Draig and Lady Zandra's New Grow for 2023--

Hi All!
Well-here we go again…
Our current grow will get an update ASAP, but is just a few smallish plants in 12/12-
everything elseis either Moms/clones or for the Solo Cup contest.

Wasn’t going to start another grow untilI had a chance to revampthe rooms–and was going to wait and do clones in hydro…
but since that has been put on the back burner until after the beginning of the New Year,
Why wait!?

Despite having BOTH our pH meters putz-out on us-- there is a new one on the way,
and I have every confidence in my back-up system until it gets here this eekend.

This grow is being dedicated to the people who so have so graciously shared their genetics with us.

Carty: Longbottom Leaf
Just Some Tomatoes: Orange Grove
Moska’sPink Lemonaid
Barny’s Farms Laighing Buddha

I am also starting some special Beans from someone who wishes to remain anonymous-
and some especially for Draig as a surprise (yeah-he knows NOW-- but NOT what they are! )

Let the games begin!

24 HOURS LATER …(sorry so ugly- the ink bled!)


About 8 hours later…


Ooooh, can’t wait!!! Best of luck on the grow, I’m sure it will be spectacular!


Orange Grove for the win… wow did it germinate fast. very nice.

I’m so jealous. Never had much luck with them damn cups. With Autos it tends to stunt them, something with the tap root and not being able to veg long… but you guys have obviously mastered this and if it works, work it right?

That LBL was incredible. Loran sent it to me and gave me permission to turn LBL into an Auto Flower… the brother I was doing the project with came home one day to all his shit put into a storage locker, locks changed… damn… so it never came around. he did donate to Blue Vangoo though.

It grows very tall and lanky, the lemon smelling pheno is the one ya want. and she grows weird, long nodes, almost looked male and almost culled… then all of a sudden her buds starting plumping and she finished off amazing.

Good luck you guys… they all sound yummy


Thank You Carty!
Yah-- cups don’t work with autos-- tried and failed miserably…like you said, not enough room for the taproot–once it hits bottom it stunts the growth!

But for seed starting,I like the solos–I used to use only rapid rooters-- but I save those for cloning/hydro plants and like to start babies in Solo’s until about 4-5 nodes-- then transplant into a 3-5 gallon planter, depending on how long we plan to veg. :blush: :+1:


Just like before LZ… you teach, and I will learn.

For the record… I’d like everyone to know that Lady Zandra63 took me under her wing over 14yrs ago and was my very 1st teacher. funny how things come around full circle and now working projects with my mentor. ooohmmmmm.

Life is good


Gonna be hanging around for this especially since @Carty has been taking me under his wing to help me out a ton with my growing and I can’t thank him enough so thank you @Lady.Zandra63 for teaching him and putting up with him …:crazy_face:jk Dude n Happy Growing The Doc


Mind if I squat over in the corner. I promise not to be a nuisance.


Hoping so-- now that I THINK we got rid of most of the Gremlins! Equipment failures, tainted soil… has been a rough go last couple rounds!


Hey- the LBL is keeping up with the Orange grove too!
They are all popped and in soil now… Looking forward to working with these!
Thanks for the heads upon how she grows- I’ll probably FIM and LST her… :blush: :+1:


Aww shucks… thank you so much!
I only pass along what I am taught… and FAR from knowing it all… and give credit where credit is due… I just want to further the ability for EVERYONE to be able to grow, no matter their circumstances!
And Good students like you make-up the next generation of good teachers!!


Ok-- if you promise to be good!! :blush: :crazy_face:


No Probs-- and thanks!
And yeah- he was a problem child- LOL (JK)


@Carty Thanks my brother! Ive heard very good things about her and Loran RIP I can’t wait to see Lady Z grow of her and me sample her! hehe Maybe we could work on making it an auto together.

Welcome aboard @DrGonzo13 This is all @Lady.Zandra63 I’m just a consultant and pollen chucker. haha
I asked the Mrs.to start her own thread but she added me on anyways. I’m disabled and sadly can no longer make it downstairs to our growrooms.
We’ve been growing partners for 20 years. Lady Z has been a gardener of every kind of plant and vegetable since I’ve known her 35 yrs so I’ve learned a thing or two from her myself.

Hey @BigMike55 have a seat! you’re more than welcome my friend!


Is there a Seat for me too?:popcorn:


Don’t tell him that. Then you might not get rid of him. He eats a lot.


:blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Aww…Thanks Sweetheart!!!


Of course…always room for one more at our table!
Hell…if it were possible, I’d arrange an OG picnic for next year so we could all cook for each other, smoke some good shit together etc…but don’t see it happening any time soon!


I have a spot next to me @Andrexl and I share :popcorn:!


An exciting lineup, looking forward to your upcoming posts!


Hey Guys… I dug up some photos to show you just what to expect from the Black Oger cross I made… Here she is prior to the pollen from the Vietnamese Black F3.

Carty’s Oger by Oregon Kid

The Original plant I started with and gifted cuts out to 2 people…

One set went to Hawaii so Dirtboy808 could blow her up and boy did he…

This is the very first person I gifted cuts to, Noobfromdixie at the behest of my good friend BushDr… this was Noobs first grow and he killed it.

Lady’s n Gents… the Mom of Black Oger