GLO Seedbank review

2 separate orders

2 orders received fully satisfied.

They dont always get back to you fast but always have a deal. Sign up for emails and u will see the sales. Website can be weird to navigate but they take cc. I fully trust them.


Another member recommended them to me for thug pug gear. I believe it was @Northern_Loki.
I should also mention i live in Canada and it took roughly 3 weeks each time


I’ve had several good transactions with them within the last year. They have had a bit of a black eye going back several years ago but it seems the new ownership is doing it much better…

P.s. great deals (relatively) from the mailing list.


Recently from GLO:


Anyone made a purchase from them lately?

They slowed down significantly recently with shipping taking upwards of a month. I’ve stopped receiving their promo emails, as well. Despite that, they’ve come through to date.

Last order I had made was in July.

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Ya I put In an order for payment with cash. Never got a email with where to send the money. I’ve yet to receive an email back.

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That was my experience with them also I wanted to pay cash or address given and no responses to my emails. Damn shame too because I buy seeds alot lol

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I know you do n same here. I’ve slowed down a lot. Yet there’s some deals you can’t pass up. Last order was casper og x gg4 n a freebie of runtz x gelato punch for 50$. I might just bite the bullet send em the 60$ cc. Last place that has what I’m looking for. I know I’ll be disappointed if I don’t try.

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