Habitt’s hemp habittat of holistic healing

Alliteration aside I just put the seeds into some paper towels and the towels in plastic bags.

I upgraded my 2 gallon pots to 3 gallons. Cut holes in the bottom for the 3in net pots. Going to get a bit of garden hose and cut those down so I can stick those in the reservoir so I can water all the octopups without breaking my back moving everything around. The new Gorilla Grow Tent goes up on Sunday and all the pots moved in then as well.

More on Sunday.


Aaaaand…the journey begins…:blush::laughing::herb:


Yes it does! I can’t wait for more of that lovely stink!


Good luck on the new tent set up and your grow​:partying_face::sunglasses:


Good luck on everything my friend, stoked you are up and running!


Tenth like, 6th post, and 1st HeadyBear in the thread!
New gear, and a new grow: it’s like coming home and sleeping in clean sheets.
:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::bear:I bless this grow with the headiest of Heady Bear vibes!:bear::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


I have this feeling that each plant will now produce 4oz dried each. :heart_eyes:

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QP per plant! That’s my goal too. I probably need a couple extra veg weeks to achieve it.


I’m excited for ya bud. I’ll be following along!
You can totally crash that 4oz goal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


From my last grow.

It took 7 days but Its finally done. 50.63grams dry. 6 grams short of 2 ounces. Not bad for a tiny 9 inch plant that I tried to kill! :laughing:
Its all in a grove bag for a nice long cure. OH! They hay smell has reduced a significant amount, so THATS a plus!
Its larfy af but thats my light, 100W acinfinity base light.


I see what you did there…


Just checked the seeds and all but the Walter White have a tail poking out.

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FINALLY! The Gorilla tent wont fit in my closet so I had to

  • A Tear down the AC Infinity tent; light, inline, fan and all
  • B Put up the Gorilla grow tent only to find out that it doesn’t fit
  • C Tear the gorilla tent down
  • E Get the girls situated
  • F RE-set up the controller because of course it reset itself when I took it down

Putting up the tent. So innocent. So pure. So hopeful.

Dreams dashed by a stupid slanted cealing! Dont worry, safe is empty.

Getting the girls(hopefully Black cream) situated.


Damn, the sounds like quite the debacle you had to go through. I’d be so annoyed…
Way to power through! :+1:


Dont mind me. Just going to smoke some DG.

Just some of the larf. More in the grinder.

Speaking of…

Some filters.

My hands dont work like they use to so I use a machine to roll. SOOOO much easier.

So smooth.

She’s starting to get her sour back, though I think, no I definitely over dried her. It reads 56% in the grove bag and she burned a little fast. She smells like a foot thats been in a shoe doing some high intensity sport all day long. A REALLY funky sour with an almost barely perceivable floral note lingering behind it all. The effects are heavy and go straight to the center of the brain. Feels like my body is lighter than it should be, and I feel more talkative thats for sure. Music is 100% better and it makes me want to dance!

This is party weed for sure!


Im going to try to update this with daily pics at the very least.

Day 1

So far @Nagel420 Black Cream is the most vigorous seedling of the bunch already having broken the ground. Heres hoping its a she, the only reg of the bunch.

Next is @ReikoX GLo just peaking out of the ground.

Walter White is almost as far along as the BC. Hoping for some good things from her.

And finally the Skywalker with her helmet still on.

Hopefully we’ll watch as each of them grows into massive plants stacked with dense flowers and dripping with trichs.

More tomorrow.


I don’t think he made any regs of the Black Cream… some were F2s and some S1s, since he reversed the one he liked best and let it pollinate the others, but they should all have been auto fems. He and I had this conversation when he made them; I distinctly remember asking about the steps he took since he was just calling them all Black Cream at first and I wanted to be sure I could label mine correctly.

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I had gotten the seeds through johnnypotseed and I could swear they were listed as auto regs. I could be wrong and am misremembering things. I probably am. I guess we’ll find out in 4 weeks.

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Day 2

I think there’s something wrong with the WW and the GLo. WW looks sickly and the GLo has a black spot on the cotyledon. I’ll wait and see.
Temp 77
RH 68%



Black Cream



I got tired of buying distilled water so I got a cheap RO system.

Supposedly it can hook up to my garden spout which is perfect for me.

Also executive decision time. It looks like the Walter White isn’t going to make it so I’m going to pop some Blood Orange Haze to replace it with. The GLo might need to be done again as there’s no improvement from the other day. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers: