Weedsicle Hydro Grow Journal V1.1

This grow will be including the following Maui cherry and Maui mango strains from Sebring store. I started germination of these on June 20th.

Here are photos of them peaking out a 5 days later:


Currently only giving them the a normal lighting schedule of 18-6 with one of my 600 w veg light in and turned down to the lowest setting of 200 watts. Strictly just using activated carbon filtered tap water at this point. Started adding nutrients when all plants sprouted. I use the current culture solutions for my nutrients and am only putting quarter nutrients if that into the feed water being used.

Here is a photo of continued development day 23:

Sadly as you can see I got hit with 2 duds and am thinking I will pop another seed if it’s possible to try and catch up at this point with a plant, might just be wasting seeds at that point.

I decided to lower the light a little further because they were getting a bit leggy. I had to support one and let it grow some strength in the stem because of its top weight.

Here is their development at day 31:



Around this time I was struggling with the heat being put off into the room.

I am still finishing building off the door to this room. Getting the entire room airtight with a door is a bit difficult, really want to do some CO2 dosing after it’s finished. So it might have to wait for the next go.

I not sure if I need to get a humidifier, it appears that the room likes to sit close to 30-45%. I have a dehumidifier but don’t think I need that atm. Prolly just use it when I am drying in a separate area.

Otherwise, for this I am using the current culture nutrients and I’m not bearing far off of the recommendations from them. Although I am using a little warmer of water a degree or two @70F and keeping the room temp closer to 77-81F. They are all sativa so making the assumption they like a more tropic climate.

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Another 5 days passed when I took these photos, I am a bit slow to upload over the weekend. These pictures are from day 36. The maui mango roots are taking off now that they are in the current culture system.

You can also see in the background I ended up popping 2 more seeds 4 days ago. One Jack Herer, (Breeder = Sensi Seeds) and one Blue Dream (Breeder = Garden of Green) both purchased from seed city.


This post marks day 42 since I popped the first maui seeds and day 10 with the blue dream and Jack herer seeds. So my plan is to have the Maui’s veg an extra week or so to try and get those other 2 to catch up. The Maui’s are having some great root development too. The photos of them are shown below.


Let these gals go a 11 more days putting the eldest sisters here at 53days old and will keep them in vegging for another 4-5 more weeks from today is a pretty decent guess. I really will need to watch and see when there is literally no more space for me to train the largest plants.

I have been running these plants on the warmer and more humid side 77-82F & 30-40% humidity. I dropped my dehumidifier in the room and finished plumbing that to drain to avoid buckets. I am going to need to find something that can offset the heat I am producing for these lights and water chiller. Please feel free to offer any suggestions for this but I will be quickly in search of getting something in here ASAP.

My plans for tomorrow are to finish putting in the scrog for the larger plants and force them to a closer height as the young’ens. Also, cause of the heat I am going to finish making the insulators for the pots because I bet a good amount of heat is from the lights heating the water circulating.


Was seeing that the biggest gals were ready for the first scrog to be laid out and started trained them and popped a couple sites.

I was saying yesterday the heat is getting worse and worse day by day. Getting closer to 83F, but recycled some frozen food deliver bags to cover the buckets to help prevent the water from heating up any bit more. It’s not the solute but will definitely just assist in helping me keep the water temp at 68-70F better.

Other than that I guess it puts these girls at 54 days and doing very well for the heat conditions I am subjecting them to. I am rigging something tomorrow off my house A/C to get these temps down a bit and get that fuller greener and lessen their slight droopiness (even from before training, which made it a touch easier, maybe plan to subject to higher heats the few days before you throw in the first scrog).

I made that scrog with fish line if anyone cared to know, I just wanted really tight and non frayable string. Last time I bought some premade netting and terrible idea never again!

Here are the final pics for today:


Day 59 for the eldest Maui’s and the blue dream and Jack herer at 27 days old. Made that change with dumping more cool air into the grow room. Thinking I’ll live with this temperature range of about 76-80F.

Did some moving around some tops to facilitate a more even spread in my growing area. Topped the sites on the 4 largest plants to help double the cola sites.

This brings up the question of I still need to figure out a solid solution for cooling the room without introducing new air if I am going to do the CO2 dosing. I have the regulator, gas and system to do it but don’t want to just be wasting the gas.

Otherwise here are update photos:


Two thing about the current culture system is buy your own more reliable pump and prolly needs more airflow to the roots than what is supplied with the system.


This is everything up to date as of now. These plants are looking really good. I don’t think I am going to be able to keep these in veg for very much longer. I’d say I won’t need to veg as long as my estimate of 4/5 weeks. (The eldest being at 88 days and the youngest at 56 days) I’ll decide this going forward watching the Maui’s, because I am running out of space in the trellis which is good :grinning:

Day 68 for the eldest Maui’s and the blue dream and Jack herer at 36 days old. Temperature outside is a steady 76-78F and the water temp is between 67-69F. Just been working the Maui’s back down to keep allowing for more time for the younger 2 to catch up.

Photos below, sure are getting big!


Very cool, pulling up a chair. Very slick setup, looks great.


Thank you, thank you. It’s always worth putting in that extra effort to make it easier for yourself and tailored for the plants.

So sitting at eldest being at 91 days and the youngest at 59 days. Still looks like I do have a heat problem. Will need to power an a/c unit in here actually. Though tapping into my houses a/c would be good enough but isn’t.

Here are photos, you can see on the younger plants that the nutrients and the heat was too much 30 days into the other plants. I will not plant at alternative times again. The heat mainly shows on the Jack herer :upside_down_face:

I am putting in a phone call to get one ordered and installed asap. Anyone have brands they go to for this?



Decided today was the swap over day for them to flowering. This puts the veg life time at 94 days and 63day.

This is day one of the flower cycle. I will be performing the a bunch of trimming of the undergrowth over the weekend to let what ever stretch up through that could potentially be a nice cola.


i looked at the pictures before reading what you said and was thinking exactly the same thing as you time to swap them to flower.

Love the setup man ill be watching these grow out for sure :sunglasses:

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Thanks Neb, I really appreciate the you popping in and checking things out!

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Drum roll*
Ended up with what I think to be 5 females and only had 1 male plant. Pretty decent rolls of the dice if you ask me!

They are really stretching through their first week transition. I will need to get the second trellis up this weekend with this growth.


What an awesome setup! Love the spacing, cleanliness and fishing line…This dude is going places :rocket: :rocket:

I’ll be watching for sure


Thank you Phil_Bombs
I had to think of something better than the woven fibers of regular strings. I was working with all sorts of trellis in the past and you know how your scissors always get so sticky from cutting down the plants and you have to cut the trellis to cause you won’t be able to snag the goods otherwise but it would fray and bits would get stuck to the scissors and it would be a huge pain in the ass to not get stuck to the buds too.
It’s sort of fun stringing up the trellis too cause it almost feels sort of primal, like I’m string a bow for the hunt.

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Alright here’s day 12 of flowering and man have they really jumped up. I made sure to lollipop them and clean out that foliage underneath.

Still need to make that second trellis, should be fine as long as I get it in before they start getting too much weight on them.

Also ignore the plant in the previous male spot, while I was cleaning the underneath I thought I’d try to take a clone and keep it going. I really don’t think the roots will even set in but wanted to see what would have for science.