Duke Diamond aka Tommy needs help!

Hello fellow OG’s Tommy needs our help he was locked up in Missouri on a (not drug related) offense. Don’t know what for but James Beanz put up his bail and then the state dropped the case, and the FEDS picked it up. His wife Jessica and his children need help. I know he has helped a lot of people and is a really generous human being, he has a go fund me page “ Duke diamond family relief fund” it has a goal of 50,000 and is around 29,000 some anonymous person dropped 20K. He is a great breeder and I wanted to share this because I know he and his family needs help, he’s also an old School OG’r so he’s apart of our family any amount helps thank you.


MeanGene, Freeborn Selections, is doing a bunch of auctions on his IG page of rare packs with all proceeds going to Duke’s wife.


Thanks @Classicskunk1986 for putting this up; Otherwise by the time I heard it’d be 2-3 months :blush:

Hello coronadollars! :angel: :money_with_wings:

If anyone can post add’l links, i.e. gubmnt/doj/etc :+1:



Yeah, ok. Getting into the weeds on something that we don’t have the details on.

Let’s try to focus on trying to lend a hand to Duke in one way or another.



:mega: empty them pockets


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