Guava Hashplant x C99

Thanks again to everyone who has taken interest. They are officially in the postal system! :raised_hands:

Those of you who offered trades I sent a little extra for your generous offering. And those of you who sent me crypto or offered to pay for postage I sent a little extra on top of that. Please let me know when you receive your seeds and if you happen to grow them feel free to share your pictures in this thread. If you can’t grow them please gift them to someone who will. They are no better sitting in your stash box than they are mine. Sharing is caring.

Couple of you hit me up but never gave me info. It’s not too late.



Really impressed with those pics! Wish I had the skills and knowledge to accomplish that,.Just wanted to thank you for your generosity. Hope you will stay with us and next time will find me more experienced and willing to have a chance … :sunglasses:


Thanks George. I have no problems sharing with less experienced growers. The parents and the progeny were all very easy to please plants I think these would do fine for a beginner. Also I can share my method and feed schedule with you if you’d like to try to replicate it.


Absolutely beautiful plants. And the finished product looks impressive man great job. The strain mixture sounds delicious. What strains are up next?


I wouldn’t mind seeing that. Cant hurt to have it bookmarked for future use. Many thanks for sharing your hard work :+1:


Thanks Mongobongo. Hmm where to start lol? I currently have some Doc Holiday x C99 seedlings in veg right now to test them out. Same pollen donors onto a different mom. I’m hoping for some nice big purple frosty buds from her. I love some color in the garden. Here is the mom.

and from my last run I pollinated the GuavaHP x C99, Bodhi Love Triangle and Dynasty Caramel Candy Kush with Caramel Candy Kush pollen so those will be fun to have a peek into. Straight up chuck from seed but I have grown 1.5 packs of the CCK in the past so I am at least familiar with what this strain has to offer. I also pollinated some Bodhi Lions Milk, Bodhi Forest Queen and Bodhi Hollyweed but these 3 all showed intersex traits(multiple plants each) around week 3-4 so they got trashed as soon as I noticed ballsacks forming. Actually only one of the Forest Queens showed balls but sadly she was the one I pollinated. Axed. I have zero tolerance for herms so one thing I’m confident about is my seeds will be unlikely to herm unless they are abused.

Anyways here’s my keeper CCK mom from that run who was knocked up with f2’s. She has the most amazing smell of grape sodalicious candies from the 90’s when she’s alive which morphs into some other fantastic smell once dried/cured that I can’t quite pinpoint yet. She’s my go to evening smoke. I have some fun ideas of what to pollinate her with in the future. I’m going to try my hardest to keep her around for a while because she’s special. She’s got the looks, the smell, the effects and most of all my favorite trait that I very rarely stumble across, self supporting stems! No staking required. :smiley:


If I would show you my actual growing plants perhaps you would better understand what I tried to explain :grin:, I’m here to learn but ATM far away from the general level in this place. I’m in the lower level than the less-experienced-growers you kindly mentioned. I really enjoy watching your pics and willing to learn from all the grow diaries of this place. Just need more time and experience, better times will come …

Now as I said just wanted to be grateful with your share that goes along with the spirit of this place … :sunglasses:


Cheers George we all started where you are. :wink: Just keep reading, keep striving to improve and don’t be afraid to switch things up a little bit each run and before you know it you’ll be experienced and confident. Hit me up anytime and I’ll send some free beans your way.

I’m very happy to have learned that OG is back up and running and I’m even more grateful for the open sharing platform here. :vulcan:


Awwww yeaaah! Really excited to try these! Pics etc of my pheno hunt will be forthcoming, thanks again!


Thanks for your kind offer, be sure I will contact you when ready, I’m in the perfect place to learn and with the best people to do so. I will be pleased to grow in the future one of your babies, that will mean that all the help received wasn’t a waste of time for anyone. You can ask @Shadey how I can be a pain in the arse :grin:, tons of posts to read before asking nonsense…

Greetings from Spain and keep in touch, you’re a good man … :sunglasses:


Ooo sounds like some really nice strains. They all have great resin production. Look yummy! The love triangle and candy Kush sounds awesome.


2nd wave all packed up and going out this afternoon!

I only have about 15 packs of this left. Get it while it’s hot!



also I’m going to try and recreate a V2 of this strain with the same parent seedstock for the future because this strain is a winner. I’m also going to dust that Caramel Candy Kush pictured above with C99 from the same seedstock. :wink:


Just out of curiosity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the seeds are they regs or fems. What was your average yield with them to what light? and what would I need to do just cover shipping? Got to admit I like the look of the end product but OG has that effect on me with all this budporn being posted! :rofl:


Hey @paintedfire420 I’d love to run this, is it too late to get in on a pack please? I’ve been drooling over this thread all weekend! Looks like a winner for sure!



These are regular photoperiod seeds. As for yield I’m not sure exactly. I think each of those plants was about 10 oz under a 600w hid for each of them but I didn’t try to maximize the space in the growtent that run. I’m confident you can pull at least 1 lb from a 4x4 area with this, maybe 2lb with the right lighting and training.

No need to cover shipping but I will accept donations of bitcoin for covering shipping if you are feeling generous and have a couple satoshi’s kickin around in a wallet somewhere. :wink:


Thanks Trinity. It’s not too late, I still have 15 packs left. Send me a PM with info preferably in a privnote and I’ll get some in the mail to ya this week. :vulcan:


These look amazing. I’ll send PM just wanted to comment so I don’t forget about these beauties! Thanks for doing this for the community!


Just got my ‘care package’ in the mail today without any issues. Too packed here to start them today, but I’ll be making room shortly and will be posting updates as I go along in my pheno hunt.

Thanks alot, you da man! :sunglasses:


Just sent a pm if not too late :+1: :pray:t2: