Covid got me

Currently have covid, starting to feel like shit. Super tired, hurts to move. If I breathe to deep I cough. My bodies on fire and all I can do is think about my Rez change, just can’t get the energy to do it. Thinking sucks.


Yikes, said a prayer for ya, that stuff is deadly. Take care of yourself @DannylovesCannabis :v::peace_symbol::call_me_hand:


Hang in there, yup it sucks if it kicks your ass.

Vitamin C & D, tylenol and make sure if you get up you bring something to eat/drink back with you for later.


Awful news. Prayers coming your way. @DannylovesCannabis


Best wishes get well soon


Prayers and vibes bro. Sleep a lot. I just found out my brother and his whole family has it. I think I had it last year before they were tracking it in my town. I got sick for a week but not so bad, then it went away after about 5 days but about 10 days after I first got it, it came back and was a little worse. I had mostly bad body aches, headaches, and was super tired and slept a lot.


Get well soon @DannylovesCannabis.


Take care of yourself and get plenty rest!


This is from a few friends that have had it. Take plenty of vitimin c,d and zinc. Force yourself outside into the sun for at least an hour a day. One of the guys I know that had it said the daily sun made them feel better the fastest. Goes along with what my grandmother used to say ( she died many years ago at 97) " when you get sick you got to at least pull the shades back".
She lived through the Spanish flu and small pox outbreaks and got a few of my uncle’s through measles without modern medicine or what we would call modern, this was in the 40s.


I took my daily walk, it just amazes me how tired I feel. Never felt like this. Kinda euphoric honestly, like a psychedelic. You can’t concentrate on reality only surviving.


Stay hydrated and fed, get plenty of sun. If a 102 year old Chinese lady can beat it so can you


zinc definitely helped me when I had covid. plenty of rest, vitamin’s, plenty of water. When you get a day where you start feeling better, DO NOT abuse it, continue to take it super easy. I did a bunch of stuff and stayed up late and ended up worse for another week after that. Still not feeling 100% 10 months later.

Edit: For the record, I’m 34 and usually never get sick


I’ll survive :v: Barley can dab but I am lol. The weed helps a lot.


Thank you for the advice! Will follow your guy’s’ advice! You’re all so awesome! Glad to know some of you old men made it through :wink:


Definitely sending you positive vibes, hope you get better soon :pray:
This thing is no joke and totally sucks if it really hits you.


Got a prayer for you,
Try Vitamin D, hot green tea and sweet dabs may help.
Be careful with that. Get well. :pray:


That depends lol I got an operator buddy that thinks it is after he found out he had 2 different strains of the wuflu via antibody test. Seems like if you have a bad time with influenza you’ll have a bad time with this as well. I say that because everyone I know that has a bad flu season got their butt kicked and those that hardly ever get sick during flu season laughed it off. All of them say the same thing though, vitimins zink and not staying locked inside helped them


When you cant dab anymore, that’s when its serious :grin:

Reminds me of 2017, man that shit got stuck in your lungs so bad, coughed for 2 months.
Since then I got a jar of vitamin C on my desk, take half a spoon whenever i remember (4-5x a day).
For the really bad times, nebulizer with colloidal silver 3-4x/d, just before you start, add 3-4 drops 3% peroxide, stopped lung issues dead in their tracks.

Luck of the draw how the immune system reacts, same goes with vaccines, been healthier this year than previous ones.

Like the other guys said, zinc,-Dvit, sunlight etc.


The flu usually gets me if I get it. Had my tonsils removed when I was young due to constant throat and respiratory infections. Don’t usually get sick anymore but. We’re dealing with a new animal aye?


I suppose the hoopla is about it being unusually different, low fat milk vs whole fat but not quite cream.

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