Durban Poison seeds trade Denver

Hey, first time outdoor grower this year and I had one of my Durban Poisons hermie. (I think I waited too long to harvest) From what I’ve researched, the seeds I got from that female plant should be feminized seeds. I was looking to trade some of them. Wanted to try and grow something next year that flowers purple and/ or some fruity smelling strains. I’m in the Denver area.


Called rodelization… will produce all females… its how to self a varietal to preserve the ‘pheno in seed form’


Hello there @Sbmfps03

I’m also in Denver

Where did you source the Durban Poison from to begin with?

I’m sure I can help a neighbor out via trade or gift…

Stay hazed


I wouldn’t suggest growing seeds thatve been produced from pollen off a hermaphroditic plant. Very high probability for herm progeny. If the plant was sexually reversed, using STS for example, that would be a different story and then the seeds would be fems. But seeds from a straight up herm I would really caution against sharing as it could very well mess up someone’s whole grow by throwing male flowers in places they may not see.

Not trying to rag on you at all… just throwing a major caution sign out there


Welcome to OGG enjoy and learn i know in reading posts i have expandend my knowledge greatly


I’m 1000% behind not using those either. Are they worthless NO. Are they a giant question mark :question: :thinking: you putting into flower… most definetly. STS or colloidal silver for producing seeds has proven to be more effective at creating better more state fems…


I’m agree with Swamp thing and GrumpyOldBastards.

Do not use these seeds. Theory is exact, it will produce females BUT with a lot of hermie potentiality. If you want trade this, the next who will grow it, will have a lot of seeds again!

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IMHO should they be destroyed? I know its sacralidge but

A true hermie no I wouldn’t breed but if were talking nanners at the end , oh hells yes.
Don’t get much better than that,viable nanners tough to find most are sterile.


I was gifted some clones from a friend. Don’t know much beyond that.

Gotcha. Yeah I’m pretty much brand new to the game. Appreciate it.

Not real sure what happened as far as full hermie or not, and I don’t think they were nanners, (based on google image search, HA) I had three DP plants and when I was trimming the last one I found 12 seeds, mostly mixed in the lower branch, smaller buds. Does that give any indication if they’re good or not?

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Color and physical condition determines if beans are good.
But “no” i wouldn’t plant them.
Too much good seed running rampant thru here, why waste your time and money on herms?


I’m trying to give the guy some good seed guys, don’t worry!


I am not looking to trade, but would be happy to send you some seeds. I live in the Vail valley, so they would get there pretty quick. Got several Flo crosses that you would like. Berry flavors and lots of purple color.


That’s awesome! I tried to message you not sure if it went through.

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Totally agree with that :+1:t3:

I love the fruity flavors im thinking in my mind if i smoke fruity flavors im injesting the good qualities of eating real fruit ya know bannana strawberry blueberry etc etc dam i wish it did work that way

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I’d personally toss those in the BBQ and enjoy the nice warm fire!! Take some deep breaths maybe you’ll get a little high off of it lol


Thats what i will be using apparently the stronger the better

Peace out and be safe

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