Help! Brothers Grimm c99 f1's

Ok, so I have about 33 ( edit, I counted them) brothers Grimm f1 c99 seeds a buddy gave me about a decade ago. Stored indoors, in a baggie in a jar with a silica pack most of that time.

Who is up to the challenge to try and grow them and return some seeds of it back in exchange. I havent been able to get any to sprout and I think these genetics are important so someone better than me needs to try to save these.


I need to apologize in advance for being absolutely insufferable, ( :sweat_smile:) but; C99 doesn’t exist in F1 form. It was a multiple backcross project.


oh how I wish :frowning:


Well he have me seeds from brothers Grimm c99 from plants he grew, or at least thats what he told me they were. Wouldn’t that be the f1? It wouldn’t be a higher number since its not bx?


I’ve been holding them forever and was looking at the pack tonight, realizing I’m never going to have space to attempt growing them again and it’d be a waste to lose the genes


If your friend got a c99 pack back then grew them and made more those are definitely worth exploring and there are some big Cindy fans on here so I don’t doubt this thread will get busy fast.


oh yes there is


I have a couple ginger ale seeds I will try and grow if somebody gets these Cindy 99 up or some from brothers Grimm pop up on here and then maybe a pollen swap could go down :smirk:


I counted the pack and there are 33 seeds in it. I tried to pop 6 last spring and had 0%. They have been sitting since at least 2010. And I don’t know how old they were when he gave them to me.

I also have 5 each TGA subcool third dimension and jack the ripper still in the breeder packs. I bought them in 2012


If you’re offering these up, I’d very much like to give the JTR a try. I was already planning to do a seed run to benefit the overgrow community, and if I can get a good male and female out of your old Subcool beans, I think they’d be a great strain to share.


As long as you can send some back I’m cool with that. Again, good genes that need to be preserved. I’m about to start 2 projects, centered on freakshow and ABC, in a few gens I’d love to work some BG and subcool genes into them, but these seeds need to be used before unviable.


I have some f2’s mr soul sent me not long ago of something similar , I know he would shit a brick if we were to really come upon 33 beans. I am more than willing. Or even willing to pass the message to him and see if he would want to. I know I would be honored to bring that to the community. Thank you and have a blessed evening my friends


Of course! If I can grow them out and get a male and female, I will certainly share plenty of beans with you before sharing them with the community. I think that’s only fair - and the least I could do.


So I don’t want to just send them out willy nilly and screw it up. Since I’m pretty new here, I’m about to go to bed, you all discuss and tell me where to mail them lol.


I think @Enjoi802 raised his (very capable) hand for the C99 and I’m interested in the Jack The Ripper.

Sleep well, @sct2020!


Messaged you



Disclaimer: It’s an almost unreasonably pedantic argument and 99% of the world won’t care about any of this. With that said;

F1 is the first generation, so if you have c99 already than the babies, by definition, can’t be F1s. They also wouldn’t be F2 because the original C99 wasn’t an F1. It was a multiple Bx at release.

Does any of this matter? Yes and no. If we start with the same batch of seeds and you breed for essential oil production while I’m breeding for height limits and yield, we will very quickly end up with completely different lines — even if on paper they’re both the same F generation.


That is an awesome explanation.

What would this generation be referred to as? Bxh1?

And I have first hand knowledge of this, my sssdh is f13 from breeder and its as strong as anything else I grow, even though breeder says its a 9% thc strain. But it stands up to or exceeds strength on anything else I’ve grown.


Follow up question;

When can I rename my sssdh?

I’ve been selecting for purple and more diesel flavor on my 5 generations of growing it, but it still has that haze plant cola/bud shape. Its alot more uniform now than when I got it. My dad had open pollinated and only grown the seeds from his favorite plants for 8 gens, which is why I suspect the strength is higher, but didn’t select for anything else.