I did the numbers. My first two years back

Running some numbers this morning. I figure my start up costs with lights, tents, ventilation, soil, nutrients and electric over the past two years I have spent roughly 4,500. That seems expensive so let’s brake that down. My hobby costs me 187.5 a month I like that much better and can justify it to the wife. But let’s go further. I have produced more than 36 ounces a year so on a per ounce cost it is 62.50 an ounce. I was at the dispensary the other day and they wanted 72 an 1/8 of an ounce or 576 an ounce or for the 72 ounces over two years 41,472.

I am a fan of this hobby on the numbers alone. Then I get to grow the best product I have ever smoked in my life. I also get a bad ass set up to start my garden. This hobby is not for everyone but as a self professed pot head it works for me.:grin:


Here’s on thing I picked up on my first grow- try not to think about the cost :laughing:

Whatever the cost is it’s less than buying it from a dispensary like you said and you know exactly what is (and more importantly isn’t) in that bud you’re smoking. I’ve never once put PGRs in behind my back!


r/hedidthemath :rofl: Nice man! Love this hobby!


I haven’t done my math in awhile but I’ve been going full tilt for the last 16 months and will do my full math when I shut down for the summer.

Off the top of my head.

6 runs x 10oz a run = 60oz / 16 = 3.75 lbs

At 2000 a pound wholesale I’m at 8000k

I spent 500ish getting setup and 50 bucks a month (at 16 months = $800) so 1300 in expenses.

This math is all very rough.

If you start considering retail pricing over wholesale pricing the numbers become too big to count.

At the end of the day I have a hobby that costs $50 bucks a month and saves us $300 (gray market) a month because that’s what Mrs Foreigner and I go through.

Every dollar I spend is many dollars saved.

Also to be considered is that I only have a
2 x 4 tent

Nice numbers and all the best.


My new favorite. Serious Happiness just putting it in jars and already rerunning it. Smells and tastes like cherries with a tart after taste. Can’t wait to taste it in a couple of weeks


But you can’t really add in the costs of equipment unless you take what you paid for it and wait until it needs to be replaced, and divide the cost of said equipment into the grows they were used on. I’m talking about the cost of lights, fans, exhaust system and anything else associated that does not get used up during it’s initial run.


I’m kinda glad my wife actually told me to start growing because she was tired of paying the prices at the med shops. I tried once before a few years back to grow, and she shunted the idea.

Now I get to get back to my fav hobby. couldn’t be happier.


I agree big mike I was doing just hard numbers over two years. It will go down over time but I was a little astonished at what I have spent and was trying to justify it to myself.


Happy Wife = Happy Life


Ain’t that the truth!



Yeah I get it. I also tried to justify the cash outlay myself. I came to the realization that if I enjoy growing my own smoke, it doesn’t really matter the cost. I’m making myself happy and I’m getting better meds than I can buy. PRICELESS!!!


Yes I think you’re right about that. Even if you consider that gear eventually needs to be replaced and budget $50 a month that’s $600 a year which is more than enough to cover it.


I ve been reusing my Mapito for years , this saves a lot more money : )


True. I have been running my indoor tent for 3 complete grows and have not replaced anything yet. The carbon filter is about done but I do have a spare. And my wife sewed me up some prefilters so I can change them out fairly often. Only thing I have added costwise is some more grow bags and soil and nutes.


Mapito that is new to me. I may have to give it a shot. Looks a bit like running coco coir? I have done that with good results.


I barely smoke anymore, but the pleasure I get from growing the herb justifies the costs. :smiley: :+1:


Right here :point_up::point_up::point_up:
Except I do smoke a lot. But I will say this. I get as much therapeutic value from the growing as I do the consuming.


@BillyBobb , you won’t regret it lol waaaaaaay easier than coco haha
If interested hit me or @cdnBuddy up
: )




Yes I agree way easier than coco! I don’t miss the days of tossing garbage bags full of coco


Excellent thread @BillyBobb gonna get out the calc and do the math for my hobby aka personal medication. I don’t burn like I usta and vape more often, it’s always been cheaper for me to grow than buy, mmj costs way to much for the people who need it most.