Ganja's Snake Farm

Welcome friends and farmers!

I’m just a novice grower working with what limited space and resources I have to keep a personal supply of recreational medicine. :sunglasses:

It all started years ago when I remarried and moved into my new wife’s house with her. Inspection of the crawl space under the house revealed an intricate setup of terrariums and heat lamps. WTF? My wife explained that her previous husband raised Pythons and Boa Constrictors under there. After thinking on it for a bit I decided to convert it to a ganja garden.

On April 20, 2005 I put my first seeds in pots of dirt without having a clue of what I was doing. I then sought info from the internet. I found and joined overgrow dot com at that time. Here is the very first grow pic that I took and posted to the forum.

Multiple bagseeds planted in 2 large pots of MiracleGro potting soil placed under 2 GE “grow” flood bulbs. I later learned that those bulbs gave out WAY more heat than usable light.

I immediately had you nice knowledgeable folks help me set up better lighting and finish the grow successfully finishing with 3 flowered plants yielding 7.25OZ of weed. I have been hooked on growing every since. After about 30 years of smoking the local brick Mexican I felt like I had found Jesus when I smoked my first seedless nug from my garden.

Here I am with my first chop in the fall of 2005.

* fixed footwear faux pas

It was only shortly after this that overgrow site went down. I spent the years to come bouncing from one forum to another until I landed back here at the new overgrow. I feel like I have returned home. I’ve met lots of nice folks here so far and sure I will meet many more of you.

Here is a video made just a year ago showing my setup. I have since replaced the HPS lights with LED reducing my temps dramatically. I will get an updated video up soon and will also post pics to show my sometimes chaotic and ratchet ways.

Here’s some pics of my current setup.

I just spent about 12 hour in trim jail this past weekend and I will post the harvest pics up later.

I look forward to sharing in this wonderful and rewarding hobby with all of you. Feel free to comment, question, offer advice or just bullshit with me. I have an overactive (sometimes twisted) sense of humor. Let’s have fun and grow some more GANJA!


Beautiful work brother.

Let it happen.



Those are my farming boots. Birkenstock circa 1990. :sunglasses:

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Too beautiful.

I love it.



Got it Danno! Shaming locked and loaded.


This is the harvest I am just finishing up. The first four were trimmed, dried and jarred last week. The last four are hanging dry now.

I have been running this cherry pheno from a re-vegged stump for about 8 months. This was the 4th round grown from the stump before it finally played out and stopped throwing new shoots. I still have cuts of it in flower and rooting to keep it around longer.

Strong smell like cherry cough drops with hints of bubblegum and skunk. Potent yet comfortable high. Tasty like candy. I love it.

Here’s a few more in flower.

This week the flower tent will be filled up with a test grow for @LED_Seedz. I am very excited to get these new plants into flower. Gonna be EPIC I’m sure!


Wow @ganjajuana! You must be busier than a box of kittens! You have a lot going on there. I could feel the excitement when you related the storyline of your 05 first grow. I too was on the old OG at the time. Good Growin’ bro! :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks @oleskool830 I was mentored through that first grow by a dude named NorCalRasta. Haven’t seen or heard from him since. I would love to show him some highlight pics of my few years of growing. I feel he was the biggest factor in my success. Many others helped as well. You may have been one of them.


fixd :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was in the middle of my first and only experience with Autos. Nirvana and Barney’s. I nurtured those plants for almost 90 days. Vigorous and pretty plants. Upon harvest, these buds WOULD NOT GET YOU HIGH! AT ALL!
Needless to say, I was frustrated and haven’t grown them since! Those were the days, huh bro! I understand Autos have come a long way since then. Thanks! :cowboy_hat_face:


I have never grown autos. The first time I saw some grown out was a lady on another forum. I remember one of her first autos was a red devil (or similar name) and it grew for abour 3 months and was only about 6 inches tall with a 3 inch cola at the top. Must have yielded about 2 grams when trimmed. That steered me away from them.

I did grow some Afghani freebie seeds a year or so ago. They produced fat dense buds with a lemony-pine smell. It was very pretty buds but the smoke sucked. It gets you just high enough to piss you off that you didn’t get stoned.


EXACTLY! I’m gonna give them another run. Some Mephisto gear from my Scottish brother @Gaz29. We’ll see. I have high hopes. I do know that @Gaz29 doesn’t grow any shit, so if it has his blessing…I’m in. Enjoy your day @ganjajuana! :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey @oleskool830 I try my best to grow some ‘Shit’ ( but good Shit, lol)
Yeah some peeps pull up to and over 1lb from a single plant of Mephisto’s auto’s and the bud is/has been always good ( ime) , …
Enjoy your day bud,


Awful quiet on the veg table tonight. It is getting busy in the flower tent.


Guess we both have come a long ways from the old Overgrow days. I was the same as you in the beginning. I had grown them outside and didn’t even know that they could be grown under lights. I’m even growing under some of the first lights I’ve used back then.

Grow on and Overgrow


Looking nice @ganjajuana … lovely colours those in flowering plants :seedling:…!
Happy growing ,


Thanks @Gaz29. They really have lit up after 3 days under the LED in the new digs. They are lit and ready to explode into the stretch. I expect them to show sex in the next few days. I need at least 2 males to remove from there or it’s gonna get crazy.

@stain , I am still using the first light I got/made for the veg station. I gifted my original 1000w HPS system to a friend and helping him get a medical grow set up. I have only had the LED for about 6 months. This will be the first plants from seed I have flowered under LED. I have no clue what to expect as far as stretch goes. Time to learn.


AK47 clones about a month from harvest

9# Hammer x Starfighter filling up their side of the tent.
For detail on these plants please follow at this link.
LEDSeedz Team #2 – 9LB Hammer x Starfighter


Such nice healthy looking plants Ganja!

Wondering what my two AK47 fems from Canuk Seeds are going to be like.


Thanks LabRat! Good to see you here, old friend. Peace, Love, Ganja, Mon :peace:

@Kalgrae, I just put 3 seeds from each of the white straw and black straw. I’m limited on veg space but I can I need a few more for the flower tent soon. Let’s see what we get.