Hazeman Bubba Kush x Stardawg under GROW300

Okay! This is my second grow diary on overgrow, the first was HazeMan’s white grapes and urban poison. The white grapes ended up the big winner there and I’m excited to grow her again as well as her sister seed that I kept as clone but haven’t flowered yet.

For this grow I will be flowering two seeds of his pre-98 Bubba Kush pollinated by stardawg males selected from seeds unknown by the breeder.
These came as freebies when I made my last big order from the seed bank, and the genetics have excited me ever since I popped them. I started with 10 of these and these are the two confirmed females that I kept from the lot. I have a few more seeds, but I wanted to grow these before making up my mind about dedicating the extra space to them.

In the middle I have an as of yet unsexed seedling that was given to me as seed, it is allegedly Bodhis dragons blood hash plant. This is unconfirmed, but it does seem likely as the individual who gave it to me seems to know quite a bit about the strain.

Yesterday I culled the other seedling of the dragon’s blood, it showed obvious male preflowers under 18/6 lighting. It’s a shame because it was the more vigorous of the two, but that’s usually the case with males.

I’m excited as this is my first grow with my new grow light science grow 300, the light is dimmable and strip style versus my previous quantum board and cob set up, so I’m playing around with getting it very close to the plants and dimming it way way down for efficiency. This light was deeply discounted at LED grow light depot, so I had to give it a try since it’s efficiency numbers are through the roof. I’m curious if this translates to healthy plant growth, my one criticism of their efficiency numbers is that they use a ton of 660 nanometer red diodes compared to their competitors, such diodes are notoriously highly efficient although not exactly and the most useful part of the photosynthetic spectrum. That said it’s got great micro moles per dollar output, and running it close in dimmed should keep it right in the pocket of efficiency.

Since these strains are clearly slow and low, lol, I’m going to veg them for a bit longer until I see some clear vertical growth, then consider a trellis net or perhaps just stakes around the perimeter of the pot to support the flowering stretch. I am assuming they will about double in size, my tent is 5 ft and they are currently about 22 in from the ground at the tops.

Medium is 100% coco, nutrients are general hydroponic micro and bloom, with flora blend, SLF 100, and a small amount of Epsom salt. I consider this a modified iron head method. I hand feed every morning, and sometimes twice per day in flower.

Clones and moms reset, getting ready to gift.


I’m in for this one. Both strains are in my top 10 although I’ve yet to grow or try hazemans pre-98. Always looking for that ultimate Bubba so I’ll be watching closely my friend. Looking good so far, keep up the great work!

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Updates from this morning:

The other Dragons blood hash plant is a hash-man, on its way to the compost pile. Maybe someday I’ll grow males :thinking:

I lowered the light to about 12" off the canopy and reduced intensity to minimum. It has also lowered temps quite a bit, which is a mixed blessing as I’d like to have leaf temps a bit higher than they are.

I smooshed the canopy all the way down and broke everything doing it, many many cracks and pops and splits. I used some plant wire to keep the main branches anchored to the fabric pots. Current plan is to veg them until Friday then think about flipping. I may bring up the light/intensity throughout the week depending on how they respond to all this muscling around.


Looking good! Out of likes atm but I like !

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Put in some stakes for support and adjusted the light to ~75% intensity. Waiting for a bit more vertical growth, then flip. Maybe 2-3 days or so, very soon. I’ve been too eager with indicas like this and expected too much in flower, resulting in poor yields. I want these to be all the way there and then some when I flip as I still have ~30 inches for them to stretch before I’m out of room.


Fertilizer is:

3gallons tap water
2 grams epsom salt
12ml FloraMicro
18ml FloraBloom
12ml FloraBlend
.5ml Floralicious
6ml SLF-100

30-40oz per plant per day.


Deleafed these gals yesterday to get them ready for the flip.


Set the timer to 12/12 today, tomorrow will be day 1 of flower. Light is at about 21-24" above tops, roughly 70% intensity.

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Looks really good man. I’m interested to see how that bubba turns into out!

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Nice light!

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Day 9 of 12/12, totally recovered from some defoliation I did in veg, and much in need of a stripping around day 20 from the looks.

Both of these are slooooow to trigger, the right plant is barely showing pistils now. Lefty is giving me better overall shape, righty is just a saladbox.


Day 11, couldn’t keep my hands off of them…


Day 16 of 12/12, stretch is slowing down a bit but they’re still growing.

Feed is 3g water, 2g epsom, 9ml Micro, 20ml Bloom, 12ml FloraBlend, 2ml Floralicious, 6ml SLF100, and .6ml pH up

Seeing some red stems and veins, but moving pH up seems to be improving things.


Waiting for growth to shift to bulking, then I’ll probably deleaf again to clear out the cabbage

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Day 19 of 12/12

Keeping pH on the higher end to address red stems and petioles. The left plant is developing trichomes much faster, the right appears to have none at the moment.


Cracked the tent for a quick day 23 shot


Couple shots from last night…


Starting to fill out nicely. Really stoked to see the finished product on these. Have wanted to grow tuna and the LA pure for a long time. Everything is looking great, hope you get an abundance of super dank, sticky as hell FIYAH! :fire:

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Yeah, they’re looking nice now. D-30 of flowering today; I adjusted the light cycle down to 11/13 now that the stretch is done.

Smells are very classic bubba; minty, piney, with a little bit of sickly sweet fuel in there in the background.