Best citrus-y strain?

Hey guys,

Im looking at buying some new genetics after my current grow is done, after the great success I had running Nirvana seeds Aurora Indica i’ll be looking at splashing out more for better quality genetics and i’ll be running a full canopy with that one strain.

I’ve been itching to grow a strain that has a citrus-y smell/taste to it, I remember some from a dealer once that was just amazing - I think it was Lemon Diesel or something but you know what street weed is like - and I really want to try find a strain with good genetics that actually is and not just advertised

Any recommendations? Preferably one that is a fem/photo with high THC content (although a 1:1 would actually be sick)


Dinafem Orange Juice is Tangie x Tangie.

I grew it last year and it really smells like orange juice…

Good Sativa high without paranoia, and a great structure.


wow damn that looks tasty! how many seeds did you run? did you get any major differences? My aurora grow was great, very consistent genetics, out of 5 only 1 was slightly stunted and had a few tacoing issues, but like was still a great yield and great looking buds ultimately, was extremely impressed


I havent grown.much citrus stuff. Orange blossom special was nice. But i really want to try @LED_Seedz citrus freeze!


I only ran 2 of them. The other was less spectacular than this one but still solid. Both had an orangey smell.

After curing, the one in the picture actually had a heavy butterscotch smell mixed with the zesty orange juice smell. Orange still the primary smell but it was a complex aroma for sure.


I’m currently growing this one, but it will take some time before I can taste it, promising citrus scent … :sunglasses:


Nirvana California orange bud. Not sure if it’s still available.

Smells exactly like an orange in the bag. Smokes a little different but still citrusy

Sorry for the crap picture


Nice huge tree! Tall lady…


Back in the day it was tough to beat Cali indy from Sensi seeds.

Wheezer God rest his sole had an orange og that was jfkiller.
Them beans are gonna be tough to be had.

Good thread !

I’ll take a seat

Some people might hate me for saying this, but greenhouse seeds lemon skunk was super sweet and citrusy for me…a really good stone and easy grower…starts slow but gives up the goods mid-late flower.
I may have just gotten lucky, as greenhouse doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record.


I hate you for even saying that…

just kidding…all good man…just kidding


I think it was something like 3 of the 50something seeds we bought turned out awesome…everything else was garbage…and I dont mean a little bit of trash…I mean, get it out of my sight or I’ll burn this goddamn grow op to the ground, type shitty. Lemon skunk, ssh (was a 12+ weeker) and another I cant recall right now.
@7lpdwcaw bottom line…avoid ghs

I too am on the hunt for a nice citrus strain… I have been eyeing up Critical Orange Punch…I am hoping it has the nose and taste I am after.

Also, if you like lemon…One of the nicest tasting strains I have come across for it, was the Lemon Sour Diesel :

I will be keeping an eye out for any new citrus strains I find, and report them here.

I will also be checking in and out of this thread, for any info on a killer orange/citrus strain…


My neighbour/buddy/the buddy who won’t give me a cut of his gg4 gave me a bag of mimosa for xmas…lol…he’s a good guy, just overprotective…the mimosa stinks of orange and citrus…mimosa is orange juice and champagne, right? Pretty much smells like that…heres what’s left…


Mimosa = Purple Punch x Clementine

It’s a good one!


Test tube Tropicanna by Bloom seeds. But they’ve been out recently. Was going to pick up another pack cause I can’t get enough of the orange terps

Wow some nice citrus recommendations for sure. That lemon diesel thing sounds nice cuz the only thing I have grown was the Super Lemon Haze that is full lemons on the nose and taste.


Had a Jilly Bean that was like biting into mandarin orange. Also had a Super Lemon Haze that tasted like lemon jolly ranchers. Neither plant produced well though, both were let go.


Geez, those cmh are pretty damn good, eh?!

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