In the basement with Doc D aka magic spirt seed co

As the title stats this will be a spin off of the doc d seed thread already going here. I will go ahead and start off by saying this is my first experience with his work. I have been reading lots of good things about his work, and being a close friend of bohdi from my understanding has access to most all his cuts.

All that being said I picked up a few packs off his January email list. I chose to go with 3 packs from the pre release for 30bucks a pack I figured you can’t go wrong, don’t feel so bad when you kill them and you fell real great when you find fire…

Everybody feel free to chim in post pics of your doc d stuff. The more info the better please just try to stay on the doc d topic and don’t stray to far. Let’s get started.

I popped a whole pack of these to get it started and had really great germ rate. 10/12


Ok so the plan is to veg these all until big enough to clone. Flower seed plants in 5×5 sqare pots only keeping females in hopes of finding one or more to keep.
Let’s get growing


Pitter patter get atter!


You light the fire, I’ll load the bong! :sunglasses: :+1:



Thats the goal! :crazy_face: thanks for stopping


Doc d does good work have known him for around 5 years, very straight up guy.


Thats good to hear coming from you!. @OleReynard .
I know you like them short stout afghans! Have you grown any of his work if so what stood out?

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So there’s a doc in d house, this looks interesting. Hello, nice to meet you, if you don’t mind… gonna watch you grow yours, while I grow mine.

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I’m new to the group, gonna pull up a chair and enjoy this.


Welcome to OG!


So I hate report this but… sigh :confused: but I only have one of the chem d that survived my stupidity. I let my soil get to wet and not enough perlite and drowned them! Smh… lesson learned move on.

Popped this half pack and got 3 more packs off the pre release in route. Actually they have arrived i just need to pick them up.


How’s it growin? New seedlings?