Gpaw's New grow (#5),CBD photoperiod


So, I discovered this site was back up and doing well only recently. I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly greeting of Joe and the invitation to explore and post a grow. At that point I had just finished a grow of nice Sativa and was starting a photo-period CDB – so – BORING. Besides I’m new – etc etc.

Well, I have explored the Realm of OG and have interacted with it’s denizens enough to declare - I am truly impressed with this community! They are the finest bunch of ‘cultivators of cannabis’ it has been my pleasure to run into on the ‘InterWebs’. Also, this forum is amazingly well managed and moderated… so well… that there is a persistent rumour out there that Joe is really a rogue AI that has escaped from a DARPA R&D lab and is plotting to take over the planet under the guise of Over Grow!
(that sounds better if you read it with The Brain’s voice – not Pinky’s )
Well, you know what they say about rumours… If you haven’t heard a good one by noon - start one!

So with the gentle prodding of Mr. Sparkle… I bring you Gpaw’s 5th grow


New grow (#5) Feb 8, 2020

Magic Beans de Jour

Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1 (fem) AKA: CBD Asia
flowering time 8~9 wks. (56 ~ 63 days)
80% Sativa, lab test = 20% CBD, <1% THC


7 Gal. Fabric pots, structured super soil

Planned: 4 weeks Veg.
8 weeks Flower

Super Soil (modified Sub Cool/ The Rev recipes)


1 part ProMix (organic potting soil)
1 part Worm Comp. (50% inc. From last time)
.5 part Coir
.5 part Perlite


Sea Compost 1.2-0.7-0.6 (new shit – see with shrimp, peat and sea weed

Gaia Green Power Bloom 2-8-4
Gail Green Mineralized Phosphate 0-13-1
Bone Meal 4-10-0
Blood Meal 12-0-0
powdered rock
Dolomite limestone
powdered egg shells
Acti-Soil chicken poop 5-3-2
Composted cow poop
Wegeners organic ferts. 8-6-6 (used in place of teas during veg)

NOTE: add Myco to prepped soil just before using (1/2Cup)

Lights: 20/4


I used this last year, I still have 4 bags left, 10 days after putting in my pots I had a really bad fungus gnat and thrip problem start. So the rest will be going into my worm bin once it’s thawed a bit, I will use it when the worms have finished with it.

I hope you don’t get the same problem, looks good otherwise :+1:


Yes, free fungus gnats in every bag!
I left the bags ‘to age’ in the garage through the winter that killed about 90%.
I haven’t seen any thrips, how did you deal with them?



In flower I use cinnamon dust on the leaves, they hate it, in veg I use safers insecticidal soap or neem oil. Don’t use neem oil and cinnamon the smell is really bad lol.

The cinnamon gets a bit of a funky smell to it after a while as well.


Feb 12

4 days to pop! (how old are these beans…)
Doc#1 is a ‘helmet head’

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Feb 13

Here you are about to see my favorite source of Calcium
(and misc protein).

Garage sale blender meets egg shells

cloches off today
Doctor #2

Doctor #3

Doctor #1

Doc 1’s ‘helmet’


Hey gpaw,

Do you just mix in the eggshells in with the soil?

I mix my shells with vinegar and make more readily available calcium (acetate?). I use it as a homemade calmag.

Looking forward to the show!

Feb 14

Doc 1, helmet head = no problem
Doc 2, is the largest
Doc 3, is the smallest

adjust exhaust fan to 2 on, 1 off (60min on, 30 min off)

Yellow sticky paper counts: 14/21
Note: these fungus gnats are from grow #4

Feb 17

Adjust cycle time (to compensate for an 11:30 PM temperature spike)

Doc 1 looking good

sticky paper 15/22

Second node showing
Doc 3 needs a Popsicle ‘crutch’

1 Litre H2O and a bottom soak as well

Feb 19  V1	(1 week of veg)

I just use as a direct substitute for crushed oyster shells. Initially I was only cooking it into the super soil but the last couple grows I’ve started to add some to the top dressing mix as well.

I was a little worried that the blender might be smashing the shells down to ‘too fine’ a powder but it seems to be working out well.

Does your calcium acetate affect the pH at all? Are you using it as a foliar spray?



I mix it in with my ferts if my plants are showing calcium deficiency. Would likely work for foliar but I don’t use it that way.

It is acidic but I just adjust my pH to suit.

I ask mainly because I’ve heard that the C takes a long time to break down in soil.

I’m not an expert though :slight_smile:


I’m no expert either. That blender really makes a fine powder and I suspect that the increase in surface area improves the uptake.
‘The Girls’ haven’t filed a complaint yet :smiley:


Feb 21

9 days old

Doc 1

Doc 2

and Doc 3

8 liters H2O + 12cc Wegeners (8-6-6) No run-off
(heavy water plus 1/4 strength organic ferts.)

Feb 23     

11 days
apologies in advance for the ‘blurple’
check out the short inter-nodal spacing

Doc 3

Doc 2

and Doc 1… leaf curl…

Right… 10 days old and the ‘wee pig’ has its roots >6.5" into the hot stuff… OK…


Looking forward to see how the buds turn out! every CBD plant i’ve grown has ended up with weird looking buds :thinking:


I’ll get a good installment in today, one of the reasons I decided to go with the CBD diary was the plants are turning out to be different & interesting.


Feb 24

12 days old

This is The Groot shot

It looks like a young Groot popping up there. With some background music (and weed) you can almost see her dance… Having the fan on helps too!

That is the third inter-nodal; I was planning some serious HST here to manifold these. Yeah, no way with that structure, need a new plan.

That giant fan just looks so weird in relation to that short inter-nodal spacing. That main stem is looking rather ‘beefy’ too…


Feb 26
14 days old

(sorry, more ‘blurple’)

Showing short inter-nodal and good lateral growth

Those fans are growing quickly, that’s a 7 Gal pot

Doc 3

Here’s my pseudo-scientific fungus gnat tracking and control system (aka yellow gridded sticky paper).
Interestingly, it is the circulation fan that is the major fungus gnat nemesis



I track the counts every few days in the log, it serves as a useful benchmark.


Looks like a cool place to help me learn about CBD :slight_smile: