Dankmaster's Superponics 16 clone crop grow and 3 super cropped containers - Colombian Gold and Chocolate Haze (Chocolate Thai pheno)

Follow my links here for now. Once I’m ready for phase 3 I’ll make the transition documenting my grow. Thanks


Definitely in for anything chocolate!

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Let’s see, I had 1 oz Panama Red, 1oz Aussie Blues, and 1 oz Chocolate Haze (Chocolate Thai phenotype) and went through ALL the Chocolate Haze first, what does that tell ya :wink:


I like chocolate. :chocolate_bar::eyes:

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I would HIGHLY recommend Royal Queens OG Chocolate Haze. It’s been impressive from the very start. If the progeny are as good as the mother bud they came from, I’ll be very pleased indeed. Hands down it’s on the dominant side of Chocolate Thai expression.

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Alright, I think I got pre-flowering. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but if my recollection is right, it’s all coming back as I keep recalling the process

Here’s 1C

To me this looks obvious, but maybe I’m wrong…

Here’s 1A

Looks similar…

Here’s 2A



Last one is one of those stragglers, but now catching up

Weigh in and let me know what you think. Thanks


I see no balls. :slight_smile:

Folks will come to this thread to answer your questions. Ya don’t need to open new ones to direct us here. (for next time.)

Best of luck on the grow! :smiley:

Will follow along for sure.

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Yeah I’m getting used to the ‘new’ interface of OG. The delay in topic posting to be approved is new to me, as I was used to instant posting back w the old one, and then it was moderated

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Yup, that’s what I thought. Doesn’t look like the staminate part that begins to hang. I know pre-flowering can be deceptive, so needed to confirm. Now that I have I can begin the clone crop to see the pheno’s and which is the best to be a mother :+1:

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It’s been awhile, but I need confirmation, so please have a look at the grow diaries and tell me what you see. Thanks

You need to comment on your diaries, not make a new thread with each comment . It makes it confusing and people will scroll on by since there is no pics here


Merged thread.

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Thanks, that does help, That pre-flower can be tricky to nail down, but once you see the thin oval shape of calyx not swollen that’s behind the node it’s pretty certain. I didn’t expect pre-flowering, but I’m near the end of the 5th week, and in the past I had to switch over to know for certain…hmmm interesting, maybe growing into the 5th week can save time on the switching photoperiod over and going straight to clones, which has saved quite a bit of time on the schedule :grinning:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines…introducing Superponics 16

Fits like a glove for the veg chamber

Here’s a peek for now of those who are staying in the mommy space until I’ve decided who stays and who flowers to be their end of the road

BTW Colombian Gold C is the real surprise plant

More to come as phase 3 begins. Clones are nearly rooted and ready. Everything going as I planned it out

And these 2, which I consider the weaker of each aren’t staying, but I will enjoy seeing the end product w the rest of the crop. I doubt there’s going to be anything super special, but one never knows until the flowering is done


That’s some contraption there!

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You betcha it is, let’s see what’s under the hood running


All right it’s time for a little show and tell… Please refer back to my OP in the link… Which seedlings did I say have potential ?

I said CH-C and CG-A…

Well here is CH-C

This is before being trimmed up

This is after…notice how thick the base is to the stalk being crushed and twisted

Notice the internode spacing. Where I’m holding is a SOLID cola structure for reference

Next we have CG-A

This is wild growth here. Even for low lighting this is dense. It took me a while to trim it all off, but for a SATIVA it has the SOG/SCROG potential. So far it’s the shortest compact CG pheno

Next we have CH-A

A most likely will not be selfed. The spacing is far too long. It would still be nice bud, but not the full tight cola.

Next we have CG-C

I believe this pheno is probably the closest of the lineage, and I say that because of its girth and biggest sun leaves, along w incredibly thick stalk to endure the native environment it’s accustomed to. I believe this is the real keeper, and the one to self and share afterwards. It was the true sleeper among the 3

Finally we have CH-D

(Bezerker, is that a chocolope expression ?)

To me this one looks worth it too, especially if it is a chocolope

Moving on

Planted 10/15/21

2 CH-A
1 CH-B
2 CH-C

2 CG-A
3 CG-C

Ph 6.18
PPM 800
PAR 270-320
Water temp 71-76
Air 70-82

Nutrients -

Blue Planet Farmers Pride
Bush Dr Kangaroots
Bush Dr Microbe brew
GH rapid start
UC Roots
Cal-mag pro
Blue Planet liquid seaweed

4-5 more clones will join these as I grow then enough in the aeroponic cloner (2 CH-D, 1CH-A, 2 CH-C

Next we have a super croppers

CH B has joined them, being far too leggy

Here’s CH-E (the straggler as I called it)

Lastly we have CG-B

Each have had their tops bent and tied down so all the lateral sites are open exposed

I should be ready to start my flip first week of Nov. I’m still on track as I originally planned before starting up again


Looking good do you have instructions for your new grow tub ? Thinking I might like to try that style of growing.

@ShiskaberrySavior Superclosets is the manufacturer. Jury is still out, but I’m thinking it’s fixing to be revved up shortly. I’m looking forward to showing what I know is a stellar system once dialed in :wink:

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Well this rocket ship is about to take off now that I have ph dialed in and added a more concentrated

Only a day ago and the growth is faster and noticeable

Stay tuned, it’s only going to get FASTER! The days ahead are going to be telling about this system…