Craigson’s Skunk Hunt

Put 93 beans into peat pellets and plugs just now. Im after that true skunk funk.

  • 37 Skunk 91 f2 (made by me from bodhi f1 stock)(20from #9 mom and 17 from #1 mom)
  • 21x 2012 Skunk (acquired from older retires cali breeder)
  • 20x ‘86RKS (alaskan cannabis cache)
  • 15x Deboz Skunk (Skunk 18IBL x skunk 91 f2)

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: put me in the skunk funk train!!! Mmmmmmm

I lost my chair…can you share some popcorn?


Should stink up a storm in that grow.

Best of luck.

Lots of skunk fans around here.



Awesome! So many people are desperate to find the “real” old-school skunk. I used to get some really nice fresh, sticky skunk from some old hippies near White Rock, BC back in the mid-90’s. Taste, smell, high - all amazing. Not crazy potent, but just so, so, so damned nice to smoke!


2000 was my last confirmed skunk bag. Was at a wedding in Gatlinburg, TN and a relative from North Georgia drove out with bags of this skunky funky sticky backwoods funk skunk. Grown in the Kentucky Hills… truly some backyard boogie… Had tons of seeds… I still have some… just don’t know which one they are in the pillbottle


Good luck sir! Quite a task ahead of you. Would love to see ANYBODY find that RKS. Law of probability says it will be found… when and by who are the key questions!


A noble endeavor indeed brother @Craigson15. I’m gonna turn 3 circles and lay down for this project.


Oooo, I’m excited for this one! Wishing you much success in this endeavor.


Well, I realized I had a slight mistake. I had only planted skunk 91 f2s from the #9 pheno i had. So just now i germed 17xskunk 91 f2s from the #1 pheno.


I wish I had your problems brother @Craigson15! I suspect it is one you can smoke your way out of. Lol


I’m really interested in seeing how this goes. Skunky bud has a good habit of breaking through tolerance.
I had a really strong skunk off my bud I grew last. It smelled through ball jars😅 now my whole house reeks if I so much as open a jar and 2 hours later it’s still lingering around the house.

One of the purple og bagseed had a decent eucalyptol content. After the bud got to 62% humidity when you cracked open a bud you got a nosefull of skunk, pine, citrus, orange, vanilla, and a background lingering smell of eucalyptus in the air. I legitimately thought I had a thing of Vick’s open near me for the whole high yesterday :rofl:
I’ll have to isolate them, but I got a couple seeds worth planting off her. When I get the chance to see if I can luck out with a terpene profile like that again.

I’d definitely say the skunk phenotype is strong in Massachusetts. I’ve gotten some that no matter what I did I couldn’t stop it from reeking anything in a 1000sqft area like some good skunk. It’s why my mom even knows I smoke😅 I had my 4g I got that day in 3 separate double seal ziplock bags. Both outer bags had dryer sheets in them and it was in my backpack at all times. I never got to smoke it first before she smelled it and had the most shocked face that skunk that strong was still around.

I’m sure if we all work together we can find the right strains with the strongest expression and worst case scenario we can breed a RKS alternative with similar if not stronger effects with just different genetics to get to the same place.


2012 skunk 6/21
Deboz skunk 9/10

‘86RKS 12/12

From front to back
‘86RKS 6/8
Skunk 91 f2 #1 mom - planted day after others and were only ones in promix as i ran out of plugs. Lookin like 10/17
Skunk 91 f2 #9 mom 20/20
Deboz skunk 5/5


Man on a mission! I’m sure you’ll find alot of cool moms out of those.


Was worried that the skunk 91 f2s i planted in promix were too soggy as the root plugs need a lot of water. So i cut them out and theyre in their own tray now. See what happens


:seedling:20/20x Skunk 91 f2(#9 mom)
:seedling:20/20x ‘86RKS
:seedling:15/15x Deboz Skunk
:seedling:6/21x 2012 Skunk
:seedling:11/17x Skunk 91 f2(#1 mom)

Gonna cull the runts today or tomorrow. Prolly cull 8-10 or so.


Heres what im down to after culling a few. Probably cull more as we go.

:seedling:17x Skunk 91 f2(#9 mom)
:seedling:17x ‘86RKS
:seedling:14x Deboz Skunk
:seedling:7x 2012 Skunk
:seedling:12x Skunk 91 f2(#1 mom)

Colour coded em all in cups.


Great project! I’ll be watching this one with interest.


color me interested! wishing you the best of luck in your terp hunts… i was going to try re-creating it from scratch, i have a colombian and afghanistan, just need a mexican sativa :grin: but hopefully that won’t be necessary


damn 100% germ on those acc skunks?


Yes sir. Killed 3 weak ones