Covid got me

Best wishes!

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Hope all is better soon.


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Sunlight is where you get vitamin D. I like fresh sun but I have a bottle of it for winter if needed. D & C are supposed to be good for covid.

Some people, even those without bad symptoms, have had odd things pop up a few months down the road, like lung scarring. Some have trouble shedding the virus altogether and they call them long haulers.

I want to get an antibody test to see if I’ve had it, which I think I did, back in February or March. I feel like I’m short of breath at night. When I wake up sometimes I feel it. I smoke a good bit of pot but I’m pretty healthy, but I am getting a little less activity now with the weather.

Take it serious for a few more months, and maybe then we can begin getting the vaccination. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Staying home and smoking all of your pot now, is actually a more healthy activity compared to going to the pub, which I really miss. Healthy vibes to all. peace


i hope all goes well man.

Take care and prayers coming you way brotha. Had a round here, wife is a Healthcare worker. She pulled through good.

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Me and the fiance both had it. Wasn’t too bad the worst part was how incredibly fatigued we felt.

Did nothing other than lie in bed for two weeks.



I’m praying for you and your family bro.
Fight hard to stay healthy …

I’ve done a bunch of reading on this terrible covid and its suggested so far that a large percentage of people who had a good supply of Vitamin D (1000 mg mild cases & 2000 mg) daily for stronger cases have experienced less troubles with covid…

I hate pills and I’m talking 1000mg daily, nobody knows anything for sure, but prevention is worth it (as long as its not doing damage).

I’m not a doctor, but do whatever you believe will help you, only you know your body.

Lastly IF needed at anytime even if your not 100% sure, go to the hospital.

Don’t be stubborn bro.

Stay safe & control your breathing :pray:


Doing a lot of breathing exercises which help. The Tylenol is probably my saint. Takes away the fever.


All I want to do is not move and stay in one spot lol. My bodies tired.


You can take Tylenol for pain/fever and Advil for inflammation at the same time safely.

My wife is a pharmacy tech and I’ve personally done this many times for years and years when needed.

Stay Hydrated (water), Eat small meals frequently (boots metabolism) sleep/rest (repairs your body) & breath fresh air ( healthy bodys need good air to function correctly) take Vitamins and feel the sun bro.


My thoughts are with you. I got it a few months ago, and while it sucks, I’m thinking about you and I believe you can pull through.

The worst thing on earth was dealing with the plants. I was taking care of an older family member that had it, too–all the cooking and chores, etc–but that was nothing compared to how difficult it was to manage the plants. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Cut every single corner you can on this grow. Save your strength, limp them to the finish, but if the chips are down, remember that your health comes first.

And, more than anything, listen to @HolyAngel. The family member I was taking care of was abusing the days they felt better and it was causing absolute chaos and making them so, so much worse. I finally said I was done if they didn’t adhere to strict bed rest only, no exceptions. For some reason, covid really punishes you for impatience. I pushed through because I had to, for my dog, family member, and plants, and I was sick for months as a result–and am very far from healthy still; In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m dying, but it’s so hard to coordinate medical care because of covid. Only half serious there…


Absolutely right. Have a bunch germing I need to get into rock wool as well. Holding it off til tomorrow. Maybe I will feel a bit better.


Get well
My wife is a nurse on a Covid ward here in California it’s no joke
You think you have it you been tested for it


Dude, your bodies right… Let it rest, Pretty sure when I was fighting it in march there was a day or two I didn’t leave the bed, the walk from bed to couch was too far.

And yeah the bounceback day - if you feel great and think you’re better. Don’t do much. I scrubbed the house top to bottom. Got knocked on my ass for 3 more days.


Someone in the house tested positive for it, days later I have all the same symptoms and a fever just like him. So I probably have it. Getting tested tomorrow.


Prayers and along with these other things mentioned above to help combat it being sick regardless of what. causes dehydration and cramps. Back when I wrestled and cut weight alot m&Ms hit the spot best for me but bananas avacodoes or even potassium pills or high in potassium food works.

Side note: might not cure your covid or fatigue but just like your plants if can’t get outside from how rough you are. flopping down outside your tent with the door open could be similar to light therapy which can help perk you up just like the green guys along with other things


I can’t begin to explain how much I resonate with that. There is something weirdly psychedelic about this illness. Very early on in my illness, I started getting obsessed with the religious aspect of it. I was having weird, prophetic fever dreams and felt I was gliding through life, unable to focus or concentrate. I had recurring dreams about biblical floods filling the central California valley. I also stopped sleeping. I was getting 1-2 hours of sleep a night and wasn’t tired at all. Just gliding along, like some one with their hand out the window on the highway, unaware. I still can’t watch TV. I find myself drifting away constantly. I can only have re-runs on in the background. At least I can still read and write just as well.

It’s terrifying, to be honest. I need to start meditating again.

edit: if you want a cool rabbit hole, Christian eschatology and end time studies in general, as it relates to covid, is a super interesting topic, if you’re ever unable to sleep.


You probably shouldn’t be walking around outside if you have it,that’s kinda spreading it to be honest


You explained it well. I feel like I’m existing physically but mentally my brain doesn’t want to think.


You can get through this, feel better man. Make sure to care for your physical and mental health.