HF Platinum Pineapple F4 Juicy gotcha crazy!

No don’t change it it’s perfect haha…is that a grass skirt speedo? Have you been looking into my backyard or something??? How did you know?!?


Great minds think a like and Wookies seldom differ?..
:rofl: :joy: :crazy_face: :+1: :sunglasses:



you too & thanks for reminding me. :v:



This is awesome I was hoping some people would grow these out sooner then later. I still have a few packs left for a flat rate if anybody missed out on the drop or the auction.
Pm me if interested and will also have a few more strains available threw out the summer :wink:


The Oaktown 357 “Juicy Gotcha Crazy” reference is one of the deepest hip hop throwbacks I have ever seen. You really “Turn This Mutha Out”!


One of our awesome members is sending me a few of his…they’re hitting soil asap!
Excited to see how you do @Heliosphear !!! I wanna see these girls dripping


Hahaha you should have a dedicated thread for an OG comic book


@Papalag will do captain, thank you.
@beacher me? No I wasn’t looking in your backyard, butt I know who was. :rofl:
@Gpaw :rofl: this series is about to go off the tracks big time! ReikoX solo and OGee are headed sketchy over here in the OG13XROMULAN bird of peace… muwhahahaha ack choke wheeze it’s gonna be awesome.
@cannabissequoia OGee and a extraterrestrial are headed for your tree house on a zip line, I hope you got snacks. :joy: oh of course there will be dancing. :sunglasses:
@Heritagefarms HF! Very good to see you, expect a PM from me for sure. :sunglasses:
@Solowolf Nice! I didn’t know if any one would remember, I want to put everyone who responds to this thread in the OG jam picture… what instrument does a wolf play? Howwwwwwwwl!
@Tappy I wanna see your girls drippin juice too! :grinning:
@Grease_Monkey I’m right there with yah, same thought, working on it.

Jajaja juuuuuuuuicaaa juicy gotcha crazy! Back in the mid 80’s there was a channel you could call and they would play for pay request… Oaktown 357 stole the show from mix alotz booty.

Satellite of pineapple love grow report. HFPPF4 veg date 001: 6 seedling transferred to main staging for Co2 induction, watered with 1/4 cup 80*f of aggressively shaken rain water (pH 7.0) to bring oxygen content to max. Primary tower charging.

Bring secondary towers online, prep for relocation and containment replacement.

Soil mix: 1 cubic foot of recycled, 1 cup blood meal, 1/2 cup bone meal, 1 tea spoon sea salt, mixed covered and cooked in the sun for at least two weeks, this batch has been cooking over a month. Made a pot inside the pot and squeezed out extra water.

Checked root system during transfer.

Dusted inside of pot with seedling starter from store, put extra in the bottom to protect roots from burn and help prevent fast nutrient uptake and shock. Seedling placed in the middle and more seedling starter is added around the sides till level.

1/2 cup water round the outside of each

OGee get ready to make the jump to grow light speed!
If you would like to know more about HeritageFarms please see these links


what instrument does a wolf play? Howwwwwwwwl!
This wolf gets down on two turntables and a microphone!


If you would, make me look like the zig zag man.
Also with red tipped dreads. Gonna take a screenshot and take it to Walgreens to print, and use that as a background for all of my OG pix.

*@Heliosphere you pick the instrument, don’t matter, it could be a trident :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl:

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@Solowolf Oh Snap! Butt do you ever rock the mic with the panty hose? :grin: this really made me laugh out loud and I went to thinking about a weed smokin wolf scratching n cuttin I was like hell yes just what the OG jammin sesh needed. Your invited to the @cannabissequoia Lorax tree house party at the UFO landing site… we need a dj there too.
@Indoornesian soooo aquatic zig zag man playing hmmm got it trident stuck in wash tub and strung with a base line. Oh damn %1 gotta go.


Veg date: 004 receiving one half cup of water every other day.


ReikoX is BobaCup Solo and me eOGe, In space no-one can hear me grow. :rofl:

And this is in process…


I got furry bangs
I got two big fangs
We’re rocking on OG
Growing dank strains

Already 25% done with my first 16 bars! Um, who’s playing bass? I’d like a funky thumbslap with tight snare drum!


Told you already, put any instrument you need in the hands of zig zag man :wink::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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This is the way


Have 4 running in the Mini DWC for solo cup run, waiting for them to show sex, 1 will stay the duration in DWC other 3 will get put in 3 gallon live soil to finish.


There looking good , how are they in regards to uniformity so far ?

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Like triplets, with one runt culled out. what structure and flowering time should we expect?

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They stretch in flower and finish in around 9 weeks , all the ones I’ve grown were rather bushy , it looks like those are already developing nice side branches .