InTheWoods Journal

I’m back to growing after a little over a decade. Ready to get back into full swing.

Here is run down of the grow so far.

Tent: 3x3 w/ 4in a/c infinity exhaust fan.
Lighting: 2000w King LED
Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest mixed with backyard compost (50/50 ratio)
Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio + FF Cal mag.

All Greenpoint Seeds.
Sundae Batter, Gelazzi, Banana Fruit Cake, Sugar Mints, Tahoe Animal.

Veg time:
Sundae Batter and Gelazzi 46 days, Other 3 vegged for 36 days.

I topped once on all plants between 5-6 node and LST’d after recovery.

Flipped to 12/12 on 4/20

Plants are currently 25 days into flower.
Tahoe Animal

Sugar Mints

Banana Fruit Cake

Sundae Batter


Gelazzi overview

Sundae Batter Overview

Tahoe Animal Overview

Banana Fruit Cake Overview

Sugar Mints Overview

Side shot of the Jungle.

Top view of Canopy

Week 4 starts on Thursday and only gets better from here. :sunglasses:


Welcome to OG my friend, looking good . Looking forward too seeing the finished product


Wooo, great forest mane!


So glad you finally got your log in stuff squared away brother. You’re gonna love it here, so many kind knowledgeable peeps on deck.



Thank you for the kind words.

After starting, I found out I need more wattage based off of my tents sq ft as I’m short roughly 130watts. It’s kind of an experiment with this light. I was using cfls to veg and HPS to flower back then.

I have my 400w HPS from back then but most likely a fire hazard at this point. Likely will upgrade to a the 4000w version from same brand.

Either way it’s a great first run back and will enjoy the smoke. Thanks for stopping by!


Nice garden you have going!
Welcome to OG.

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It’s pushing the limits haha, I originally had a 6th plant (purple crunch) in there that had some algea growing on the soil surface.

I tried to get rid of it with some vinegar. I got the ratio wrong with vinegar, nuked the ph in the soil and pulled it.


Feels good to have some plants growing again.
Stay tuned for future updates.


I FEEL like a 4000w light might be a little much for a 3x3… Good luck with the grow!


Looking great! Welcome back :checkered_flag:

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Thanks for stopping by!
I’m in the learning curve for LED lighting, after realizing the actual draw vs output.

Funny that you mention it as I was thinking about if I got the 4000w. I would want to run the 2000w in there as well haha. I think 600w in a 3x3 might be overkill.

I’d like to have more lumens than less available. DLI comes into play at that point.


Glad to be back! :sunglasses:

I’m in the same boat as far as learning goes! That’s why I emphasize feel. Because maybe it’s not too much. There are a LOT of knowledgeable people here, so someone will chime in with good info

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For sure, I try to be a sponge absorbing all knowledge yet. The more I learn the less I know.


Yeah, you’ll find that to be the case :rofl:

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Welcome to OG! Looks like you are off to a GR8 start. :partying_face: :clap: :facepunch: :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:


Thanks for the warm welcome and checking out my journal!
The smell from the tent is incredible already. :sunglasses:


The electric company is going to love you! :joy::joy::joy::+1::sunglasses::peace_symbol:


Small update.

Took a couple leaves off the plants to get better air flow and direct light on bud sites.

The stench from these ladies is very pungent. Hard to describe it.

Quick shots before lights out.

I will need to raise the light more as the Tahoe and Banana Fruit cake continues to stretch.
Very little room left to raise.

I stopped by my local event and here is what I picked up.

Larry OG

Have a great rest of the week! :sunglasses:


Helping my friend through his first grow. :sunglasses:
He is growing Tahow Animal and Banana Fruit Cake in 5gal.
It’s in a 2x4 under a 2000w(200watts) King LED.

The plants are in week 7. It’s looking like another 2-3 weeks out from chop. The swelling begins now.

The BFC has really stolen the show. I wish I took a picture with the lighter on the BFC to show the bud size difference. Earlier in flowering I thought it would be the Tahoe Animal to have the larger buds at this stage.

Banana Fruit Cake

Banana Fruit Cake

Banana Fruit Cake

Tahoe Animal

Tahoe Animal