Da Sunshine show! Ongoing grow log from a 10 light medical grow in BKK

Hello Folks,

Im Drsunshine and I will be logging my grows here.
I have a Medical grow license here in Thailand and will be showing some of the techniques and harvest that I use. Please feel free to comment or ask Questions about any and all of the things in this thread.
I have a second space where I am Pheno hunting new gear for the flower rooms.
I keep a few moms for the next runs and then chop em and start anew.

Please bear with me while I learn the OG system for posting pics etc.

Cheers OG Family!

Male SherbangerxPurple punch

Drsunshine…! Glue sniffer here. Had this strain for a while but haven’t run it for a minute. Will grow out a clone soon as a mom and drop it in one of the rooms. glue sniffer 4|490x494

Phenohunt in flower day 8 I think.

Popsicles 2 pheno table and up close flower.

Popsicles 4 pheno table and flower.

Veg table

Purple thunder.

Motorboat 45 pheno trunk.

2 scoops pheno 4 roots.

Well that’s the intro. Come back and see what Im up too here.



Hey @Drsunshinestrains . Your garden looks fantastic. I will be following your grow thread. Have a wonderful day. :rainbow:


Howdy pal,

A friend just texted me today about wanting to visit Thailand. I’m going to send him pics of your grow and tell him this is what’s waiting for us out there. What a beautiful garden you operate.

Are these the cultivars that are really popular in your area? Or more so personal selections that you’ve enjoyed consuming?



@Magu Thanks for joining me!

@Mr.Christmas Thank you for the kind words!
Honestly when we set up I bought some clones from a friend and grew them for a while while I popped a bunch of packs from the US LIT farms and Exotic genetics released in 2022 I believe. We wanted strains that no one has here and we found some keepers.
Now we are just running full tables of those for the first time. so far so good.
I am still popping seeds that I have gotten from some friends here but most are from the US and from OG! super stoked to be getting things dialed in and really excited to see what we can find. Let me know if you head this way and I will meet you and can show you around a bit…


That is a seriously nice setup you’re running there!

…and welcome to Overgrow!



Welcome to OG @Drsunshinestrains!
At some point will you be running some of the world renowned Thai cultivars? :v:


Thanks @Gpaw Nice to be here. Thank you for the kind words!

@Tejas I probably wouldn’t run the Thai Heirloom strains indoors with the long flowering times. I may set up a space outdoors for running those and breeding.
A friend just gifted me some Ko Tao seeds and I have some others from here in Thailand.
I also sprouted some seeds given to me by a friend from Grenada. I will clone and send to a buddy with a large outdoor space to see how they do and possibly make seeds.


I’m excited to follow along. I haven’t ran any Exotix packs, but I have grown some Solfire (his close friend). Very stellar stuff, honestly.

You’re much too kind! It’d be dope to link up with an OG local. I don’t know how serious the friend is, but I stayed in Pataya for about 2 months a few years ago. It was such a delightful experience . I’ve been wanting to go back for a while, especially after hearing about legalization. I’ll let ya know!



Let me know!!


Welcome to OG @Drsunshinestrains ! :sunglasses:


What an excellent setup!

That veg table though… I really need to setup my drip.

Thanks for the motivation! :wink:

Welcome to Overgrow!


Just a quick update on the op.

First up is the pheno hunt table.
Looking really good in here. Day14 of flower.
skunk, NE Hazy Kush hybrid, peanut butter crunch x ???, Afgan hybrid, key lime cheesecake, Sherbanger x purple punch, and a few retired moms to fill the table also Flossee, Night moves, Purple thunder

Also the cuttings from this room taken a few days ago.

Here is the nursery.
Lots of clones and new recruits for the flower rooms vegging and looking very healthy.

the veg table is getting out of control. we will be moving them to flower in the next few days. One table of the flower room is hanging and the table will be cleaned and set.
Some smaller mothers too for the upcoming production.

Also the new round of seedling including.
Cheese (Barneys), triple cheese (Barneys), Exodus cheese (greenhouse seeds), panty punch, BOG bubble, Mac 1, and 12 more Sherbanger x purple punch
These will be vegged and moved to the pheno location when the current ones are finished in 6-7 weeks…

last but not least a few budporn and drying shots of the current flowering strains.

Anyway enjoy the show.and I will be back soon

cheers, Drsunshine


Yo @Drsunshinestrains Welcome to OG! And congrats on your first grow report here! You’re gonna be stunned by the folks you meet here, there truly is NO other place like this on the web!

Your setup looks great, really wish I’d had time to swing by when I was last there…now it doesn’t look like I’ll be back up any time soon! But very cool that I can follow along from here! Best of luck w/the pheno hunt(s)!



@Tlander Thank you for the warm welcome!
Next time you’re up I’ll definitely give you the in person tour! I also want to thank you for the beans as well. Can’t wait to get into them!
OG is awesome and I am addicted already:)

Hope all is well with you and that amazing place you have down south. Even with all your issues I envy you. I love watching from afar.

Thanks for stopping in,

Cheers and talk soon!


Hello all!!

Sorry for the delay but I have been in and out of town but now I’m back and here is my update…

Sorry for the shit pics but all I have is a phone…

So the pheno hunt is in full swing and is at the end of week 4 from flip we have a couple Key lime cheesecakes, These two plants are beasts and one in particular is taking over space from the others around it. and a few Sherbanger X purple punch leading the march along with some other strains which I will photograph more of later. Including a few New England hazy kush, Lit farms Peanut butter crunch, One lonely skunk, New England Afghan hybrids that smell like strait Kyoho grapes. There are a few retired young moms to fill in the rest of the 4x8.

So here we go. First up Pheno table, The clones from that table, the seedling that will go in after harvest. and the stand outs.

Next up is the veg table with some recruits for room 2 once we harvest.
Ive been using a new pruning technique, one strain really responded well and the other didn’t like it as much. These 2 strains seem to be cruising right along without any sign of stress.
This technique works to slow down the meristem and lets the side branches even out as tops so you end up with 6-8 main tops. really liking the canopy which you will see in room 3.

Then we have room 3 which was just chopped and loaded with 36 (18 per table) vegged plants 10 days apart.
These are the trained plants. The first lot had a little rough patch the night we put them in.
We have had issues with the 8" rock wool draining the top cube dry so I had to adjust the feed times to actually feed in the dark some short shots to keep them from drying back to hard in the dark period. These plants bounced back so hard once they grew into the blocks and are now on a four times a day schedule. they are gonna be beasts.

Then we have the different strains running in room 2 @ day 62 most of these ar all cloudy with a few ambers showing. They have been flushing for about 8 days already and are swelling up nicely.
these will get a few more days until we get to 15 percent amber and they will get the chop.
We will try to do the same 10 day spacing on this room also so we can basically get on a schedule so the work load is reduced by staggering the flips. the phenos will finish between the 2 rooms so we are always harvesting. Woohoo! hahahaha

we also have a shot of some Grenada skunk from seed given to me by a good friend who was visiting a few months ago. Thanks T-bone! I will take some cuts of these and do a selected pollination in the next pheno run and will send some down to @Tlander to do an outdoor test on em, they look like they are pretty sativa leaning so that should be interesting…
And a pic of a few more moms…

Last pics for this update are some dried bud pics of the purple thunder.
Got a snow storm on them Hahahahah

Funny story about this one I had an accident at an old grow and slipped and almost fell down the stairs with a tray of clones from a big Pheno hunt (all LIT and Exotic) I did last year. some of the tags came loose from them and so we obviously didn’t know what was what. I saved a few and kept em around the other 2 I flowered didnt turn out great but this one is an amazing cultivar (so happy I saved at least one of them, especially this one), She is a looker with early purpling, frosty af, great funky fruity terps, a super fast finish and I just sampled a couple expando bong rips and well the only thing she lacks is it was a medium sized yield. Looking forward to running a full table and dialing her in to get the yield up.
not gonna let her go of her in the near future. There are one or two left lurking from that hunt and I will work em in one at a time soon.

Enjoy all you OG legends!

More to come very soon!!


Looks great man ! :grin:


This is a most wicked setup. Nice man, I’m happy for you! I hope you find all the great genetics you need from og. No sense in going anywhere else :wink: welcome and what an amazing way to start a thread. With a killer set up, congrats on first harvest. I think I read that somewhere. But hot dang so much goodness under those lamps. :drooling_face:



555! Fantastic bro! You’re killin’ it (in the best sense!. just love seeing you indoor growers able to pump your buds o max density and not have to worry about mold (or fkn butterflies!). I’m gonna have to circle back later with a my questions, I got quite a few!). But awoke to a ton of DM’s that I need to deal with…and the Crypto markets are pumpin’ again! Keep on knocckn’ it outta the park and posting here bro, great inspiration!!!



Amazing pictures and plants @Drsunshinestrains ! I ran out of “likes” while browsing thru this thread, otherwise I would have left more. This indoor garden is delightful. I hope to one day be able to have one for myself that is similar!

Have an incredible day :frog:


That’s a fantastic setup you’ve got there @Drsunshinestrains.

Looks like you’re really kicking some goals!