouncing off of the bottom. I got one room with black walls I don’t care. I’m in a different place all the time I don’t have time to spend or money. I add more light. What @G-paS said. You need to try to find some outlets that you’re not drawing that much electricity off of. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your comfort for your needs. You’ll do OK. Remember one thing those breakers!!! Replace them with the same amperage and wattage.


Lmfao :rofl:

You new bird is a KEEPER! Rowr! :tiger:


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I hear you brother. There’s a Res going in the bottom and then I’m building a shelf at 20inches which will likely be a flat white :sunglasses: my Mrs wanted the closet to match the bedroom :roll_eyes: as it stands I ran out of cash too but work today should help on that front :100:

@G-paS is very much correct too but it’s @Gaz29 with the breaker issues. I’m not too shabby when it comes to electrics. My full spot will only run a max of about 450w with lights on. Fans and pumps etc running :grin:

And @cannabissequoia my new bird is an absolute keeper. @Esrgood4u told me :sweat_smile:


Feckin hope this lass is a keeper for ya mate. Half expected a pic in the bikes thread too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Gaz29 jeez i worked my way up from south of all of this lot and now im jus down the road from yous.


She definitely is. Treats me well. Loves an adventure. And she’s stunning bro. I’ve got pics in the old motorbike threads on here :sweat_smile:

Where are you now then? Berwick upon Tweed or something :rofl: