Hindu Kush auto

Week 8 of this Hindu Kush auto
Black gold soil,big bloom grow big,coconut water molasses


Beautiful colours :kissing_heart:, great job done … beer3|nullxnull


Thanks here’s a white widow the same age


Great bud pics, The white widow got a bit purple.
Looks nice and strong. Great stash there.


traded some seeds for the white widow,I don’t know what seed bank they came from,I mite cross the next one with some cream pollen I made,

have a couple of crosses in my smaller tent
I’m working
On at the minute

Here’s one northern lights /blueberry/girl scout cookies lol
God know what this plant will turn out like


Beautiful nugs man, those look very tasteful. Awesome plqnts…and those are some heavy indys right there wow fat fingers on those in that last post… wow!

Can’t wait to smoke it lol it was the only one opened out of 3 seeds

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Wow! Beautiful plants!

The leaves on your Girl Scout cookie conglomeration are quite fascinating if I do say

The buds in the last picture, first posting of the auto flower Hindu Kush make a heart shape. Very neat ! Ur hired!

I’m always making pollen,I only buy fem seeds I have all sorts of female pollen


Do you store it at all? Or just fresh use?

I put it in the fridge stick couple of grains of rice in with it
I clone most plants I grow spray them with CS spray then I don’t have to worry about having to throw a nice plant in the bin,been been mostly auto strains I do have some photo pollen I made as well,I just like autos at
The minute,you just have to be a bit quicker when spraying them,as soon as I see white hairs on the plant I start to spray ,since the autos life is so quick compared to photo plants that was one of my first mistakes

I use strong CS spray 240ppm I’ve tried lower doses it’s a hit or miss with the 240 plant won’t like it but she will grow pollen that’s why it’s good to use clones


They are looking beautiful nice colors I love anything with purple that color of royalty

:peace_symbol: And stay safe

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Looks beautiful man, lovely job.

Damn you’ve got you some very pretty autos not just here but your other threads Ive seen as well! I’m sure I’ll be loving the next sets you post as well!

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Luck of the Irish lol
I always feel like my plants are not
Up to power when I look at other people’s grows
I wreck my own head,haven’t smoked any weed in over a month mitenbe the problem as well trying to dry out for a while,can’t get
Anything done when I’ve been smoking

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Only luck of irish I have is my beard came out red even thou not a red head. Lol now just to transfer that energy to my plants beard. I do the same thing getting in my head!

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Looks like you know where the rainbow :rainbow: ends and where the pot of gold is hidden :rofl:


I was a ginger kid lol bowl haircut as well lol
Kids on school are evil when your a ginger kid lol

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Just traded 1/2oz of bud for this I love weed trades


I couldn’t decide if the name was to rock the Irish heritage or to rock the rock star in you. I now see it’s both! Wish I could shred but sadly I’m more of a roady type of guy. Lol