Dendro's Outdoor Grow 2022

Yo there, thank you for stopping by! Here are some shots of the outdoor grow Ive got going up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Below is the most current state of things and then I’ll be posting some past photos, maybe mixed in with a few random thoughts, observations, and conversation.

Please feel free to post your own grow shots, ideas, and comments, keep it positive! :pray::v::heart: Very new to posting online, your patience is appreciated :pray:


Welcome to OG :grin:! Amazing area you live in… Dendro, that wouldn’t have anything to do with dart frogs would it? Used to run vivaria and was a member of dendroboard many years ago.



Yeah!! Wonderful garden! :pray: :clap: :clap: :clap: :hugs:

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Thank yall for saying hello :wave:,
@Kabuddha Yes!,Ive used dendro as a tag for about half my life in some form online, i.e. gaming etc…in short…came from “Dendroaspis” (“tree” “asp”?)which is very similar to your dart frogs and is just latin designation for mambas, I believe, have kept many herps and fish, though have been crushing the gardening as of late instead :grinning:
@Abbbian Thank you! :blush: Very happy to have some kind guests! Appreciate it Fam! Here are some more shots…I’lltry and catch her in the sun! My phone’s memory is full, having trouble taking fresh shots, lots of past excitement to post though!..

Uploading: 20220711_114245.jpg… Uploading: 20220710_095642.jpg… …Hopefully these work, have been getting kicked out due to my terrible connection with satellite! Last shot should be of an auto that was pollinated and Im waiting for her to finish up. Catch yall later! :v:


Yep, having some technical difficulties…

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Beautiful plant! and lanky!! :sweat_smile:

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Just came over the Ridge, heard the ruckus, wanted to check things out. BEAUTIFUL spot you have there!! If permitted, I’ll take a seat in that far right corner. Brought enough Snacks, you don’t have to run out and get anything. Sending nothing but Best Wishes for your continued success, do take care, stay safe, and be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ahhh man, its been so lonely out here, so nice to have some company!
Welcome @misterbee! Please, make yourself comfortable and let me know if you run out of those snacks or would like a toke? We actually have AT hikers camp out from time to time and Baumead and I are down here every morning 20220624_090354|375x500

@Abbbian :laughing:, yes she got lanky! One of two first ever clones for me, got her all tied up now, Im always trying different trimming and grow styles! Always fun to see how new techniques turn out… left this one alittle more all natural, still cleaned her up a bit this morning, definitely seeing the change in growth, slowly switching to flower :blossom: If anyone can help me to get the other photos to post, please do!
Have a good night yall​:blush::v:


Baumead, Great Pyrenees x Norwegian Elkhound…


Good morning all. Rains coming down hard around these parts today. No watering, yeah! Love me some rain. Garden is looking great today, going to take some time to try and clear out some space on the memory of this phone so I can take new shots. Here are some from past grows and some from this same garden at different points in time…

some autoflower action above
![20220625_134533|666x500] (upload://28hn0fJIAI3lGa5Z3hjRE5exCd7.jpeg) an early nug of Grape Greases from Brisco’sBargainBeans pollinated by Banana Berry Muffins from Nachos and El’Sapos, got a nice little ten pack out of her :yum: Super excited to pop em. Ive had some accidental pollinations in the past but these and a few others were 100% purposeful, So much appreciation to all the breeders, growers, and distributors that help make self-sustainability a real possibility!


Gonna try that one again…

maybe Im doing too much at one time for this crappy connection :upside_down_face: :crossed_fingers:


:ok_hand: sweet! guess I need to slow down…loss of internet is the real reason why I quit playing video games btw lol…so glad for it too, I dont think I ever would have “unplugged”…Patience :pray: and Peace :heart:

Don Johnson after a few days dry time…super sour, yet fruity and floral at the same time, quit unique :ok_hand:, must have a high level of terps and other goodies as it seems to be taking longer to fully dry than other, even denser nugs taken on same day. Finished under the sun. Probably took 8-9 weeks, haven’t been keeping the best notes, part of why I’ve decided to start up thos thread and join thos community. Have posted elsewhere but I think its time to consolidate my life, yet start anew!


'21 unknown


My wife went down to Virginia this past 4/20 spent a short week on a working rescue farm. They use Great Pyrenees to be the farms guard dogs. SO Massive!! So friendly, until they go into guard mode!!
In our tiny house, the view from the kitchen full sized window, gave us a great view of the fenced in barn yard.
I was magic to watch, (we were severely wasted, mushrooms, and succulent ganja) the interaction of the dogs and farm animals.
You could never see humans getting along so well.
Lovely plants also!! I love riding my wee scooter down there also!!


Now that sounds like a vacation to me! Tripping on shrooms with your fam on the farm? Definitely hard to beat. I can feel the good vibes from here! If you have any pictures, please share, and thank you for stopping by, great to meet you @webeblzr :blush: We ended up with Baumead and his sister Raven after the neighbors working Pyrenees had jumped the 6 foot fence and had his way with our new 6month old Norwegian Elkhound :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, certainly would not have let that happen, but nature took its course very quickly and we had a huge litter of beautiful puppys out of nowhere! Found good homes for all but the “twins” and now we have our little wild pack of dogs. Ive been setting up the garden over the last two years and we’ve also been putting up alot of fencing, so chickens and or goats are on the horizon. Good to hear from someone who knows Va a bit, I kind of grew up here off and on, military brat, so I get around. Not so much anymore though, lately, I feel I’ve finally found a place where I can just be me. If Virginia hadn’t legalized cannabis last year though, it might be a different story. Places I lived growing up include, California(born), Ohio, England, Venezuela, Arkansas, and Florida, but definitely have spent alot of time in Northern Va(Woodson highschool,'97-'00), and now out here in the boonies closer to West Virginia :grinning::+1: ohh shoot, there I go a rambling, happens alot around here I hope!, gotta go check on the Fam! :v::heart:


I never thought I’d see the day that cannabis was legal in the South. It seems like there is a competition to see which Southern state will be the LAST to legalize.

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I hear that. I couldn’t believe it when we legalized here, out of nowhere, but the money speaks to the politicians soul and now I have faith that the rest are not far behind, tobacco use is slowing down and because of the pandemic and other circumstances, things are finally starting to work out for us cannabis enthusiasts in the south, but to be honest, where I live is quickly becoming anything but the south, big difference between Northern Va and Southern Va. So I get it. Beyond Hello is the Reason I got back into growing. Insanely expensive and cant beat my homegrown after alittle practice. I do pray that the laws are working in your favor or will be soon. Ive always been the outlaw type myself, but being able to legally grow and smoke has made such a big positive impact on my life. Quite drinking all together and am working on the rest! I think its more the act of caring for something that truly does wonders on ones connection with this planet and life itself.

Good to meet you @Herrsquidward I wish we didnt even have to talk about the legality of a living being…smh


Dude…weird, my wife and I were just taking pictures of a tiny praying mantis on one of our pepper plants. We named him “Batman” because he’s hanging upside-down every time we see him. All critters are welcome here, with a few exceptions.

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Haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, yes! I love all the synchronization in life, dont know why I picked that one out of hundreds. Love me some peppers too. Would you believe I just came back from watering them?

All life is One!


Pic taken a few days ago, but still crazy, was just up there…