Is everybody following the instructional amounts on fertilizers in flower?

strain the crushed pieces or …like how many runs?

PS. With perlite you HAVE to have a measured and checked nutrient, thats all the plants get.
Soil mixes contain enough to keep things going for a few weeks, not as critical as quickly.
Perlite is usually 2-3mm grains, got 100l 3-4y ago, just bought some more, always lose a little, sticks to roots, floats away etc.
Its fluffy glass, it’ll last a long time.

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feed the caps every second and straight h2o in between ok well that’s big ( and cost efficient) I guess I gave them to much stress in the end lots of training the were close to the light i was pruning and the ones left alone and to the outside survived, too much stress. I may have perfect ph water as I suspect but adding fertilizers may change things I did not consider that. Time to crack open my digital ph meter I feel like I should have got a paper type meter. anyways, thank you. as far as distilled water I actually carry everything I eat home from a location an hour away, you wouldn’t know that but my back and legs are I may just have to raise the light a bit grow slower but saves me on warmer days were I don’t get the door open and the house temp down quick enough. I am zero training the ones I am vegging now I am just scared at this point something is better then nothing.

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I had a couple plants start looking similar, my runoff ph was about 4.5…

Half nutrient every other time is a good start, check that your water and nutrient is ~ph6-6.5.
Do buy an EC meter, cheap and will show how much dissolved salts are in the nutrient as well as the run off. No point in hiking in distilled water before you measure.
Hopefully these things will get you on the road, have to pick off the usual suspects one by one.

r.o filter had to look it up, ya i have no real filters on my well, i get mineral build up like underground caves on fixtures is this an issue, seems so natural I am on a hill in Quebec known for it’s natures priestliness with a 300 ft deep plus well that when a wire came off and it had to be gutted, the well guy said he has never seen a cleaner well or cleaner well guts layed it out on snow no dirt or muck lol were very isolated on a mountain and the lake is very clean, it’s mineral rich is what i mean.


are you using pro-mix?
It’s a shakey thing measuring run off like if you suspect you over watered you don’t want to add any more fluid and there is also being carefully one is not measuring what quickly ran down the sides, … i probibly at least the first time use a spray bottle to soak it the just pour in the center…

I’m using promix HP . I ended up flooding them enough to get a bit if runoff. Then when I saw it in the 4s I put about 30 liters through to get back to neutral lol. The flowering solo cups I tried the same with I waited too long and lost 4 of 6

So did you figure why your run off was so off in ph?

No clue lol. Everything was paid going in… best I can guess, small root bound pots and constant high feed rate with no water only days

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seems to fit … so afterwards you adjusted to add more water only and the problem dis-reoccur-ed?

After getting back into range it seemed fine, every sk often id water with a higher ph

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The buildup of minerals , seems like you have lots of minerals and salts in the water, great for you, not so good for plants.

You can think of plant nutrients like a budget, you need to get the essential components inside say a box, if your water is really “hard” and full of stuff that box is nearly full, no room for the important stuff.
When your hypothetical box is already full and you add more bad things happen.
Plants roots can only take a certain amount of “stuff” or salt/mineral concentration before it cant take it anymore.

A human example, one dash of salt on food might be nice, but if you are eating a pizza its pretty salty already, if you add more itll be horrible. Youll get really thirsty too , just like the plants. The soil starts suckin out the fluids from the roots instead of feeding them.

I hope my examples werent too confusing.
And again, pleeeeze buy an EC/PPM meter and find out if your water is a super salty pizza or unseasoned pasta.


Haha thats an awesome analogy


Just a pinch lol … logically you have to put it in higher ph , how much how often I guess is by feel a lil like cooking. I guess I got to get some meters out and solve this … soil has a buffer, that buffer has a limit? i guess? …

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I’m looking at getting a ppm meter soon so it doesn’t happen again. I got lucky with never ph checking for quite awhile lol


your awesome, that was an awesome response. wondering does organic soil have the same problems? Perhaps I am not hippy enough could chems go against the vibe of the nature I am squat in? lol got to be the salts they would take time to overwhelm explaining why I have zero problems until way late , at least what stand out and makes sense from all things being brought up even if it’s not the problem now , it could be come one.

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Thanks man, I hope it helps too.
I think you are right, with the available information that would be my guess too.

Organics are a different beast altogether, I would stick with GH nutes until you get happy and healthy plants, much easier to measure and correct quickly.

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I am following that advice… one plus, I just took a bud from plant to grinder, directly, by the time i was ready to light it I forgot it was that , habitually just smoked it exhales full and cloudy like properly cured weed taste minus slight filmy tounque thing seems normal, oh ya these were dead a while ago this weed cured lol I got a mini usb mister on one trying to re animate it, seems futile again pretty sure been dead. I guess I don’t need my next on line weed order.

You smoke what you got , thats how it goes :grin:

Organics, main difference, timed release, it has to break down to whats readily measurable in the GH nutrients. Of course there are many different types and ways you can use “organics” so its a partial truth.

Im getting good results with GH and hydro so Im sticking with it.
Other people get amazing results with organics, flavour, plant health all that.
My gripe is, I want the measurements so I know I am in the ballpark and can easily tell whats going on.