Guava Hashplant x C99

Hey OG. I’m a hobby breeder and I want to share my latest creation here with you all. Guava Hashplant x C99. I never imagined this would turn out as nice as it did so I’m very excited to share this.

Lets start with the Mom. The Guava Hashplant is one of the best if not the single best strain I’ve ever grown. There’s tons of amazing cannabis out there but this one just really vibed with me on a different level like two pieces of a puzzle fitting together perfectly in my brain. Very potent but functional and heady, easy to grow, not finnicky at all, good branching structure, frosty as can be with a mostly gas and pine profile. I originally test grew this strain for Bodhi but I didn’t take any clones so after testing I knew I had to have more of this in my life. So I bought another pack and popped half the pack. Out of the half pack I found 3 ladies and 2 of them were outstanding and very reminiscent of phenos I found during the test run. No intersex traits were found on any of the Guava Hashplant’s neither in testing nor afterwards in subsequent runs with her. I couldn’t decide which one to keep so I ended up keeping them both. I proceeded to grow primarily the 2 GuavaHP cuts for 2-3 years and while I loved them a ton it came time in my life where I needed some more variety in the garden so I made the decision it was time to let them go, but before letting them go I knew I had to pollinate them because they were very special. I decided to use PeakSeedsBC C99 F7.

The story goes that MikeJ(PeakSeedsBC) received his C99 seed stock from Frost Bros when they got out of the breeding game, who worked the original Bros Grimm release to F4. At the time I purchased the seeds MikeJ told me he had worked 3 generations onto the line himself. I had previously test grew this C99 for him. I grew out about 40-50 C99 ladies in 1 gallon pots over the course of a couple runs and learned that the strain was completely uniform/homozygous. All plants are the same with minor variances mostly only in height and nuances in smell. Growing this many out I got to know this strain quite well. Not a single banana or ballsack was found on any of the C99 either, she’s rock solid in that regard. Truly ripe at 56-63 days she smells of pineapple funk and spice with a potent but functional racy daytime git-r-dun type of high. Now being a non professional/hobby breeder who lacks experience in male selections I figured this strain is perfect to try for a pollen chuck. If all the females are the same and fire I figured so must be the males. So for the first time in my life I popped a pack or seeds and culled out all of the females for space constraint sake. I can’t remember if I used 2 or 3 males to be honest but I then culled out a couple males and used the shortest, least stretchy males of the bunch and mixed their pollen together upon collection and proceeded to pollinate everything I was about to let go and thus the Guava Hashplant x C99 was born.

Now for the best part. Pictures!

Here are the 2 Guava Hashplant moms I used. #1 on the left and #2 on the right. (I had to prop the #1 up a bit to get her at the same height as #2 for the picture).

no. 1 was shorter and slower growing than no. 2 by about 20-30% but I liked the high from this one a little better. It just hit the spot for me. She also had a godlike calyx to leaf ratio and hints of purple on her with addition of cold air.

no. 2 was faster growing and larger with a bit better yield. Louder and a stronger gassy diesel fuel profile. If I was a commercial grower I would have chosen only this cut. It checked all boxes and everyone who tried it loved it.

Dried flowers of #1

Dried flowers of #2

no. 2

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the males that I used nor did I flower them past the point of pollen collection so there is nothing to show in the way of the C99 males but I did find some old budshots of the female flowers. Quality herb no doubt. Have a peak.


Now that we have the parents out of the way let’s get to the progeny. The cross itself. The blending of the Guava Hashplant with the C99. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

So I only grew out 2 different females of the GuavaHP #2 x C99 so it was a very limited test run but from the results so far I’m happier than I ever could be. While they were visibly slightly different during the grow the dried flowers are very hard to tell apart. Overall I can recognize traits of both parents in the progeny. The C99 has added some vigor and yield and also injected a little bit of sweet into the profile. Smells of pineapple funk, sweetness, pine, diesel fuel, cantaloupe, old melons, stinky cheese and a hint of guava in there. The fuel is a little muttled in comparison to the mom but it’s still present. Other than that I don’t see anything else taken away from the GuavaHP, only added, other than the little bit of stoniness that resided in the GuavaHP and increased the already heady effects.

here are some pictures.

Here they are before flip having been topped once. Not the best picture but they are the 2 in the back.

And here’s some mid flower shots. I’d say it was about 2x stretch. You can noticeably see the difference in structure and stacking between the two.

Pre harvest pictures at 9 weeks.

Dried budshots time! Chunky frosted nugs of piney pineapple fuel funk at 9 weeks.



They look absolutely delicious! :stuck_out_tongue: fantastic job. If you ever need a taste tester, I got skillzz!!!


Thanks for the kind words SeymourGreen. :slight_smile:

No formal testing required as I’m not trying to sell these but I have plenty of beans to share! Hit me up in the dm.


Wow! I was going to comment how crazy that guava HP looked until I saw the cross pics. Huge, super frosty and killer structure… looks and sounds like a total champ. Hybrid vigor at its finest there.

I have a feeling your inbox is about to explode lol… nicely done!


I keep trying to think of what to say but I’m speachless. Amazing plants, photos, and descriptions!


Thanks guys. I am equally amazed myself lol. Safe to say it was a lucky chuck, these genetics paired really nicely! All the credit to the huge line of people that put in all the work in the years before me so I could make this magic happen. Bros Grimm, Frost Bros, PeakSeedsBC, Bodhi, JJ, NdNguy, they are the real champs! :wink:


Gorgeous plants and nugs. You should be proud of yourself. I would be.


Very very very impressive. Did I mention they are quite impressive looking ?


That is some amazing looking bud! I bet the smoke is just killer!


beautiful looking flower there @paintedfire420
I was gifted some of Bodhi’s work in F2 seed form. Im stoked to crack thru a bunch and see whats up in there.
Ive always wanted to give c99 a go. Here in Ontario Canada, our outdoor season sometimes is done abruptly by Mid October. C99 would finish in plenty of time I would think?
Bros Grimm does some nice work. C99 amongst them I believe.
Excellent finished product bro. Id be stoked if I was ya’ll!


those do look big and frosty! i would love to grow that!


C99 is supposed to be a true 8 week strain, it should finish no problem here in Ontario.


I’m all out of likes lol I need to wait 1 more hour. Thank you all so much for all the kind words. :pray:

@Silverhaze I can’t say for sure but like @beacher said they are really fast so depending where in Ontario I think they would finish outdoor especially if it’s southern Ont.


yup. pretty sure Cindy 99 would finish here by early October at the latest.
a fast-flowering "sativa"chemovar of quality. I enjoy the up high that good sativas throw off.


those plants are really nice - and huge! Beautiful. how are you growing them? Is that soil mix in the pots. I love anything crossed with C99.


Thanks Muleskinner. I am growing them coco hydro. 2:1 coco:perlite mix.


Abfucksolutely stunning results! :clap: :smile:

The mother plants look amazing so they’d even make a Hemp cross look good.

One of those special moments, special grows that you’ll remember for a long time, I think.

Now with this crazy benchmark don’t be surprised when you get a dud :joy: in the future. :wave:

Very nice & inspiring!

I’d like to sign up for some seeds or offer some exchange in kind. :blush:



You and me both brother. I’d straight up pay for that. Though I am sure I wouldnt be able to make it look as good as that. I’m sure his PM box is full requests at this point.


I want to say thank you again to everyone for the kind words and positive affirmation! Those of you who have expressed interest but haven’t reached out don’t be shy!