Hawaiian Sativas or Hawaiian heirloom cannabis

@HawaiiHappy Can you tell me anything about Hawaiian Sativas or Hawaiian heirloom cannabis? I see so many old school and awesome crosses made with “Hawaiian sativa,” but that doesn’t mean anything to me. Is that Super Silver Haze grown in Maui or is that heirloom Hawaiian sativa? I just can’t wrap my mind around the cannabis landscape of Hawaii. It should be just like the U.S., in terms of cultivation, because it is the U.S., but it is also a geographically remote Island with its own unique culture, so who knows. I am nearly certain 90%+ of growers out there on the Island are growing regular, modern cannabis. But I don’t doubt that the really special, magic heirloom strains of old exist, but I am really curious as to where.

Why am I not seeing any original, pure, or even any new offerings of Hawaiian cannabis? If I am not mistaken, the cannabis laws are lax enough there that it shouldn’t be terribly risky or dangerous making genetics available, for sale or for preservation.

I’ve always been super curious about Hawaiian strains ever since I grew out Dragonsblood Hashplant. I’d like to explore them more, but am curious if they even exist anymore–maybe it’s all cookies and cake there now.

Edit: I’ll be going to Hawaii next year and have a few friends living there. I’d like to explore local cannabis a bit. Any recommendations on how to do that? Rec isn’t legal yet. Should I apply for an out of state med card? I heard they accept CA med cards?


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I have Preservation Maui Wowie And Kona Island Gold From An OG member. If it’s out there this is the place to find it. Try asking in the seed trade threads…I’ll be giving away some Maui x testers in a few weeks, if your interested in giving a grow with a diary I usually send a dozen if the plant seeds well.

I also have a poison Maui that’s a cross with Transkei x Lesotho

New x’s

Brutal Paw x LB x BM x CG
Brutal Paw x Dirty Margarita (Dirty Girl x Strawberry Hawaiian)
Maui x JTR x WG
Big Bud x AK47 x Platinum Pieapple
Maui x platinum Pineapple
Poison Maui x Bangi Haze
Maui x Dirty Margarita
Poison Maui x JTR x WG
Platinum Pineapple x Dirty Margarita
Platinum Pineapple x BM x LB x CG
AK x Black Pearl x Pineapple Thai
In the cabinet drying…


Eudaemon, great questions. I am in the infancy of tracking down the original 5 land grown strains, if they can be proven unadulterated, pure and original. I have several OGs who have been growing here for 30-40 years each, and claim to have the originals with no additions or alterations, many land grown and some in greenhouses. It’s gonna be a long journey and I am meeting with alot of skepticism and optimism. I am new to MMJ as I was a recreational smoker of whatever dirtweed we could scrape up as a teen and young adult. Finding the science behind THC, CBD and Turpenes has really opened my eyes and changed my life. Moving to Hawaii a year ago, finding true relaxation, enlightenment, healing and relief through MMJ has only made me determined to share with as many as I can, the goodness of what God made for us to use in so many ways. I am thankful for finding this forum and for all the great people that post and participate. By the time you come, I will be much further down this road. I hope you keep in touch and let’s hook up whenever you get this way and I’ll be happy to share some time, and see if we can’t find some seeds and things for your grow sack while foraging.


Instg8ter, I am definitely interested. Hit me up.


Eudaemon, I forgot, as for the MMJ card, all you need to do is apply online for a temporary card, pay the $49.50 and you can buy from dispensaries here. The MMJ card is called a 329 Card, but the temp for travelers is the 329-V card. You must first have a MMJ card issued by another State, and then you are good to go. You will need to complete your application 60+ days before traveling to Hawaii and it is good for 60 days. Hope that helps.


I have Kona Gold, dont know if your up to trade for it, got it from the Soaknbean site in a auction.


I would really love that. There is something about Hawaii that has always drawn me, spiritually. I’m not sure what it is, but it really calls to me. I really hope you stick around here; you’re going to fit right in here. It’s a great community focused on what really matters and nothing else: the plant.

I’m excited to follow your cannabis journey and hopefully be apart of it in some way or another.

Congratulations on moving to paradise, too, btw. So much green, so much life, so much energy and spirituality.


Kona gold is a popular “ Hawaiian sativa” but I’m sure there are several Hawaiian sativa as but maybe they were calling a certain strain they named that. Pretty broad spectrum just like… Afghani. Lol

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That’s too easy! I just hope I don’t love it too much. I’ve looked into moving there and it looks complicated, between the cost of living and the logistics of moving to an Island.


Yeah, don’t even get me started on “Afghani.” The political borders in that region are practically arbitrary anyway. To call something “Afghani” is almost the equivalent of going to a club and saying “one marijuana please.”

I have been working on a project to collect seeds around the world and I’ve been doing a ton of research. The biggest thing I’ve realized in my research is that we’ve been wrong–this entire time–to name and classify cannabis strains based on political borders. It doesn’t make sense to classify a living organism that responds only to topographical and climatological variables based on political boundaries. You could have strains from the highlands of Northern Thailand that are virtually identical to cannabis strains from the southeastern region of Burma. Meanwhile, both those strains could be completely dissimilar from the cannabis found in Southern Thailand, which may be identical to the cannabis found in southwest Cambodia. So I then ask what, in that scenario, is Thai, Burmese, or Cambodian?

Political constructs will always do a very poor job of ordering, classifying, and describing nature.


Idk man, you probably have a sweet collection now! How would you do it? Name them that is? I’m working on my first cross and am trying to come up with a good name for it, purple moby dick x original haze, Herman Melville haze? Ishmael haze! Ishmael purp? Lol. A name means a lot! And not so much sometimes… as far as uniform plants it has to do with how much they are worked with or if they were self sustaining long enough to be a Landrace or IBL, right? What it would be idk.

That’s how it was for me. I came here in 2004 for the first time. From that first step on Hawaiian soil, I knew I wanted to live here one day. Sooo, 15 years and one divorce later, I closed my 22 year old law practice, moved to Hawaii to work for a large company, and now I’ve found the blessing of MMJ.

I am excited to learning and sharing what I can. And am dedicated to finding and promoting pure landrace seeds from here.

Looking forward to the visit one day.


Oh yes, I’m trying to find a pure, unadulterated, landrace seed for Kona Gold. There is so much I have to learn, and yes, this place has tons of locally crossed stuff. It’s pretty cool.


The only one that have here in big island kona gold original ia the owner of Big Island Hydro that are tested proven original, but don’t think are for trade or sale, original hawaiian strains if you are not local you won’t be able to get them, im almost 6 years living here and locals don’t shrare their original stuff with outsiders


The irony is so painful. Native Hawaiian culture and history is dying so quickly. It’s very closed to outsiders and mostly orally passed, and the younger generations don’t sit around and listen to grandma tell stories and history. They go to the mainland for college, many don’t return for a long time, if they ever do. Even kids that stay on the mainland aren’t as connected to where they came from as the generations before them. It is only by opening up culture that it will be preserved. Sure, it will be appropriated, maybe worse, but at least it won’t be forever forgotten. It’s very analogous to the situation with cannabis.

I wouldn’t presume to tell a culture or group what they ought do, but there are realities as certain and inevitable as gravity.


Watch the “Free seeds and clones” thread, I’ll put a call out for testers as I sort and release after a germ test. Should start dropping them a couple a time next week. Remind me and I’ll throw in a few Maui and Kona preservations.


Depending on where you are (I’m Stateside/Maine), what are you seeking for that Kona Gold? Thanks, do enjoy a pleasant week, take care, stay EXTRA safe and, of course, be well…mister :honeybee:


Hell brother I’ll send you whatever I got B, you know that, gonna start sending some overage so you can give away and keep this thread jumpin like it’s been all year…:metal::sunglasses:

Oops thought this was for me, but I’ll jump on B’s bandwagon and Sweeten the pot as I’d love to have both genetics to run side by side, the Kona looks like a commitment, as most narrow leafs are, lost two too my early DWC experiment.

Let us know what you like, sure between me and B we have something your looking for…



Kona Gold 1977. I got a pic of a frosty ass bud from it too. From an old book “Sensimilla Flowers” I believe it was called.