Ill Eagle Birdseed Testers

I have been growing and creating seeds since I was a kid. It is one of things that I am most passionate about in my life, besides quality time with my family. Even more than making seeds, I enjoy looking through my creations, as well as seeing other people grow and enjoy my work.

Some of my more recent seed harvests include me making F2s of some of my work, as well as making a few hybrids with a male that I found in some Cherry West Bc seeds that Mean Gene sent me. I have grown quite a bit of his work and it has all been nice, but the Cherry West Bc plants are easily some of the best that I have looked through from him. Really unique plants all around.

I do a lot of gifting/trading and sell some seed here and there. I truly appreciate the love and support that I have received. I can’t really ever see myself not working with and creating unique cannabis seeds, but the love and support gives me extra drive and purpose.

I would love to get my work into more gardens. If you see anything from the list below that interests you and you can start the seeds as soon as you receive them, please feel free to reach out. If you can’t start them now, but you are interested, please feel free to reach out and we will figure something out. I only ask that you start the seeds as soon as you receive them and post updates regularly in this thread. Positive vibes…


(Mikado x Tropicanna Cookies) F2

(Grease’s Pieces x Tropicanna Cookies) F2

(Mikado x Tropicanna Cookies) x (Cherry West Bc)

(Grease’s Pieces x Tropicanna Cookies) x (Cherry West Bc)

Stagger Lee x (Cherry West Bc)

(Black Triangle F2) x (Cherry West Bc)

(Tropicanna Cookies x Herijuana) x (Cherry West Bc)


Super interested in the (Mikado x Tropicanna Cookies) F2 and it’s cross to the Cherry West BC. I can start growing them as soon as I get them but I am a new grower can can’t guarantee a success rate so take that as you will! I would hate to take some great beans from more deserving testers


We all started at the same place. You only get better by growing more! New growers are also needed because not everyone who gets the seeds will be a great grower. Having different experience levels growing out the beans gives a better idea of what they will do.


Thank you for that lesson and reassurance, sometimes I let my nerves get the better of me, instead I should just smack a bowl and be ready to give it my best.


That’s all that is asked for besides posts on the grow. You got this!


Cave dweller here, I really do know much about any of them. I see some of the names about as I hunt for beans. I do like the name on your banner.
Not sure if I’d be a good tester or not.
Best of luck in your endeavor!!


Your line up sure looks interesting

As much as I would like to
I only run 3 of a line at a time not great for testing
My space is way to small

So many seeds so little time and space



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To everyone considering this offer, Please grow these testers out. Stank uses his own selections and mostly tests his own stuff.

Overall good person and there should be some fire in there.

@stanknugzz77 , I personally had to nuke my entire garden a few weeks back but when I get up and running again, I plan on popping more of the ones you sent me.
Thank you for your generosity and being a primary example of an OG :100::green_heart:


As @Emeraldgreen said, it’s all good brother. The only 2 requirements are starting all seeds upon receipt and updating progress in this thread. Hit me up with a PM and we will discuss the details. Positive vibes…

I appreciate your interest! Hit me up with a PM and we will work out the details. Positive vibes…

I appreciate your interest. I am most likely only going to send out 5 or so seeds per hybrid to each person, unless someone is able to run more than that. I like to run as many plants as possible of a cultivar to see as much as possible of what it holds, but I understand that not everyone is capable of that. Please feel free to PM if you would like to run any of these. Positive vibes…

I appreciate your seal of approval brother! It truly means a lot!

All of the parent plants utilized in these hybrids are my own selections, with all but the Black Triangle F2, Stagger Lee and Cherry West Bc being my own creations and selections. I definitely only make hybrids that I have interests in exploring and I always grow out most if not all of my own work at some point or another.

All good on the nuke brother. Life and family always come first. I hope that your beautiful son, Jackson has made it out of NICU and is home and surrounded by the love of his family. Please feel free to reach out if you ever need anything at all. Positive vibes…



You have some great selection your offering. Little to much on my plate , but I’ll be poking around watching :joy:


(Black Triangle F2) x (Cherry West Bc) … need a Tester? @stanknugzz77


I have a John Prine (RIP) song stuck in my head now, Illeagle Smile, John Prine Performs “Illegal Smile” In 1972 Underground News Broadcast - YouTube
Even though it may have moonshine he sings about, nudgenudgewinkwink!


I am doing my best to reply to everyone in the order in which they reached out. I am ridiculously slow with messages sometimes. My apologies for the delays. I should be able to start getting packs out in the next week or so.

Anyone else who is interested in running any of these, please feel free to hit me up and we will make it happen. I truly appreciate all of the love and support! Positive vibes…



Stagger Lee is from alien genetics?

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Yes; Original Bubba x Sour Apple IBL from Alien Genetics. Delicious sour apple goodness on a Bubba frame, with Bubba’s effects. I really dig the female. I have selected a male as well, but I have only used him for making F2s so far. Positive vibes…



Cherry West bc or Cherry West bx?

Good genetics… They have to turn out well.


Yeah I refer to the Stagger Lee x (Cherry West Bc) hybrid as Apples & Cherries, tentatively. I usually do not name my hybrids before myself or others grow them out and come up with a name that fits, but sometimes they just fit.

A backcross in plant breeding is denoted as BC, so that is the terminology that I utilize. The majority of the cannabis community utilizes Bx to denote a backcross and it took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that is just fine too haha. Positive vibes…




I would like to thank everyone for growing my work in their garden. As a special way to say thank you, I have discussed with @Great_lakes_Genetics and also cleared it with the @moderators:

I will hold an annual contest to pick a winner to receive a $100 gift certificate to Great Lakes Genetics, paid for by me. @Great_lakes_Genetics said that he would even throw a Bad Dawg freebie on top of my $100 gift certificate. Everyone who participates in this thread by showing their grow, from receiving their seeds, to finished flower shots will be eligible to win. On November 30th 2023 11:59PM EST (the annual cut off), I will begin to compile a list of all participants and their corresponding flower shot(s). Then we will have a public poll for the winner. I will come up with a more specific rules whenever I have time, but that should cover the basics well enough. Positive vibes…



Do you have outdoor strains?


I have not had an actual outdoor crop, minus some odd plants here and there in probably 10+ years. I would not see a reason why most if not all of my hybrids wouldn’t perform well outdoors though. Positive vibes…