Dwc auto ppm

Hey guys I just wanted to see if there was any other auto growers out there and what ppms you start at do you use a 1/4 recomended maybe 300 ppms let me know

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What type of hydro are you doing?

300PPM should be a safe starting point unless you’re doing HPA or AA.

In any case, its good to start low and let the plant tell you if it wants more. Just watch the leaf color. Pale wants higher EC/PPM. Dark green or burning tips means your too hi.

Dont forget PH control.


Totally agree with Larry, start low, its the safe bet, you can always raise later.
If you burn the roots that’ll take some serious recovery time and throw all sorts of deficiency symptoms.

I have no experience with autos, but I did read somewhere that ruderalis genetics tend to be light feeders and like low PPMs, could be the case for you as well.

Mine were very happy starting out at 100ppm, my tap water comes out at ~20ppm.
Tried following GH recirculating chart, raised to 500ppm and roasted them, could’ve been too much chlorine too, not sure, but they are very happy now at 150ppm 30 days from seed, just raised to 230 last night, lets see how it goes, light on in 7h.

Do report back on how your babies react, always useful information.