Foreigner Goes Legal

Good day all, and welcome to my legal 4 plant grow.
It galls me a bit to be restricted by the legality but I live in a condo where security is a concern. If I get found out I must be 100% legal.

This will be a place for me to document and post pics because I never seem to do a good job with writing down the details.

Here is a list of my gear:
-mars hydro tsl2000
-2x4x6 tent
-4” active air inline fan with speed controller
-vivosun carbon filter
-Honeywell fans for air movement

Here is a list of my nute/water treatment
-root farm pH up/down
-Pure Blend Pro grow and bloom for soil
-Epsom salts when I feel like it.

All plants grown in promix myco with 20% added perlite.

I’m sure there is more I will think of later.

These plants are nearing the end of the veg cycle. I will transplant them, tie them down, let them grow up and flip to flower.


Just a few weeks till flip!


lookin good there,Foreigner !! have a great run


Have you used these products before? Any info, quirks, etc. that you can share throughout this grow will be interesting.


I’ve been using the pure blend for awhile and have had good results.

It’s very acidic which means my water pH is just about perfect after adding the nutes.

I find stepping up incrementally rather than all at once is better because it’s a bit hot and can burn. It really depends on the plant though. Easy to adjust. I use a 20ml syringe.

It smells like rosemary :slight_smile:


Big knuckles and a twisted stem on the Bubba


Ho…ly…shit!!! God himself grew plants like that once… but yours look better! That emerald green is stunning!!!


Nice line up best of luck :fire::fire::fire:


Thanks Tappy! This is her response to my LST


Today I transplanted everything (except the cookie) from 1 gallon into 3 gallon pots. I also tied them down again and I expect they should bush out nicely.

All for now folks


My transplanting procedure is as follows:

Soak new soil in pHed water, nutrients at 50%.
I then soak and squeeze the water out of the soil until it is wet but no more than a drop of water comes out. This is called field capacity.

I prefer the rootball to be just a bit dry before I put it in the newly dampened soil.

I do this for 2 (two) reasons:
-I think having a wetter medium on the outside forces the roots to go find water
-the second being that it eliminates overwatering stress and makes transplant shock a thing of the past.

It’s messy, but this is how I do it.



I like to transplant that way too especially petunia’s though with them I also add in Pennington Plant Starter or similar looking for B1 and manganese…my cannabis plants get fish and kelp which has some of those and several other micronutrients they eat up :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve only started using this method and my plants don’t droop after transplant like they used to.

I sometimes use a handful of worm castings for micro nutrients but I don’t have any.

My seedlings get fertilized early though and I think it works too.


I also transplant everything that way. Gotta make the roots want to spread and having a dryish rootball and damp medium to put it into makes it go so much better. I haven’t had transplant shock ever from doing it this way and I’ve been doing it like this since my grandfather taught me when I was about 9 or 10. It was his preferred way to transplant too. Sometimes I get my medium ready and give it a thorough watering a few days before I transplant and just let nature and gravity run its course to get rid of the excessive moisture.


I think your pre watering method is a good idea and I would definitely consider it for an outdoor grow.

No space for me to store full pots :slight_smile:


While we are waiting for more interesting things to happen I present you with a few mods I made to my tent:

I built a mounting plate so I could put up a fan to air cool the light and increase grow room temperature.
If you look in the corner you’ll see that the zip ties rest on the pole “button” so it’s easily adjustable. If you look even closer you’ll see it’s made from a piece of flooring.

I didn’t like how I was forced to tie the tent open. I enjoy tying knots but not 30 times a day. So I added 3M commander strips and they work a treat. It makes the tent that much more pleasant to use.

And finally, I didn’t like the way the cord was resting on the back of the light so I rigged up a little bungee to keep everything nicely in place.

I may still rig a light baffle for the rear vent but for now it’s ok I think.

And a shot below the light, just for fun


I love those Honeywell fans, @Jellypowered always calls them Reiko Fans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They move so much air it’s unbelievable. If I remember right they say you can feel the wind 30’ away.

I also like that they are readily available on kijiji :slight_smile:


Hello all:

Here is a pic of my sunbathing bubba. She looks happy:

Except for this:

I have 3 thoughts on this-
1- bump the ferts up. It is possible she may just be hungry. Except I’m flirting with tip burn. So I don’t think so.
2 - she is getting the right amount of NPK but the bubba just want more calcium and magnesium
3 - @cogitech there is calcium and magnesium in the pbp - but it appears to not be enough for the bubba.

Possible solutions.
-bump ferts - don’t think so
-go buy calmag - don’t wanna
-diy calmag - hell yeah.

So I found a few silly videos that introduced me to this idea but what really got me was this:

Page 3 - manufacturing process. - all they do is add vinegar to limestone. For this we will substitute eggshells which have about double the calcium per weight. I don’t see why I can’t do this myself.

So I did-

Bake - purée - add vinegar - watch bubbles. Enjoy.

I should have gone bigger with more eggshells but I used what I had and ended up with ~150ml which I diluted to account for the extra calcium in the egg shells.

Added to the bubba at one teaspoon per gallon. I have ripped off affected leaves so I can more easily watch for spread.

All the other plants are happy as can be.

Have a lovely day.


A few notes:

  • the calcium supplement seems to have done the trick but it’s too early to say for sure. No spread of symptoms though.
    -the canopy is filling in nicely and I will continue tying down rogue stems.
    -it’s almost time to start my end of veg IPM protocols.
    -it stinks in the tent but not in the room.
    -roots are already coming out of the 3G pots.

It makes me happy when things go according to plan :slight_smile:



-Flip to 12/12 on Christmas Day.
-lightly supercropped the California orange bud because she will stretch like crazy.
-full strength veg nutes for all plus calcium
-end of veg prophylactic douse with End All.

Also: I was thinking about my goals - the primary reason that I’m growing, apart from the fact that I like it, is to grow slightly more than myself and the lady can use. We go through 1.5 oz a month. So, I want a pound-ish a year, More than enough for our needs - if I do 3 indoor grows and a bit of outdoor I will be laughing all the way to my mason jars. I expect it is reasonable to assume .75g per watt, perhaps higher.
Woo DAY 1