First hydro grow... Variegated leaves!?!?

I was given clones from a buddy and he said this was normal… definitely doesn’t seem normal to me. Any ideas?


I had something similar but it was on a plant that had Tobacco Mosaic virus. It had regular distortions in the leaves and it was passed on to many peoples grow rooms. The plants still produced fine but had the mutation on the leaves. It also would spread to other plants but again didnt affect the plant productivity. I had one of my cuttings produce a few branches like that photo. I will see if I can find any photos. Is it still doing it on new growth?
If your mate says he gets it too and its all good then it could be a virus. It is passed on when taking clones from the plant.

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It’s probably not TMV. Every time someone posts a variegated leaf someone always says “TMV” lol.

Sometimes you just get a variegated leaf, sometimes certain plants just throw a lot of variegated leaves. Chem D is famous for it, for example.

Nothing to worry about.


Clones often have a variety of mutated leaves as they take root and begin to grow. From my personal experience, the shape and number nodes were the usual traits that varied from standard. I’m not sure I’ve seen discoloration like the leaves in your picture, but if the plant otherwise looks healthy and is growing well, it’s probably not anything to worry about.

BTW - the word you used in your title, …“Verageited leaves” is actually “Variegated”. I fixed it for ya :wink:


Hahaha, I usually put at the end of every post i do, “you might wanna get some more opinions though because I am a beginner myself” or something to that effect. For some reason i forgot on this one. :slight_smile:

It’s not that it couldn’t be TMV, it’s just less likely.


Saw this toofless alien online…