Edibles recipes - what's your favourite?

Hi Guys,

We made 2lbs of butter (high potency) from some gifted Sedamen (I think it is Pink Kush that Medrelief has rebranded) flower that was getting a little long in the tooth. We are going to be baking, making, whatever this weekend and I’m looking for your favourites… not your Grandma’s recipe if you know what I mean.

Wife likes brownies (so cliche right?) but I was thinking of doing some extra spicy molasses cookies, you know the good ole East Coast kind - I think the cinnamon and ginger would compliment. Will probably make a few different things… until the butter runs out.

What’s your gotta have homemade?


Easiest thing to put butt loads of butter in is rice krispie treats. Can use fruity pebbles instead also.


After a bad experience with a cookie once I can’t stand the taste of pot butter anymore. It sucks.

Firecrackers are cool. It’s basically a smore with some peanut butter and about a gram of weed. wrap it in foil bake it at 250 for a bit and enjoy!


Done the rice krispies thing before but hadn’t thought of switching up the cereals - cool idea. I don’t LOVE love the taste depending on strain and potency so look for things that complement or mellow it out a bit. Anyone ever try butter tarts or the like?

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I always wanted to try canna caramels. You’d just have to be careful not to burn em.


Something I did recently was making infused nut butter. I used natural almond butter, but natural peanut butter works too. I added extra liquid coconut oil for the MCT and extra bioavailability and then I mixed in fluff for a pre mixed fluffernutter that’s much less messy than fluff or nut butter by itself :joy:

After mixing it was like caramel and taffy had a baby with almonds and weed. I didn’t filter or transfer at all. Just decarbed the weed, ground in a mortar and pestle, and then mixed everything together in the jar.


A candy thermometer helps with that beyond greatly. It let’s me know when the heat needs a slight tweaking to keep it at a constant temperature.

You can make infused sugar or just transfer to some butter for the finish when you add the butter near the end :wink:

The last time I did both I made some really good caramel :yum: I just needed a sugar cube sized amount and I was good for nearly the whole day


You could do a Ooey gooy butter cake (fuego)
Or a brittle of some kind.

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I’d melt white chocolate and mix in strawberry flavoring dip em in that maybe dust em with Coco cover every base


A chocolate caramel is delicious :yum::ok_hand:


Oooh, great ideas coming in.

I’m feeling like I should document our kitchen escapades cooking blog style.

Better yet make a book series, “Cooking with Cannabis, The Canadian Way” and “Cooking with Cannabis, OG Favourites”. Oh! Can’t forget the limited run “Merry Cannamas, Holiday Highs for Friends and Family”.

PS I’m trademarking those with you all as my witness haha


I decided i DID NOT want a repeat of last adventure…20X Power Cookies…so I “cut” my remaining budder.

I had 1/2 half pound of KILLER Budder left from run one, and still MOST of the edibles left(too damn strong to eat any more)

so I wanted a “softer” product, lol.

Cut the budder in 1/2, made 1 pound Budder from the 1/2 pound remnant. Then we used “prudence” when making this batch.

She taught me to make Oreo Bombs…they are THE FRIGGING BOMB!!! Well, MINE are anyways…

That is cut n paste from a candy run I did a few years back. Got into the candy BIG TIME…made it ALL>
The “Oreo Bombs” were BEST BY A MILE!!! I ended up eating like 14 of them, getting sick, and slept on the floor with my dog’s curled up in a corner…lol…I No LoNGER eat the damn candy…

The infusion I made was so strong, I STILL have 1/2 of it left in my freezer…SINCE the over dose day I have not touched it, nor will for some time yet…lol.


Muddy buddies are also a cheap and easy treat that you can make for choosing your own dose :wink: just add your dose to a non medicated batch and once you consume the lot of them you know you didn’t just fuck yourself

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Now for those who celebrate Danksgiving and love caramel on their fall/autumn foods/drinks.

To get the exact timing right I went through a lot of different batches over the last few years. It’s a multi part recipe style to achieve the desired effects I like in my edibles and I thought I’d share.

For the sugar I choose to infuse with a raw tincture that isn’t decarbed first.

For the butter I infuse ghee, coconut oil, and Cocoa butter cooked on 150f for 5.5 hours. I let it cool for the last half hour out of the heating element naturally. After the 30 minutes it’s dropped below 150f properly and the 6 hour decarb is finished. I use a teabag like method with a nut milk bag. After 6 hours I strain it until it’s gone dry and crumbly.

A 2nd batch of infused sugar is made with decarbed bud/oil. I use the 240f for 40 minutes decarb for this myself. I take a quarter of the raw sugar and It’s then turned into powdered sugar for later.

It’s just a caramel with a twist :yum:

2 cups infused raw sugar
1 cup packed infused homemade brown sugar
1 cup agave nectar or infused homemade inverted sugar
1 cup evaporated milk
1 cup infused butter/oil mix
1 pint heavy whipping cream
1 cup marshmallow fluff(optional and highly recommended)
1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract

In a double boiler I bring water to a boil before I add the top boiler and then I add the sugar, evaporated milk, brown sugar, corn syrup/agave nectar/inverted sugar(I switch it up, but I found agave nectar to give the best effects out of the bunch), and heavy whipping cream to the top boiler and heat until it’s at 230-240f. Add the butter/oil mix to the caramel at this point and stir until fully incorporated. Continue heating until it’s at 250f. Stir in vanilla and then transfer to the greased pan. Let it cool completely and cut into desired size.

Edit: :man_facepalming: I forgot to add what the powdered sugar was for coating the caramel after you roll them in coarse salt. If you do it when it’s still warm it should slightly absorb the sugar into the outer areas and add some THC-A and a more complete entourage for memory with all that extra cannabinoids. I cut them when still warm enough to be manipulated and then finish them before letting them cool fully.

If you add the fluff add it when you mix in the vanilla and mix well and occasionally add it back on top of the boiler on low to keep it from cooling too fast and once it’s difficult to stir and everything is a single color you can let it all cool.

The fluff acts as a binder and with all the lecithin in it it’ll help keep the oil in the mix and should make it much easier to handle with your fingers directly. A lot like tootsie rolls actually. If you add Cocoa powder to this to make chocolate caramel you can omit the salt and just roll the logs in the sugar when still warm to make homemade tootsie rolls. For those somehow unaware tootsie rolls are just commercial chocolate caramel rolls.

You can also gumdrop style it if desired. I just prefer the pour, cool, and manipulate while warm method.


Oh yum! We’re on rations of bud until first harvest so this will have to wait. Hopefully with a few good hauls we’ll have lots of material to work with going into Danksgiving (love it).

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I much like your lady am a fellow sweet tooth and love a good fugy brownie. Another think you could try doing is making bacon and eggs with pancakes.

Brown your bacon first
Use the bacon grease on low and melt in your Canna butter
Cook eggs on low to your desired way…
Add pancake batter (buttermilk flapjacks are best for this.)

The pancake batter will absolutely absorb what’s in the pan. Again on low so you don’t burn off the cannabinoids (thca, CBD, cbg, thc (that hasn’t converted in the butter).

Repeat… For second helping and or for the second plate.

Dosage is completely up to you.

Wait for your electric breakfast to kick in… Suck back a coffee :coffee: then riiiide the wave. :astonished::yum::grin::ocean:

I’d suggest putting something on like Dr strange or inception… (Make more sense when medicated)

I’m not always hungry
But when I am, I make edibles…
Stay medicated my friends😜


Certainly would stock up on copies of “Merry Cannamas, Holiday Highs for Friends and Family” as gifts for most of my friends and a good portion of the family.


Make a copy for each of them. Tailor the recipes to each person and make it a personal gift with tips for sharing if desired.


I’ve been wanting to try making caramels myself, usually mainly just make hard candies for myself and friends and patients. Those and soft drinks/ alcohol/beer. Only real issue has been having enough flower or concentrates to do it


That was pretty much why I did mine as a Danksgiving one :sweat_smile: the amount of cannabis in those things was a lot, but so worth every morsel.

For the infused raw sugar I used 16g of fresh material from the garden.

For the decarbed one I did 30g of bud.

For the butter mix I did 30g of bud, 4g of oil, 1ml of a THC/CBD distillate syringe with 100mg CBC and 250mg CBG in it(oil blend), 1g CBD terpsolate, and an undetermined amount of kief from my Amsterdam grinder that was so full it made a cake of kief peel off the bottom.

This was the recipe that did me in and made a reputation among my friend’s, family, and “friends” who keep asking for it again. It’s a 1 time a year recipe and they look forward to it like it’s pumpkin spice :grin: speaking of all my phone contacts just started hitting me up again to chat​:man_shrugging:t3:

Little do they know I make a better one each year :joy: caramel goes amazing with so many things i can just 1up my recipe by adding it to another one :heart:

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