FieldEffect's 2024 "Field of Dreams"

Last year I improved the overall quality of my outdoor by:

  1. Becoming a better grower, almost synonymous with “being a better reader/listener”
  2. Transition to full organic living soil both the veggie beds and cannabis plants

That journey is here: 2023 "Field of Dreams" Lots of ramblings, misguided thoughts, help from OG’ers, soil test results and a clearly compulsive grower.

This year, I want to grow out some of the seeds I made last season chucking pollen like a madman. I’ve been pseudo-phenohunting these things in my 3x2 tent, a new addition to my growing arsenal. You can see my bumblings and ramblings here: FieldEffect's Attempt to Grow Indoors

Anyway, I have some nice clones to run outside this year. The 907 Blue Genes I ran, and love, last season lives on with her daughters, 907 x NL#1, and 907 x Shiskeberry #3. They’re going outside this season. Then, a Romulan cut a member here generously sent me.

The roster is:
907 Blue Genes x NL#1 (plant N4 pollen thanks to @Klyphman )
907 Blue Genes x Shiskeberry #3 (plant S1 pollen thanks to @SHSC-1 )
Romulan Cut (@Rhino_buddy)
Mexican Death Sativa x Oaxacan (@PineTarBastard)
Fighting Bilbo (@MissinBissin)
Sweet Sierra S1 (@buckaroobonsai)
C99 (Fleur du Mal)

Going to 25 gallons rather than 50’s like last year. Hopefully doesn’t negatively affect anything, I’m a man of variety.

Dumped out my 50s to repot to the 25s and some minor ammendments have been added. About 15 gallons of local worm castings, box of bloodmeal, some gypsum, some fish hydrolysate, some craft blend.

Looks pretty nice to me.

To my surprise I’ve got 8 full 25s now with dirt left over. I figured with settling and composting I’d wind up with only 7. Maybe the cheap Amazon fabric pots aren’t quite accurate on volume. I’ll pick something fem from my inventory to go into the last pot, don’t expect me to leave one empty.

I gotta weed-wack today and put the pots in their homes for the next couple months, water them down and I’ll top them up as they settle.

Plants can go outside the first or second weekend of May. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m also going to attempt to grow a giant pumpkin in outdoor DWC. I buried a 60-gallon stock tank last weekend and picked up a 110L/m airpump. Should be a fun ride :rofl:

That thing has since been leveled by wetting the perimeter soil on the high side and allowing the weight of the water to settle the container. It’s somewhere between 60 and 80 gallons but I can’t find a more exact number. I’ll be using MegaCrop 2-part out here unless I find something cheaper. There is a drain hose exiting my driveway which is a few feet below the surface of the tent, it kinda spirals around and up. I procured a giant net pot, some hydroton, and the pumpkins are already started in 4" rockwool cubes inside. I need a 2" thick EPS insulation sheet to which I’ll put the netpot and sit over the tank, next weekend.

Cheers! Here we go 2024 outdoor, weather looking great so far. Good luck everyone!


Have a great season buddy, good luck with them :+1:


Can’t wait to see your outdoor booming. Maybe I’ll try out the giant pumpkin this year too. I have a few seeds from the winner of the pumpkin contest from 2021. Mine won’t be a giant DWC though. :sunglasses:


Looks awesome! The dwc pumpkin should be fun.


Thanks guys!

Yard is cleaned up, grass starting to come back. 25 gallon fabric pots seem really small. I don’t think they are big enough. Maybe next season we’ll be back to big ones, maybe 100 gallons :thinking:

Chair got some wind damage, will need to replace this year. I loved sitting in this chair as the sun rose, smoking a joint and drinking coffee. What a way to start the day.

Anyone have any input on if I should prune the tree back there in the corner? I don’t know how to grow actual trees. I’ve brought it back from death just watering it and feeding it like my cannabis trees.

Deep watering the little trees, an apple and a pear (I think). Any prune work necessary?


Looking forward to you outdoor grow show.


Thanks @Tejas, Me Too


I got some other seeds in a towel, random fem pick from my excel spreadsheet.

Hopefully it’s a good outdoor grow show :rofl:

Ethos Freebie “Super Hero” Super Skunk x End Game #5


yeah they aren’t.


I can only offer you my 10/90 split of mild affection/mortal hatred of actual trees. :deciduous_tree::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Yeah sure, shade, fruit maybe. I’m willing to bet bet you can keep it manageable in your zone :sunny: 🫠
Here though (why i hate trees) they grow, and Grow Big, and fall apart slowly, then die, (or just fuckin fall over) and cost $$$ and spill blood. My blood :drop_of_blood:.

If i had a time machine i’d probably use it just as much killing saplings as hitler babies.

The 10% of like i have for them is strictly reserved for Other people’s trees. For instance, i think yours is cute and you can probably get some good advice here on how to take good care of it (though i think you’ll intuit a decent amount regardless) so i don’t see you ending up all curmudgeony about them like me :sunglasses:.

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Also, and Much more importantly, yeahhhhh buddy!!
Pulling up a lawn chair (you can have it when I’m done :grin:)


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LOL I decided to just random pick I’m rolling with it. Doesn’t look bad the pics that have been posted. We’ll find out :cowboy_hat_face:

Love that jam by the way. We used to blaze and drive around listening to that.

LOL my split is more 90/10 affection/hatred. Removing the stumps can be a huge PITA, that’s the 10%.

I’m absolutely a curmudgeon. Same as you. Just not about trees. Teenagers, Walmart, cars speeding on my road…different story.

Looked it up shows you outrank me slightly in cumudgeodon but I’m top-ranked.


sure gone be fun ! pulls chair to the table and sits down :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:


Looks like a good start. Ill be watching. Hopefully someone chimes in about them trees. I got some apples i planted 4 years ago i could use some advice on.

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Beans cracked and got them into rooting plugs this morning



Well, time for giant pumpkin DWC.

Buried the stock tank, finally getting around to prepping it for DWC. There’s a drain not visible in the pictures, the drain tube is half buried to get out the ground at the same altitude as the bottom of the tank. Buried for several reasons, keeping the temperature down and allowing the vine to hug the ground.

Start by procuring a giant airpump. This tank is, we’ll say, 70 gallons. I want 70 gallons/4 air exchange per minute. Call it 18gpm, or even looser, 80L/min. Naturally, I just buy the biggest, most ridiculous unit I can find. 110L/min. Almost double. What could possibly go wrong? :rofl:

This thing makes my compost tea bubbler look like one of those little betta fish bowl bubblers. It will live shaded behind my grill on the patio pushing 25’ of 3/8 braided hose.

I used the remnants of my compost tea bubbler hose (just one of the soaker hoses from the hardware store) to create my turbocharged “air log.”

Next, create a lid. Requires survey by the “boss” of the family, approximately 2.5 years young. She approves of the work so far. 2" dense foam insulation panel, I imagine the vine and rootmass are going to get heavy.

Cut the hole, I’m adding a water pump to periodically flood the top of the basket just because it seems much more awesomer.

I’m trying to clean the tank, but it was used and free, plus this shit is all going to be outside anyway. There’s some gravel. I think the pumpkin will cope. I don’t need everything neurotically clean. This’ll do.

I’m letting it dry out, I’ll sweep the dust out tomorrow. Then fill. I’ll have to measure the actual capacity timing a 5 gallon bucket and mix some nutes. I’ll drill a pass-thru hole in the top lip of the tank for the bubbler hose so the foam lid can sit flush and keep most of the dust out.

Let’s see how this shit works out :cowboy_hat_face:


I wish you good luck with your grow.

The c99 of fleur is really nice, I can only say good things about her. I still have seeds and should grow them soon.

I wish I had that much space to grow outside as you do!
The outdoor DWC…have you done that before? I wonder if you have issues with temperatures or pests.

Looking forward to see how it’s going


I’m not sure I’ve ever smoked a proper C99. There was a bag I got in college that had a hint of cherry to it and an amazing upbeat high. Early 2000s. I wonder if it was maybe C99…

I was a serious smoker but never really had proper named cultivars, weed was weed and mostly heavily indica-leaning clandestine grow stuff. Excited to try it :cowboy_hat_face:

We’ll see how outdoor DWC works. Burying the tank should help. Pests I’m sure will have their try. We’ll just see. I have only seen people attempt much smaller ones. If it’s a miserable failure I’m not too worried about it. Just want a bigger pumpkin than last year :rofl:


I didn’t get any cherry flavour, for me it was very floral, sweet with hints of ripe Pineapples.

I’ll be watching the dwc closely…if that works I might try it myself. I tried a waterfarm outside,but the roots got to much heat. I hope digging the hole solves that issue for you


I have a friend that grows giant pumpkins, he starts his vines and the covers the vines with soil/ compost near the plant as they run out. They will then root and contribute to vigor. He also culls the fruits to 1 per plant. He has to have them on a pallet with a bit of carpet so they don’t rot under. He also uses a tent over top and fans around those. His best last season was 1175 lbs. He also grafts his Watermelon seedlings onto gourd rootstock and grows huge Watermelons.