Platinum Pineapple f4

I’m currently working on a platinum pineapple f4 and thought I would share some pics and info. This is Platinum og crossed to the original pineapple strain not pineapple Express. A male pineapple and platinum og clone were crossed to increase the potency of the pineapple strain. From the resulting beans a male with great smell and structure was selected and bred back to a female pineapple . From that breeding a male was used to breed back to the same female pineapple two more times. At this point a large number of seeds were grown out and the girls with the desired pineapple traits were kept and bred to the best males. This was done two more times and I am now growing the third generation of these beans and will again keep the heavy pineapple leaning phenos and breed to the best male.
Luckily with these genetics the pheno I’m working on stabilizing shows red coloring on the leaf petoile , so I pick the healthiest male that smells and also has this red coloration present.
Here is the first girl to show her pretty little hairs, and the red I speak of.


Any chance it’s the UK pineapple ? Just to clarify you are line working your bx3 to f4?

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Very cool project your working on. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a smoke of some good pineapple ganja! How many generations you going to take this project?


@Sincy yes I’m currently growing out the bx3 of this @Mongobongo it will be on the 4th generation this round and I plan to keep the line solid from hear going forward. I have alot to of projects in mind so will be awile before I grow these again but when I do they will go bx5 then 6 etc.


Heritage… is that the original unknown pineapple strain you’re using, or is it the pineapple pheno from ERSB? It doesn’t really matter, I am just curious.

You’re creating the world’s first Pineapple IBL… congratulations, my friend, this is a worthwhile endeavor! Who doesn’t like pineapple flavored weed!

I’d also like to commend you on your breeding skills. The way you have proceeded with this project, the selection of males/females for further breeding, is a breath of fresh air, because you are not “bottlenecking” your cross by using the same male over and over. You are creating a more diverse gene pool within your cross.

That’s how it should be done, but sadly, it doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore.


Thank you i apreciate the compliment ,its been many years of indoor and outdoor pheno hunting to get to this point. And yes it is the original unknown pineapple , although I will say the ersb has a very similar look and smell to it and I suspect they are related. Barneys farm has the best description of what I know pineapple to grow like so there is that also. Tracing the origins of older genetics proves to be almost impossible most of the time. These plants grow tall with decent spacing between flower sites. The buds stay nice and dense all the way back to the main stock and grow in a noticeably upright fashion. Will be easier to show this then describe it lol


I was hoping you’d say you used the unknown pineapple! That makes it all the better imo!


Some nice side branching on these early on.



The male I kept has nice side growth also


Interesting trait on these girls, two branches instead of one. On 2/3 of plants being grown.




Things are happening , here is the keeper male.


The target of the male


He’s got a nice open structure… perfect for building stout plants that can handle the weight of large flowers.

It gonna start getting exciting very soon!


Yep he is actually the bushiest male I’ve seen yet out of this line, I killed 2 other males kept the one that shared the most traits with the female. The picture is after about 50% of the plant being stripped from the bottom up, don’t need him taking up a bunch of unnecessary room.


This plant has a fast flower time and a huge appetite. She needs more nitrogen during the first three weeks of flower then you would normally consider giving.


Those are looking very nice! I think I’ll stick around and finish watching this channel.


Things are looking good, nugs are completely swollen with seeds, about another three weeks and things should be done.

These will be made available via a server fundraiser / auction along with some f2s of the LAPK from Hazeman for variety. Stay tuned for more info…
Seeds will be given two weeks to dry so they should be ready to send out 5 weeks from now , this is as long as the postal service isent shut down and bankrupt by then.