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You can come set mine up next. :smiley:

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Those permission slips are hard to get over here. Good luck. :beers:


Anytime @G-paS , all I need is regular cake and coffee breaks and Im happy.:blush:

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@valleymicro :sweat_smile: they are highly elusive everywhere I think.


Your hired.


Haha you’re half right incidentally, my mum is a welsh speaker actually. So i know what you mean, although there are way too many vowels in there for welsh :wink:

My avatar is a reference to a character from a series of japanese outlaw stories. Had the picture on the wall in front of me on the wall when i made the account.


Haha, @Kyumonryu that is some coincidence man. Welsh is a beautiful language but its really tricky.

Just had a quick google of Kyumonryu Shishin, really cool.


I have popped a few beans recently.
Im trying to pop as much of my older stock as possible, before its too late. But also trying to pop some new stuff too.

Tigers Milk (Bubba Kush x Appalachia) was one of my all time favs, originally ran it around 2010 and had my keeper for 8+ years until I lost it.
So I had 13 beans in total left in the stash.
I through them all into a shot glass with some water and a drop of h2o2 after a scuff with some sandpaper.
Then into some coco plugs, in a temp controlled prop.
All the beans cracked and most developed some tails, but all except 2 failed to make it above the surface.
The 1st plant that appered did it within a normal time frame. But then nothing happened for about a week when the second made it, then nothing more.

The second 1 was a total runt, but has really grown out of it, it just developed 2 co-dominant leaders, instead of 1, looks like it was topped but it wasn’t.


I havent shown any pics of the flower room yet, its bursting at the seams at the moment .

Its not usually this full, half the room is due down soon, so the replacements are on there too.

Block of ECSD

Dragons Blood x Apollo 11

Some MAC1

Some Runtz Muffins

Amnesia Haze ‘Core Cut’


Damn, everything looks like its going great. you’re gonna busy with trimming for a while!

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Thanks @Kyumonryu Im pleased with how its going so far.
Its a double edged sword for me man, its been so long since I had a proper harvest, with moving home, that Im really glad to have it, but I know 15 minutes into trim jail and I’ll be crying. :sweat_smile:


Dude I know what you mean. Project delays and no harvests make for increasing lack of choice. Immediately followed by new problems and overwhelming flow (hopefully). I was getting desperate for something new until I took down those plants recently.

I know i’m there when i’m sampling before cure haha, even grabbed a lower off the pk as it had bent under its on weight and i was to “ lazy” to stake it ha ha. Counting the seconds till its dry.

Any of plants this run you’re most excited about?


Aww man, Ive smoked more jar dust over the last year than I have in the rest of my life.

Yeah once its dry enough I start picking at it too, especially if its something new.

That PK looks really special man. Its coated in frost.

In the flower room at the moment is Runtz Muffin and MAC1 Im still working on dialling in.

But what Im really excited about is the seeds Ive just popped:
Tigers Milk
21 Candels
Goji Og


Couple pf pics of the Amnesia Haze, just hitting week 10 of flower.


Some Pineapple Fields from Dynasty Genetics.
Just hitting week 10.


These are some 21 Candels from @Strayfox .
Really hoping to find a Fruit Pebbles pheno.

I dropped these on the crazy big full moon we had back in November.

Got 11/11 , no mutations, runts etc.
I have noticed some random bits of double serration on some leaves.

Really easy going to run, no fuss. Nice compact plants.

I ended up with 6 fems, the have just gone into flower. Males were culled

Pic of the random double serration.


Some pics from the veg room.
Bigger plants are mostly ECSD, with 1 x Dragons Blood x Apollo 11 and 2 Amnesia Haze in the fabric pots to the front

Smaller plants are a mix of Runtz Muffin, MAC1, Pink Panther, some unsexed Goji OG, unsexed Grandaddy Purp and some Blueberry Hashplant & Sour Skittles S1 & the single Tigers Milk femalevI found


Some dried flower pics, 1st up is Pineapple Fields from Dynasty Genetics. Really fun, sativa dom hybrid, some really interesting terps in this cross, literally every plant smelled of pineapple in some capacity.
Had this one for a couple of years, but this was her final run, just time to give her up.

Next up is some Runtz Muffins, crazy bag appeal, literally the frostiest plant Ive ever run. Flavours are really unique and load, but for me they were actually a little to intense initially, kinda like a citrus airfreshner, but it mellowed over a couple of weeks or my taste buds get used to it. For all the frost the high is very basic, your high then you’re not, you repeat and my tolerance built up super quick. That being said, it is the jar I find myself going for most out of this run. Folks are going crazy for it over here.


Hope you’re doing well with the fam and new baby! Looking great! Always loved the pineapple terps from c99! Mustve been a good staple.

Shame about the high / tolerance buildup on the runtz muffin.

Gotta say looks like your build is running really smooth. Cant wait to see the next few harvests.


Your nugs look nice and frosty.