First Scrog! So happy to be back!

It is so amazing to be back on OG after all these years! I just signed up again today after it showed up on a random Google search. So, I figured I better post all of my updates from another site.

This is my first SCROG ever. And I am seeing the positives of this method. Many probably won’t read, because it is going to be long and I have to update.

The strain is Lemon Cream Kush, from a fantastic company called Spliff Seeds. Total disclosure, they send me seeds and I grow them for posts on the aforementioned website. I get free seeds, they get marketing. Win, win.

This strain is composed of a Chitrali landrace, which really gets my juices flowing. Why are landrace strains are so intriguing to me? I don’t know. Probably the fact that they had to be smuggled from other countries… They have stabilized it with a skunk 1 though, but it does not smell like skunk. Very lemony.

Being my first SCROG, I just searched Amazon for SCROG screen. I bought one from the same manufacturer that made my tent, Vivosun. Up until today, I thought I made a mistake. I thought I bought one with holes that were way too big. I am a self doubter. Today, after signing up to the Mother Ship again, I crept some SCROG posts and saw this is normal.

So, here is the start:

From here, I grew her out in a one-gallon ice cream bucket. This was during COVID quarantine and I didn’t have a choice otherwise. There were stores open, but I thought it would kill me. I was also in the mode, like everyone else, that going into a store would be my demise. Not cool. Drilled holes and hoped for the best. The plant DID NOT like it. Overwatered.

Luckily, the cloth pots I ordered finally arrived. I transplanted immediately. Again, COVID. Mail has been really slow…

I let her grow out, and started my first SCROG:

Excuse the cement block. This was in the spring. My flower tent is in the (heated) garage and I still need to supply supplemental heat. With a desk heater. I thought it wouldn’t, but even though the carbon filter blasts away, it does actually work to keep things warm.

Fast-forwarding, this is the last of the screen before I started flowering. Thanks to Spliff. I really was going to flower the week before. They encouraged me to wait. It paid off.

They also say in the strain-description that there are two phenos, one is Indica dominant and the other is Sativa. At this point, I realized I must have the Sativa spectrum. It was getting nute burn. As you can see here:

From here I stopped all feeding. I only use organic nutes, and even then top dressing. Things that need to break down over time. I also use Recharge. I’m sure most of you know it’s a Mychoryzea supplement that contains the spores, powdered molasses to feed them, and kelp. I did top dress one last time with a flowering mix.

Two weeks later, this was the screen:

Leaf tips were a little brown, but certainly improving. I have read on other forums – again, this is my first day back – that this might not be so bad. It means the plant is right on the verge of burning, but not yet. Very well-fed.

This is the current pic, as of an hour ago:

I will keep updating! I hope the pics are in the right order, I can’t see a preview… Probably have to edit.


She is a beauty and a beast… Im subbed! :popcorn::popcorn:


Welcome back! She’s looking pretty good by my eyes. How big is the tent and what kind of light are you running?


Welcome back. Looking very nice.


plants look happy praying to the “sun”


Welcome back to OG, Lunash!

Your plants are looking good!


Welcome to OG. ScrOG is a great technique for keeping a nice even canopy when growing indoors.


Thanks so much for posting this! I too am working on my very first scrog so this is going to help me tremendously! Subbed up and intently watching.


Awesome it’s the only way to go
I’ve increased my yield with this technique

For a screen I use a metal garden fence from the big box store
And some pvc


Thank you so much everyone for the replies!

@ChronicMcBudz The tent is supposed to be one of the double ones with a wall in between. That was a joke. No way a velcro panel is going to keep out the light for flowering in one part and vegging in the other. I can’t remember the dimensions. I would say the actual screen is 4’X4’. I could be wrong though. I will check tonight when I get home. Tent height is easily 6 feet.

I have two lights going, both cheapo Amazon led’s. One is a Ygrow and the other is Aponuo. Both full spectrum. I love the white light instead of the blurple. They are both “1000 watt replacement” panels. We all know how BS that is ha ha! For the price though, both around $80, they do a good enough job for my hobby purposes.

@SamwellBB I loved taking the pic of the praying leaves! Makes me so happy when I see that!

Thank you @Papalag for the screen suggestion! I will look into that. I’ve read that metal is rough on the stems, but have also seen people use it just fine.

Again, thank you all for the compliments and responses. I will keep updating!


Here are some more pics. It was my update day on the other site. Thought I would share. I have another project planned for the coming week. Stay safe and be good! I included

my two lights. Can’t seem to get them to hang even!!


Looking great @Lunash76 sounds like a wonderful strain! Welcome back to OG glad you found us again!


Glad to be back! Thank you for the compliment! I will update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just an update. I moved the LED’s up last night. I’m only in week three of flower so I didn’t expect much. Indoor flowering is 8-9 weeks, according to Spiff. I am seeing the fan leaves completely acting like any normally growing plant. It is amazing to watch.


Can you add pictures when set up?


You mean like when the buds are maturing? I plan on keeping up with the updates :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry my message was for @Papalag. But please do add photos of your grow process and the different stages of your plants.


I should have looked at the reply lol! Still re-learning the OG ropes… :crazy_face:


Stop by my thread anytime my last grow would show the whole thing peace


That’s not really a ScroG. With a real ScroG the grow tips of a vegging plant are tied down to the screen as they grow out so the branches are trained to grow horizontally until the screen is near full of grow tips. As the branches grow out side branches those are also tied down to the screen.

Once the screen is pretty full then it’s flipped to flower and the canopy is all at one height.

What you have going on is a screen supported grow that isn’t actually going to support the colas as it’s too low down to help with that. I see this all the time and wonder why people keep doing it that way. The screen needs to be near the tops to be of any use in this scenario.

Not trying to neg on your grow. The plant looks amazing but the methodology is all wrong for a true ScroG grow.

Here’s the start of a DWC ScroG I did a while back. Rather than weave the branches thru the screen I tie them down with short pieces of twist tie. Makes it easy to re-position a branch if I need to or cut a whole branch off at harvest. The plant was a mother in a pot of ProMix I converted to DWC. Got 8oz of bud and the same in sugar leaf and popcorn off the one plant so was a lot of fun.