Friends are annoying

“We need to go into business together bro”

Me: aight electric runs 400/mo, nutes run about $20/mo, water use is about $25/mo you pay half and we can split 70/30 since it’s my house and I’m taking all the risk and doing most of the work.

Friend: umm damn bro that’s kinda fucked up.

Me: then just buy the damn stuff from me after I harvest.

Mfs always want something for nothing.


I got those too in the past, better to keep your mouth shut and say you got from somebody else.


I would have jumped on that lol sounds like a great deal


Had the same problem in the past, totally agree.


What I used to spend on weed a month before I grew…
Basically they guy can pay $220-230 a month and get 30% of your harvest sounds like a steal of a deal what a cheap person.

Obviously this depends on your numbers but I dont see that being a bad deal if you’re too lazy to learn to grow what can you expect


You need to do all the work and spend all the money and take all the risk bro.

Fuck ‘em


This is why I reserve the word friend for true friends, they are few and far between. Everyone else get’s the acquaintance spot.


Some people who don’t grow must think it just automatically prints money without labor, investment, and expertise.


That’s exactly how I roll.

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They’re good enough friends and decent all around people. Just broke asses like me :sweat_smile: I’m a throw them something to get up if they wanna help trim after harvest.


this thread… so if a neighbor asks if you got a gov’t check and a week later he hands you a wedding invite…but his wife-2-b has never waved or smiled much less spoken? How you rsvp this? Give an invite to a bbq and a plate of ribs next time?

Never mind they moved into together at the same time over a year ago.

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yuke, really a good friend,lol

Ok…those aren’t friends. Those may be neighbors? Or acquaintances…not friends


That not one of these mfs could come smoke with me on 420 kinda changes my mind about them tbh. Sitting here sober af and irritated.


Years back when I lived in another place I had the smoke house. All my “friends” would come over, and we would smoke out for hours. Always had a few strains, and had a great time.

These same friends would disappear when they had a bag, and I wouldn’t see them for a week.


I’m for sure gonna remember this shit in a few weeks. Couldn’t nobody smoke with me or even serve me a dime on the holiest of high days. Mfs can forget that friend discount.


People like that aren’t worth keeping around. And yeah if they cant even make the attempt to help ya out even with just a nug or 2 when you know they got it and you’ve helped them out enough times with a burn down or tossing a little their way or even the friend discount then fuck em. I can’t count the times I was out completely and someone would stop by to burn one or at least drop off a small care package. Back in most of my old circles you’d at least match a bowl or whatever was being used to smoke, was just good etiquette, or if you were always smoking but didn’t have anything to throw in normally then when you did you made sure to share.


Yeah, after my last harvest these mfs were hear damn near daily.


Been there… i just dont associate with them once screwed over.

A past experience of mine with two brothers…

I knew a friend of a friend who dropped off a clone when i expressed interest in growing my own, didnt know he grew at the time. First harvest i gifted a bag to him and his brother. Second harvest the brother stops by thinking he’s gonna hand pick his buds… he ended up not getting shit but a boot off my property. My debt was paid and i’m not the type to be intimidated. The clone did not come from him… i owed him nothing. I was never gifted a single bud during my dry time.

Later and against my better judgement the 3 of us decide to pool our trim for a hash run. It’s scheduled for a friday afternoon… i arrive and find that the two ran the material on thursday… well most of it… including mine. We start to do what’s left… i dump a bag of trim to see stepped on cigarette butt’s. I drop the bag, wipe my hands of the situation and tell him im out of the arrangement. They ran my primo trim and i get shit swept off the fucking floor.

Then i dont hear from the friend for about a year, found out he got busted. He never gave me a heads up. During that time he learns his brother told his neighbor that he was growing the best weed around… so they waited till they got someone leaving his place carrying and had her flip. Again… never a heads up to me.

He comes to me looking to catch a buzz and buy a bag. Told him i stopped when i heard through the grapevine his experience, and asked why i didnt get notice. He never could answer that, but told him that he didnt have my back and i wont have his.

Some more time goes by and we run into each other again, he apologised and we started out slow just BS’n. Eventually i invited him over to smoke a bit. He expressed interest in growing again so i gave him 150 beans with the agreement that i get a bag come fall. Last fall… i never got a thing.

He stopped by once again looking to catch a buzz… sorry, aint got any and dont forsee any in the future. Fuck off…

The longer i grow, the more i appreciate my dog.


It seems like there are a few true friends who I gave generously to that ever returned the favor. Who needs those scoundrels? Not this guy.
I don’t even let anyone know I grow. Loose lips sinks ships.

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