: Enter Quaze :

Quaze? Are u there?

I’m a Sativa demon… I stopped growing cannabis in 2010. Fast forward - Pulled out a couple packs of beans I had saved in 2018. On one of them i wrote QUAZE. I had mainlined the chosen mother plant and went to move her one morning… One of the ties pulled and snapped the stalk straight down the middle! Cut off all her branches and mothered the strongest one back out for myself and gave a couple to friends that kept asking so I guess it worked out… I have a passion for the Quaze like plants.

My style is a combination of indoor and outdoor… Not really set on either so I hope this is the right place to document.


Fast frward to this year.

Wicking bed x Sunshine #4 & my blend of dry amendments was to flower outside:


Topped container was to flower and train indoor. As you could imagine it was hard to tame… This is her under a 300w LEP unit.

What ended up happening is : the cuts got flipped. Indoor went outside to breathe and the wicking bed went indoor to finish. I swapped the 300W LEP for 600W HPS for the first two weeks of being inside and then back to MH to finish.

We are on day 97 both cuts. I truly lost count though. Here she is getting freaky in the wicking bed:

close up details on my favorite

Haven’t harvested yet, we are still bloomin’.


That’s a quaze ass plant.



That is a cool looking plant! Obviously a strong sativa. I will be following this one. How does she smell?


Like a citrus creme treat. It’s not to intense of a smell, it’s more pleasant than anything. The smoke is phenomenal. Sharp sweet lemons. The creme doesn’t come out in the smoke as much as you smell during the grow


& thank u for the follow my friend ! I will do more to take more pictures and updates


Let there be QuAzE


I think I just took a pic of the same flower twice lol

was a quick cell phone pic. Charging the camera so we can see how frosty she is


The cut that was started inside under 300W LEP and moved out to finish and flourish



Notice the stacking is much tighter from the LEP being blasted into the canopy (13 on 11 off) for the first 5-6 weeks of flowering… Pretty cool but you can’t fight the QuAzE. The stretch is coming. Maybe not as significant as the wicking bed though as this was the goal on this cut. Keep the feet wet and fed without burning to reduce the amount the roots oxygenate; which from my experience emphasizes the candy stick stretch of the QuazE.

Anyone here have experience with similar landraces? Would love 2 chat about ur growing style with these exotic plants. Can I refer to these as exotic plants? I feel like many people these days scoff at these plants … Hope everyone is having a great start 2 their week - Keep it real.

Peace !




I haven’t tried starting flowering with sativas at 13 on 11 off. Lately I have been going straight to 11.5 on 12.5 off and leave it there. I have seen some rare phenos of old Destroyer that look similar to yours. You can probably find the pictures if you search on ICMAG. The person growing it prized that pheno as well.


Wow there are some nice plants I came upon!!! Thank u lefthand. Great stuff searching for this strain “destroyer”

I have ran cuts under 12 and also 11 and 10 they seem to do fine and appreciate it underneath all of them but less light gives more spacing between bud formatin from what I’ve seen like in my wicking bed cut. I have dropped this cut down to 11 hours and plan to lowering the time until finished out

I believe QuazeE himself said 14 weeks on these pearl but I think with my conditions I’m looking much longer

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