Hazeman White Grape and Urban Poison (with MassMedical PuTang)

Hey there,
First post! I’ve been on other forums for a while but figured I’d come over here and test the waters. My state recently made this all cool, but for the sake of personal mystery and mystique I’ll keep it all mostly on the DL.

I have a 23"x21" closet I converted to a cabinet, a 2x2x5’3" tent, and a 2’x2’x30" propagation tent. I recently ordered an AC Infinity 2x4 so I’ll be condensing a bit and keeping a journal here throughout flowering.

Right now I have an Urban Poison by Hazeman under an HLG 135 RSpecV2 in a large coco pot in the cabinet.

In the tent are two AutoCobs (~110w at the wall) and a Hazeman White Grape alongside a MassMedical PuTang fem freebie. They’re both in 5g fabric pots with coco. AC Infinity T4 w/carbon filter and controller.

I have some assorted clones and backups in the prop tent and a couple of seedlings, nothing fancy. A small 23w 6000k LED is all I have in there tech-wise.

When the 2x4 gets here I’ll put the three flowering plants in there and spread out the 2 cobs and the QB evenly across the space with the T4 for ventilation and a couple of clip-ons for air movement. I’ve been bending and supercropping heavily throughout veg and early stretch to keep things flat; one really nice feature of the two Hazeman sativas is that they respond to heavy manipulation and high-stress training better than any other strains I’ve grown since I started about 9 years ago.

Lights are off for the afternoon, I’ll take pics in the a.m. of what everything looks like.


Welcome to overgrow, @low_and_slow! What other forums are you involved with?

Perhaps you’ve already figured it out, but WE LOVE PICTURES here! And there’s tons of closet growers here, too - so I think you’ll feel right at home.

When your lights come back on, why not start of by posting pics of your closet set up?! And, of course, we’d like to see any of the plants you’re willing to share with us!


Hi @low_and_slow :raising_hand_woman: Welcome to OG! Sounds like a very nice set-up. Sure would like to see it.
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Sounds awesome I just made the move to tents and now I can control my whole environment it’s awesome! But like you said you grow in a few closets. I have always as well. Mine always happen to be like 2x8 or 2x4, heck I have a mother tent in a flowering closet lol, the closet is like 5x10x15.


Here are some pics from this morning!

In terms of other forums, I was on IC a while back but didn’t enjoy the vibe. I’m also on auto flower .net where I journal sometimes, but I’m on a Hazeman kick lately so not many autos to talk about at the moment.


One pic at a time I guess…


I did lots of supercropping on this Urban Poison, such a hearty and vigorous strain!


Here’s the whole plant in frame…

This is my closet setup under the HLG135W


Here’s the closet from the outside, I use a piece of light proof fabric from Joanne’s to seal the edges up at night, and the negative pressure from the extractor through the attic keeps the door shut along with the euro hinges.


This is with the door open…sort of a cabinet inside a closet.

This was all a necessity pre-legalization, but now I’m moving this all to a tent because growing this compactly is a PITA.


Another…sorry to spam my own thread, bit I forgot what it’s like to be a new forum user all over again.

I have a piece of cardboard installed in the opening as a light baffle so the curtain doesn’t have to do all the work. It’s two pieces so I can remove the bottom half when the colas stretch up into the cabinet.


Here’s the propagation tent…some backups and a couple new things getting started. Simple 23w strip LED from the hydro store


And this is the ‘other’ tent, full of pinholes and soon to be retired into a drying tent for harvest. White Grape is the big lanky thing, Putang is the shorty in front.


One more of the Grape by itself. I have a buddy with a clone of this and a sister seed outside right now, curious to compare the two after the season ends.

Lots of plant wire on the Grape to bend the tops down on themselves. Another great candidate for high stress training!

For ferts I’m doing a minimalist IronHead formula:

3gallons tap water
2grams MgSO4
18ml GH FloraMicro
27ml GH FloraBloom
12ml GH FloraBlend
5ml SLF-100 every other batch

For flower (once stretch ends) the Micro/Bloom ratios switch to 12ml Micro / 33ml Bloom. Once budset ends and the plants are just ripening, I pull back on the Bloom to not overfeed Potassium.

For IPM I spray everything twice per week with a light dilution of Lost Coast Plant Therapy; I stop spraying once I see the plants start to develop flowering sites, usually 5-10 days into 12/12.


That was very informative. I kinda liked the one photo per post. I liked the info with each photo being discussed.


I’m with ya on that. I know they say a picture is worth 1000 words, but sometimes pictures alone lose the context of the words they were meant to convey.

@low_and_slow looking good so far!


Welcome @low_and_slow ! Pulling up a chair!

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Welcome to OG!


Got my 2x4 setup yesterday, put all the lights and flowering plants in here.


Putang on the far left, Urban Poison in the middle, White Grape at the end.