HaRdRoC's BrEeDiNg TeNt

This is going to be my journey into pheno hunting and future breeding projects.

I will be popping 10 pack of seeds and looking for moms and collecting pollen from the males for later crosses.

I will be doing a SOG of how many pop from each 10 pack.
I will also be doing 12/12 from seed, in 1 gal fabric pots.
Using Jack’s Classic Dynamic Duo for nutes, HP Promix for medium, in a 2x2 tent.
Lighting will be the Spider Farmer SF2000

The 1st victims I chose for this is none other than @50State Orange Goji.

I’m hoping to be able to give back to the community as others have given to me.

So I hope you all tag along on the journey I’m about to take and by all means, any tips or tricks you ol’ heads have are well welcomed.



Wow was looking at a goji and X’s of her run.
Now I got 2 to look at, stereophonic cool.


Sounds like an excellent plan to me, will follow , should be good fun!!!
When you figure out your Veg feeding schedule with the Jacks, hope you post it.
I shall be watching with interest to see how and IF Orange Goji can be contained . If you do it right, your gonna get some fat ass top buds from your sog. I am seeing large running buds on mine, even though they were heavily worked and have many arms. If she will flourish this way, would be a great way to run her!! Wish you a killer grow man!!!


For the Jack’s, I’ll hold off on the veg nutes, unless I see they need it. Then it will only be 1/4 to 1/2 a tsp depending on size of plant. I will give veg nutes until 2nd week of flower every other watering, depending on how much they’re drinking. Same with bloom nutes, start with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually see how far I can push them.

Depending how many pop, is how I will grow them. The less that pop, the more natural I’ll grow them.
If I get a full tent, then I will have to lollipop them.


Woohoo let’s go :popcorn: :popcorn:


:seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Right On… Looking forward to seeing how things progress…

Have my Hot Buttered :popcorn:, :movie_camera: rolling, and :fire: in the bowl…



Well just got the nod from 50 State, that I may use his pollen to try my own crosses.
So I got my 1st cross already in mind.
It will be 50’s OG male x Planet Purple from Archive Seeds.

I think they would complement each other nicely


You can find a Male as nice looking and stinky as the good females in his seeds. Hold out for a good male. I got lucky and threw down 8 seeds…got 5 ladies and 3 boys. One of the boys looked as nice if not nicer than his sisters, was hard to believe it was a male when he showed…had to check it like 20 times over 3 days, lol. In flower he blew up just like the ladies and stunk from a stem rub.

When you see the strength they grow with when they hit their stride, your gonna know just how good a decision it is to use @50State 's OG!!


Well tent is starting to look like something now, pretty much just need the light and pots, and they show up tomorrow.
Noticed the tent’s 6" sleeve in the roof, has shit the bed already. Pulled the draw strings and the thread on the seems came unraveled. Guess that’s why there’s 2 lol.

So if you’re wondering why there’s a clip on fan up top, it’s to keep the light cooler so it lasts longer. I got a duel timer so I can plug that clip on and the light in, so when the light turns on and off, so does that fan.

3 of the OG’s are already starting to break through the peat!!! Almost game time!!


Looking good. I am thinking that light you got is gonna light up that tent !!! If you have not run LED before, be careful of lamp height off the plants.

Blows on the sleeve up top…just the way to cinch it up is bad, or is the actual 6 " sleeve coming loose from the tent??


:zipper_mouth_face: Cough “Mars hydro” Cough


Yea man, I was thinking the same thing, and was VERY happy when I saw the dimensions, and it would JUST fit in there.

Gonna keep it just over 2 feet away at 1st, then gradually lower it to 16/18" depending how the plants react.

It was just one of the inner sleeves that kinda split open. No big deal, not using it anyways, but kinda crappy as it’s fresh outta the box


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 20 characters and more


So not much in the quality department for the tent department when it comes to @MarsHydro_LED


My other 2, 2x4’s seem to be fine. Still got another 2x2 still in the box too.

Correction, now that I think about it one of the 2x4’s has threads coming apart around the top of the zipper. They may need to rework their stitching.


How many tents you gonna have??? Separate ones for veg n flower??? And another too??


I got 2 2x4’s and a 4x4 at my partner’s house. 1 2x4 for veg, 4x4 for flower and gonna try and cram the ones from the 4x4 into the other 2x4 for drying.

Here I’m doing 12 n 12 from seed in a 2x2 and going to use the other 2x2 for drying in my storage locker


Gonna make a tent city!

Seriously though I’ve always dreamed of having like 4-5 smaller tents all lined up in rows with different stuff growing in each. That sounds like pure bliss to me lol.

Now we need a light!