Jetdro's 1st run here at the new Overgrow

Hello fellow weed heads, hope your day is blessed! I was a member here in the ole days, finally found my way back to the site, had no clue it was back up and running. Been hanging out at another place, VERY small, VERY cool, but little goes on there, and trading back n forth between members is frowned upon(shame on you!) . Really like the fact it is “open” here, like it always was.

Run pretty much indoors these days. Being in Texas, the outside is just too damn hot, and too humid for the ladies. I invested in a greenhouse 3 years ago, the Texas sun and weather has already destroyed it, and I am sick of fighting PM outside with our average summer humidity of 85% or more. I can no longer trust my loved strains outside, so from now on it will pretty much be all inside .

3 years ago I filled my 10x8 x10 Gorilla tent with all my favorites(Goji, Chucky’s Bride, C99, Amnesia Haze, Sugar Punch) fired up all 3 of my Gavita DE HPS FLAME THROWERS…and harvested so much bud I shut down for 2.5 years, until all my jars became pretty empty. I did not keep Mothers, so I am starting fresh again.

Goji is by far my favorite bud, my original keeper was just superb. She was found in an 11 pack, and to be real honest, EVERY female from that pack DELIVERED the goods! My keeper was kept because of her yield and vigor, all 6 ladies from my 1st run of her were VERY similar. I go on a HUNT for Goji seeds, HOW I found the site here!

No original Goji beans were to be found, but luckily I had hit a clone of my Mom with a lovely Holy Grail Kush male. 6 months ago I had a month supply of weed left, so i quickly threw down a run, 12/12 from seed, to have some Bud. I had 5 different GojixHGK in that short run, 4 of the 5 were KILLER!!! Same Goji traits, same killer high, but now with beautiful “Kush” aftertaste on the exhale. With some Bud in the jars, i set up for my “normal” runs. 1 Mother screen, 1 BIG screen.

Since I was coming from seed, and all reg seeds to boot, it was like starting all over again. Goji HAD to be in the mix, so I placed 5 of them(my cross, GxHGK) in the Mom run. I also placed 2 Boudica’s, a Caramel Candy Kush, and a friends creation Cloudwatcher.
On my “Mom” screen, I am pheno hunting. All were cut n trained, cuts taken from them and labeled , then they are sent to flower. I took a “GUESS” and placed 4 cuts into my Octopot’s to be run on my big screen. Both runs are concurrent, with the Mom screen obviously ahead of the big screen.

So, I have the Mom screen going, turned small, as I said pheno hunting on that screen. I have the big screen 4 foot by 4 foot. Mom screen is at like day 30, the 4x4 screen was just “flipped” 7 days ago. Then I have a “veg” “holding” room, with all the cuts from the Mom screen, and some seedlings for my next run(Sugar Punch X Goji) . Getting crowded, be nice when the Mom’s come down, and I can reduce my holdings…lol.

Small screen:

The small screen is run under T5 H.O. lighting. NEVER flowered under a T5, so will be interesting to see the outcome. They are at 30 days in the pic’s, doing well. T5’s are INCHES off their heads, light meter tells me PLENTY of PAR !!!

There are 5 different GojiX HOly Grail Kush’s, 2 different Chucky’s Bride’s(Chucky’s Bride is a cross of Exodus Cheese and Cinderella 99 bred by Eskobar ) a CCK, and my buddies “CloudWatcher”…too involved for me to remember it’s lines off top of my head, but she is 5 of Sannie’s strains, crossed, back crossed, crossed again, then 100 placed down for a pheno hunt. Superbly stout weed, 10 weeks done, great yields. Actually the ones I am growing are that plant, crossed to his favorite Stardog. WHY…WTFK…lol…why not!!!
The picture shows exactly 1/2 of that Mom screen.

My 'Big" screen is a 4 foot by 4 foot SCROG, being lit by a Gavita DE 750 HPS …the finest light in the industry to my thinking.
1 of these, when cranked up to 825 watts(adj…400/500/600/750/825) will fully cover my 4x4 screen with all the light the ladies can use. I place on a light mover, only going back n forth a few feet, BUT, it lets me place the light at 1.5 feet instead of 30 inches or so,with NO BLEACHING or ill effects(you will see that in a minute) . I run the big screen with “Octopot’s”. I am an OCTOPOT MAN through n through…would have to pry them from my cold dead fingers. It is a bottom feeding, self wicking system with a 6 gallon grow bag, and 6 gallon rez on the bottom. THEY RULE!!! 100 % organic soil I mix myself, feed ONLY Texas Vegetable Fertilizer in veg, and ONLY Texas Tomato Food during flower, organic too, and made here in Texas. NEVER any issues with the plants using this setup, and HUGE yields.

Octopots water for me, they are filled through the rez, and in FULL ON FLOWER POWER a big plant in one of these will suck 4 PLUS gallons a day from the rez!!! My last Goji run(I have pics) the big lady, went 7 foot tall, 7 foot wide, weighed 14 pounds wet when chopped, and yielded 1.2 pouds of DRIED bud! That was my original Goji cut I have lost, NOT the cross I am running now.

This is the big screen…7 days into my turn. 4 plants in 4 Octopots. 1 in each corner. 2 closest to the camera are my Goji cross, back left is a Chucky’s Bride (Escobar’s) , back right, the PIECE O SHIT Cloudwatcher!!! lol

The 2 Goji’s are about to run over the other 2…I could kick myself for placing the Chucky and the Cloudwatcher on this screen…4 of my Goji cross’s would have lit up this screen! The Chucky is weak(ALWAYS LIMP WRISTED PLANTS) and the CloudWatcher x StarDog is just plain pathetic…LMAO!!!

My Goji cross kicking it on the screen:

My friend sent me Sugar Punch x Goji seeds! He made them, but has never thrown any down. I threw down 8, have 8 VERY healthy n happy hybrid vigor lil plants!!! I also have a cut from a friend, NAPALI PINK. The GojiSP and the Napali will be my next “Mom” screen. If you do not KNOW Sugar Punch, your a loser…lol…just kidding, comes from small breeder not too well known, but VERY respected.

I KNOW fire will be found in these lil plants, just know it!!!

Well, that gets me caught up. Hope the pics worked out right, if not, I will figure it out.

EVERYONE is welcome in here, as all my threads will be OPEN!!! I LOVE to trade, swap, talk 420, and at 65 years old, been doing it some time now. I am NOT in a legal state, maybe the worst state for our hobby, but been doing it since 1970 without any issues or POPO visits… :slight_smile:

Stop in, say hello, leave me a comment. I will keep this journal current, and all my current runs will be placed in here.
To the 2 or 3 that have already contacted me…THANKS for the WELCOME!!! Place feels like HOME already.




NIce plants and intro post. Welcome to the forums. I’ve seen you a bunch over on the other og. Jealous of those Octopots. I heard everyone hyping them up and finally found a good deal that I saved for later. Went to finally buy 4 of them to test out and the damn place didn’t ship to Canada lol :disappointed_relieved:

Wish I was around to get some of the older esko stuff too before it disappeared. Look forward to seeing more of your grows in the future.


Thanks bro!!!
Octo’s rule!!! I BEGGED the boys to run them over there…NOW, 5 or 6 of us are using them…

If you like STINKY TASTY POWERFUL Bud…Esko had it!!! I LOVE his Chucky’s Bride…she is superior in flavor taste and high…BUT…she grows like a retarded child with palsy and yields nothing. Straight head stash is what I grow her for. Have F2’s I made(from 1 single SEED!!! Threw 2 plants from it, grew out together, 1 male 1 female…let him whack his sister,lol) you can run. From my last run of them, 50% were the pheno you want, 50% were a waste to grow, so it is hit n miss with her. I do have a couple in my Mom screen too…and when finished, I will keep a Mom of her. You may have a cut at that point if you would like.


This is the Goji that went LARGE. She is the plant back left, in an Octopot. ALL the others are in regular pots,
Look at that pic, THEN TRY n tell me Octopot’s do not work…LMAO!!!
She was turned 5 days after this pic, ended up taking 1/2 of that huge tent for herself.


Wow… Very nice set-up Jet…Very healthy looking girls, as well…I look forward to watching your grow.




Tanks man, appreciate it. If I had built my big scrog with all Goji instead of only 1/2 of it, 4 weeks from now we would be looking at a stellar looking carpet…but NO…I had to throw 2 limp wristed bitch’s in there, and it is not going to be the prettiest screen in town…I should have yanked the 2 out, then let the Goji have another 2 weeks of veg time to fill their spots too. Since I have flipped them a week ago, cant do it now. You would think at age 65 and doing this since I was 14 I WOULD HAVE A CLUE…lmao…but NOPE, just a stupid stoner …:cry:


I feel we are all “Stupid Stoners” off and on in our lives…Myself, I tend to lean on the Stupid Stoner side of life haha

I bet that room, will still surprise you. Even ugly screens need love :wink:
Not that yours is ugly or anything.



UGLY SCREEN…your blocked!!!



So, go upstairs to water the little ones. Notice a few things, lol. The cut of CWXSD, vegging under the T5’s
with all the other cuts from the “Mom” screen, looks like SHIT. Not doing poorly, under or over feed/watered, just a shitty looking plant. Never fails, lol, I get 20 seeds of this cross from my friend, the 1 seed I pick to throw into this run is the weak sister. The thing has POOR structure(will NOT let me train her) and just grows like crap. It goes up 12 inches or so, then just STOPS!!! Driving me nuts because a cut from this same lame plant is in my 4x4 screen that was just turned. I am getting crowed in the temp Mom room, and have stuff inbound that will need space in there. I was going to chuck her out, and say See YA…but since I have her on the little Mom screen, AND the big 4x4, i figured I go look at those 2 first, then make a decision.

My 4x4 screen is getting filled in, even though 2 of the 4 plants under it are NOT pulling their own weight. The Goji Holy Grail Kush ladies are kicking it big time, the Chucky’s Bride(SUCH A POOR POOR POOR choice for this screen) is doing what she does, nothing… …what was I thinking…(was probably stoned on bubble hash when I mentally constructed this screen, lol) …she is branching like sea corral, with stem diameter’s of your hair…she will end up just laying on the screen growing sideways 'bout week 7 I would guess. My friends(soon to be X,lol) Cloudwatcher x StarDog is just …well, do not know how to put it…an embarrassment. How I let this POS stay in the scrog is beyond me. Looks like a 4th grader grew her for a science project…and he received a D- ! Then threw it out, and I salvaged it from the garbage can. The screen is like 9 inches off the buckets top, maybe 11 forgot, but she has barely reached the damn screen. When I look under the screen, she looks like Phyliss Diller …I swear!!! lol Just shook my head and sighed. Is what it is.

Go to the “Mom” screen. They were trained since birth, kept small and branchy, and turned pretty short. They were fully ready, just grown the entire time under T5 HO lighting. If you know, keeps them squat, grows a bit slower than HID or MH . Check on the Mom Cloudwatcher thingy…F ME!!! lol. Thing is gnarly looking, barely above the screen(8 inch’s off buckets) with the largest buds on the screen. Just at or a touch over 30 days in, still under the T5’s, covered in resin and when I touched her, I had to come downstairs and wash my hands because I could not operate the camera lens with glue on my fingers. She STINKS to high heaven’s of StarDog. I have smoked Randy’s StarDog before, and she dont play. Extremely potent bud, and a recognizable smell to her. This plant has that stink. So, i guess the POS on the big screen is staying, and I just have to deal with the fact she will have maybe 5 cola sites, while the Goji has 100. Going to be ugly watching her for next 10 weeks or so, but as a typical stoner…I make mistakes :sunglasses:


My new young uns, Sugar Punch X Goji OG , are doing well. Destined to a small screen and trained for such. From seed, not showing sex as of 2 days ago, this one would make a nice female specimen. Pheno hunting, or rather just hunting, as no one has ever made this cross to my knowledge before, they will be going into the Mom screen when that screen finishes.

Random shots from the small Mom screen. Goji OG x HGK, Chucky’s Bride, Boudica, cloudwatcher

The big scrog got tucked today for the last time. Will let them run 2 days under, then bring them up and let them go.


Really nice show there! Any pics of your c99 f6? How many generations before it was stable?


The more I grow the harder it is to FIND anything on my computer. I have 4.6 terabytes of storage filled 80 percent.
I will stumble across one of the “many” and post it when I do.

I had no work in the making of it…cannot take any credit for that, and it is still not stable. Or maybe it is. 50% of the plants grown from the seeds were “average” at best…the other 50% were stellar, and the 2 plants could be told apart pretty early.
Thats all there is, the flat tasting half ass ones, and then the delicious “Many” with great high too.

I still have few of the seeds, maybe 5 or so, and once I get past this run and the next one, I will find the “many” again and keep a Mom. I did not this last run of her because I didn’t think I liked it as much as I actually do. Mow that I am about out of it, I realize I should grow here every time. I like SWEET tastes in weed, with QUICK HIGH’s…she has both.

Thanks for the kind words!!!


Sounds really nice! Cindy is such a champ of a strain.


looks great! Awesome job. I’m still learning so would be great to watch this grow .

Welcome back!


Love your posts @Jetdro. Had me laughing my ass off! Looking forward to many more.

P.S. is that bodicua, the bodicua kush from J.J.'s uptown grow lab? Was wondering how she grows and smokes if it is. Thanks and take care.


JJ’s uptown grow lab…NOPE, lol.

Boudica (aka Warrior Princess) is a mostly sativa variety from Eskobar Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days) and outdoors. Eskobar Seeds’ Boudica is/was never available as feminized seeds.
Eskobar Seeds’ Boudica Description

Logo Eskobar Seeds Eskobar Seeds Boudica The final stage of this 3 way hybrid project Exodus Cheese/Santa Maria Planck/C99. Easy to grow and very forgiving. The flowers get volume fast and become very dense. The taste is a mixture of pineapple/grapefruit and a little lemon. Testers described it to me as blood orange chewing gum. This is not the strongest one i have but she gives a smooth spiritual daydream. The plants grow like a skunk but with a little sativa stretch.

A perfect combo between 3 top notch strains, 18 months of work to be proud of.

Type: 3 way hybrid
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Up to 500 grams/m2 (indoor) grown under the right conditions
Taste: pineapple, grapefruit and lemon
Effect: smooth spritual daydream
Flowers/Buds: medium dense buds
THC content: Up to 21% grown under the right conditions

She makes beautiful colored Buds, strong smoke, fantastic taste.
The Santa Maria Planck plant used in this 3 way cross is to die for. Can feel n taste her in this cross.

ANYONE have a cut of this “Santa Maria Planck” …would trade anything I have for one…:heart_eyes:

You will probably not see me run any “boutique” strains, or run strains from the newer breeders. I am NOT a big fan of the “Flavor of the Week” breeders. I am 65, so my “hero’s” are so old most here may not even know of them. Hell, half of them no longer are in the game, but I STILL run their genetics.
I also LOVE to trade, and to be real honest, I would just as soon receive seeds from a QUALITY grower here, or on other sites I post at.
Example: I would MUCH rather run Paintedfire420’s cross of C99 x Guava Hashplant than Genetically Modified Miracle Alien PeanutButter Wedding Cookie Breath #4!!! At that’s a fact!!!

If I am buying seeds, it is from folks like Sannie, Escobar(now gone) , Professor P, and Bodhi. Bodhi is my exception with the younger new breeders, he actually has a clue, and I like his cross’s, he has a knack for picking good ones.

Because I KNOW MY TASTE’S, I need not go hunting too far from home. I have a PASSION for Goji OG, Chucky’s Bride, certain CCK pheno’s, and a particular c99 . I am going to spend my next several runs exploring what I have of them, because I know what comes out will be to MY LIKING! I am also going to run a few “members” seeds from here, a few have caught my eye, like the 1 mentioned above. I also have my eye’s on some Orange Goji, and some Goji X Candyland.

LEAF: Thanks for the welcome, appreciate it. We ALL still learn, been doing this since the 70’s, I STILL have so much to learn. I am as successful as I am because i tend to KISS. Keep it simple stupid…something I suggest. Good clean soil or hydro, same conditions for each grow, and LISTEN TO THE PLANTS. Do those 3 things, your on your way!!


Well, thought I had done my last “tuck” , but I was wrong. LAST TUCK just done, no more, screen is full. Going to let them run under the screen till Sunday afternoon, then bring them up through, turn them loose. Should be interesting, I have never taken my Goji cross this big before, so learn as we go. I am sick of jacking with the screen(not really, lol) and it will be nice to finally just let them GO do their thing.
Did not tuck Chucky, nor POS, hoping they decide to come to Goji’s party , if not I will let Goji run over them if they need the space.

Plants are set to produce, this is one reason I run Octopot’s, check out that stem, 9 days into the flip:

The ladies are sucking a gallon a day each, so still not in full swing yet. Once the stretch is over, and they start making buds, the drinking will double in just 3-4 days time. By week 5 or 6, they will suck 3-4 gallons each per day. I can tell when they are about to finish by how much water they take. Right before they are done, water consumption will spike, then a week later, it slows WAY DOWN. When they come back to 1 gallon per day or so each, I start looking at trich’s…usually they are all cloudy, with no amber at that time. I pull at 20 % amber…but several of my strains NEVER amber, and one of them is in this big screen, so I will watch close when it nears the end…

Sick of the tucking, ready for Buds already…LMAO!!!




That was a very detailed and informative post…I have grown for 25 years, and still struggle with breeding information etc… Seems you run a tight ship. I am guessing you have put some serious time in, and if you are from Texas, you have Texas sized balls, to have learned so much while living there.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a growing friendly place. Keep up the good fight, sir.



That’s a tree trunk ! Haha looking good as always. Hmm… octopots . Gotta look into that lol


You got that right. 25 years ago, MAN our heads were DOWN and TUCKED. NOT the same anymore.

  1. I am 65 have grey hair, do not look like a typical stoner…in fact I can walk down a street smoking a joint, NO ONE even looks AT ME!!! LMAO!!! I NO LONGER fear the FUZZ, lol. NO WAY IN HELL a trooper is TAKING ME IN over a joint. Smart enough to never have too much on me, and with age comes wisdom…i KNOW where and when I CAN…I KNOW where and when I cannot!!! The law has better things to do than fuck with a senior citizen …the one time I was hassled, I looked him in the eye(he was 30 years younger than me) and just said REALLY REALLY??? He cracked up, said get out of here…i said when I finish my “cig” ,he left, lol.
  2. Most of my acquired knowledge comes from other growers, Most over seas, in legal areas, or area’s they can do it openly. I picked their brains for a decade, used their knowledge, and learned the plant. It pretty much boils down to learning to read the plant, they will tell you everything you need to know.

LEAF: If your a beginner, or having “trouble” with your grows, an Octopot would change your life. IF you set it up with quality soil, and use TVF/TTF(food I use and 180% recommend) you just can not fail. Most new growers fail in 2 area’s, watering correctly, and the set up environment. This will auto correct both of those for you.
Buy an Octopot, pm me for how to build the soil(super simple 4 part 100% organic mix) , and for the nutes to use, and i will send you some seeds…same Goji that is on my screen. IF YOU DO NOT LOVE the whole setup, pm me again, I will reimburse you for the cost of the Octopot(50-70 bucks) . I made this offer to 5 people already…all 5 are now on their 2nd or 3rd run, and never going back to anything else.
For an “expert” they offer no real gains, maybe some yield gains(bottom feed plants almost always grow bigger) and ease of use, but for newbs or people W/ O a green thumb, you cannot beat them

These 4 ladies in my big screen will drink 12-18 gallons per day when fully getting it on. I fill the rez’s from a 30 gallon bucket, with a pump and long handled shut off valve. The total time it takes is 5 minutes. NO CRAZY nute schedules, no soil issues, top 4 inches of the sleeve are totally DRY…so no pests either.

Sorry…not a % owner of Octopot’s, lol., just a true believer in them, and they have allowed me to take my game to a new level. Before these, I ran hydroponic. G.H. Water Farm setups. Full on set up, rez, controller, tubes EVERYWHERE!!! 3 part nutes, FUCKED UP schedule changing every week. Leaky buckets, PH getting out of wack, PPM too high, too low, 100 issues . Produced VERY well however, and I ran them 10 years, had 60 buckets and all the gear…ONE RUN with ONE Octopot…threw it all out…