Dankmaster's Superponics 16 clone crop grow and 3 super cropped containers - Colombian Gold and Chocolate Haze (Chocolate Thai pheno)

Day 19 veg

They have now been topped twice and close to moving into the tent to begin the switch

And I wanted to show what I think is possibly the most sediment free organic nutrients ever called Blue Planet Farmers Pride…see how CLEAR it is. (Without air pump on)

The supercropper’s are quite ready


NOW you can really start to see the growth acceleration. I’m also misting w pro cal msg and liquid seaweed 2-3x a day

Oh yeah the runt Crippy has been added. Might as well get something to try


Almost there…target 9”


There will be Xmas bud too…

The top is is growing weird. Smaller sets of what should be fan leafs. I’ve tied the top so more shoots grow out enough for the stretch


Super cropper’s…

I’ve added yet another CH. D is impossible to clone and becoming too leggy


Day 1 start flowering

16 total plants

Hydro system :

5 Colombian Gold 2-A’s and 3-C’s
5 Chocolate Haze 1-B 2-A’s and 2 C’s
Runt Crippy

Left to right : CH - E, CG-B, CH-B and CH-D

Small plant Xmas Bud - A

Farmers Pride 3 part - 1100 PPM
GH Rapid start
Cal-mag pro
Water 64.0
Temp 77-81
Ph 6.2-6.3


Week 1 (day7)

Bloom boosters now added at 1/2 strength and topped off
Bottoms are stripped clean along w the back plants. Nothing below the lid
Hull crushing and defoliation of shaded shoots

Stats :

1200-1300 PPM
6.3-6.4 Ph
Temp 69-82
RH 35-68%
umol 500-1045

Roots love Bushdoctor microbe brew

See you next week :eyes:


Week 2 (day14)

Two phenotype plants I thought were females decided to show they weren’t after a week.

Chocolate Haze C and Colombian Gold A are gone. I originally had 16. Now it’s cut to 11 total

Even though the removal made holes, they’re filled back up by lateral branches. I’ve twisted and crushed to make the most out of each. Will strip the rest that don’t after stretching is done.

Bloom increased to 1200 PPM 6.4 Ph. I feed roots every 3-4 to watering, while foliar w bloom booster diluted 1/4

CH E (far right) has my eye. The 6 lollipops are 12” from the bottom. Has some purpling now too. For 2 week in, compared to others it’s heavy. I’ve taken back up cuts of it. Hope it’s easier than D to root

CH B will have the large center bud crowned by

CH D The only thing to note is is early purpling on this, by far the most temperamental pheno w nutes and rooting difficulty of all. I don’t know if it’s worth it. I’m trying to wait to see if the end result says so, if I can get it to root. I’ve never seen a cut get thick and white but the bumps don’t appear after weeks even

Now the hydro system. First I’m glad I got 2, because following this crop, a full set of Tampa Crip will be ready to move in. There was 10 plants in it, but now there’s 7, and the shoots keep pushing up. The growth is just like my NFT table I used. I’ve somehow made a stadium style canopy here, so it’s going better than I thought after removing. Figuring the res strength goes up for week 3-4 I’ve decided to not change the res, and keep topping off.

The lid keeps getting heavier every day…

Full view :

See you next week and thanks for stopping by :eyes:


Day 21 (week 3)

Looks a lot different now. I’m learning that I had to be on top of defoliation as some shoots were covered up earlier. I’ve decided to do schwazzing since the lowers didn’t push up to make the most of each bud site. Then I thought maybe I can get the screen on this low to hold up the weight (challenging task) and managed to do it. I foliar the tops w bloom booster/vitamin B complex every other day and will continue between 4th and 5th week depending on maturation

Res changed last Sun to aggressive bloom. I’m 90% organic w microbe. It all sticks to the roots.

12 gall :

FP grow 96ml
FP micro 84 ml
FP bloom 120ml
Vita blue 72ml
Easy weed 12 scoops
Early bloomer 48ml
Liquid blue 12ml
Cal-mag pro 24 scoops
Microbe 60 ml
Kangaroots 30ml

Temp 69-81
RH 35-55
Ph 6.2-6.4
1250-1300 ppm
Water temp 70.5-75

See you next week

And soon a set from each Crip will be started along side


Where’d you get that Colombian gold from?

Both Chocolate Haze and Colombian Gold are bag seed. It was from an oz I got through a delivery service in DC. I will be selfing it and most likely CH-E to grow again once I’ve finished my project at a later date.


You from the DC area as well?? Anywho, looks a lot like the World of Seeds Colombia Gold that I grew out, what was the flavor like?

Interesting…the batch was well cured from JuiceD . Spicy citrus tasting. Finding about 15 seeds in the oz had me excited to grow in the future, just didn’t know that time was coming sooner than I thought. Someone else mentioned if they came from World of seeds when I was growing out 3 and all regrew the center shoot after topped. So I’m inclined to believe it is the origin


Week 4 (day 28)

Slight burn and Ph drift hydro, but otherwise doing nicely. I don’t expect any massive results w some branching intended to be tops getting shaded from foliage overgrowth, still I know the last phase is something like air being pumped as the calyx swell and mature rapidly

Overhead view :

Canopy :

Note : you may notice stringy stuff…it’s long cat hair. I wish I could keep it out of the air, but that’s next to impossible…

Chocolate Haze A

Chocolate Haze B

Chocolate Haze E

Chocolate Haze D

Colombian Gold

Crippy runt : might be a few rolls worth :joy:

Notes :

A has tighter bud structure and has that similar dark coffee odor what I smoked

B has a larger bud structure and easiest of the 4 to root, floral spice

D is the smallest bud and longest to root. The very last cut just rooted and I took that 3 weeks ago, lemony odor

E has classic sativa structure, shows purple and orange hues, nice size for the early stages, pungent floral

Colombian Gold: a little temperamental to higher ppm, though dense and really frosty already and sweet fruit odor

See you next week


Colombian Gold is a little temperamental to higher nutrients great to notice and adjust. Do you use less than recommended to begin with? I find I do. Beautiful garden here there will be nice Christmas Buds

@keene I intended to ramp up going into 3rd week and top it off until the 5th to conserve. Yes I realized Blue Planets chart is on the high side after doing it, it is organic though, so this is always more forgiving than chemical. I was at 1400, but now it’s down to 1100-1200. The Ph has been drifting, mostly down from 6.4-6.1. I have continuous Ph monitor so the only time I can’t adjust is when the tent is closed up. I will say the FF Microbe brew highly oxygenates water for the first 3-5 days, very frothy. Thanks, I don’t think I’m too rusty after 20 years. Some brush up at times, but once you get most of it down you don’t lose that general knowledge gained.

Note : I have every one of those but the mycorrhiza root magic

Week 5 (day 35)

I learned the organic nutrients I’m using are more concentrated than label and schedule suggested. I think I suffered lockout causing Ph to go lower and EC raised. From now on, when Ph becomes unstable I’ll dump it than battling to adjust. I’ve gone down from the 1300-1200 to 800 at 75% strength

I’m also learning the air filters are an absolute must having cats w long hair. I can’t believe how much sticks and floats in the air…argh!! I figure I may have to get aggressive on grooming to help combat this nuisance for the next grow w Crippy

Let’s go down the list :

CH A : earthy dark creamy odors, dense nugs and very frosty half way through. A preliminary test w quick dry revealed it’s similar to the bag it came from. Earthy dark roast

CH B : spicy odors, thicker and larger nuggets and fuller main buds. Preliminary test revealed creamy, dark roast flavor, again similar to the bag

CH E : floral odors, fluffy and slender leave buds of classic sativa structure. Orange and purple hues. Even though thinner, they are fuller in length. Preliminary here was floral spice, an expansive hard hitting smoke and very strong sativa effects. It made practically everything else I’ve bought feel weak. It made me realize it’s been too fucking long since I’ve smoked my own when I know I do it better. Despite the nutrient issues and cat hair, I’ll take it over bag appeal every time

CH D lemony creamy odor, smaller golf ball nuggets and main buds, decent density. I stripped off all tiny clusters to divert to the mains. Preliminary is lemony creamy earthy, notes of that dark roast. Decent potency but of the 4 problematic, cal mag deficiency prone and long stubborn rooter. I don’t think my last clone made it

CG : classic tropical sweet fruit odors, bulging large neon green calyx. Dense nugs and coating. Some of the tops are purpling hues. Preliminary is earthy, spicy and fruity mix. Pretty close to the bag it came from





Colombian Gold

See you next week


Week 6 (day 42) 28 left for harvest window

As posted, I’ve found pollinations in Colombian Gold, Chocolate Haze B and E, which I’m sure anyone knows slows new clusters growing and energy goes to maturity of the seeds. My last update, I reduced ppm to 800-900 75% of solution, still I could see cal-mag continue to ravage. Ph has stayed in its range of 6.2-6.4. Yesterday I decided to only add liquid cal-mag to continued topping off of res. At this point I don’t think chasing deficiency is wise, and to just continue to ramp down for flushing out. Despite this, what isn’t leaf is encrusted bracts and still clean smoke. This is why I prefer organics, because w chemical mistakes the flavor is compromised by metals and ruined. I experienced this issue multiple times through delivery services. I’d rather have a ‘burn not so cosmetic look’ opposed to unclean smoke and cracklings

At this point I’ve opened up lowers to more light. I’ve stripped/tested underdeveloped larf and leaving what’s getting light that’s not shaded

I got this air filter to combat the floating hair for next run, but may just keep tent zipped up and leave top flap open and run slightly warmer temps as extra
measures. If anyone else had this problem that’s a cat owner, let me know what you did to solve it

CH E - dominant sativa expression, but low leaf to bract ratio. Puffy texture Purpling of smaller sugar leaves, bracts and orange hairs. Wonderful floral spice odor. A glistening coating of glands Tested strong and clear. I will be selfing this one

CH - A another thinner structure, though sugar leaf is fatter and fuller formation. No purpling here, but orange and cream, chunky clusters of creamy dark roast spice odors and heavy laden bracts. Tested quite close the original bud

CH - B I said this one has yield and it does. Thicker and heavier, densely packed nugs, sweet spice cream odor. Light neon green coated and swollen foxtail. Similar potency to original

CH D Smaller golf ball, heavy purpling, smaller bracts, dense, though not as sticky. Has a lemon odor. Even though heavier in purpling it’s been the most trouble, and the last clone didn’t pull though. This one is still similar to other 2 for smoke.

Colombian Gold - well clearly it’s difficult to do this strain in the same res w others, since the feeding is lighter. Aside from that, tight dense neon green bracts heavily coated w tropical fruit and spice. Has tops purpling a bit. Again, this too is similar to the original bag

See you next week and have a great Christmas


Week 7 (day 49) 14-21 days left to harvest window

Other than flushing, nothing else is being done here. With this hydro part of the crop I learned something important about ppm concentration, and when Ph wildly swings unable to keep in range it’s the tell tale sign it’s become toxic and to dump it. Besides that snafu, not too shabby after 20 years hiatus.

Seeds are starting split open and mature. One top I got too aggressive on, and the wound didn’t heal trying to use a strip of gorilla tape so it shriveled up some before I got scotch tape. I’m hoping the seeds still mature


CH E continues to show more purpling hues, low leaf to calyx ratio for dom sativa. I’m glad I have a growing clone of it, which took about 4 week to root

CH B did best in the container than hydro. It’s definitely the yielder phenotype of 4, however higher leaf to calyx ratio, but dense underneath it. Doesn’t appear to purple any

CH A cone shaped tops that do fill in, but have higher leaf to calyx ratio, dense. It’s thinner than B so expresses more sativa, still not small. You can see me holding the bottom of the cola

CH D obviously has the deepest purpling, nice golf ball sized tops. Not as heavy of leaf to calyx ratio, though dense buds. Not as sticky to touch. Perhaps there might be an errant seed, but only thing going for it was the purpling trait

CG underneath those deficient leaves, is thick encrusted bracts. For almost 100% it’s not that high leaf ratio. Very airy early in flowering, but later thickens up to be solid. Showing a very unique magenta hue as it matures. Seeds are starting split and darken. I would’ve liked the earlier potency, but w seed it’s the later end

See you next year LOL

Happy New Year to OG


Serious buds those girls make nice job creating that strain.

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