JohnnyPotseed's Test of BudBusterPro

I’m not really sure as to ‘who produced’ the seeds cuz. As to that affecting the outcome, I doubt that’ll make much of a difference here.


I decided to go the simpler route here. I don’t want to ‘clutter’ things up cuz
Also, space is a big consideration for me here, atm. I have a lot of ‘projects’ (6-7) going on in addition to trying to keep up the commercial end of things.


The label says it is derived from potassium phosphate, potassium citrate, potassium malate, urea ammonium nitrate solution.

So basically a shitload of potassium and a little bit of phosphorus and nitrogen. :wink:


I saw that and asked but like Bob from BBP says, there’s supposedly proprietary ingredients in addition to those. But, he also said there’s nothing in there that will cause a failed test in the labs for sale to the Dispos.

That’s ‘to be determined’ lol
If it performs as claimed, I will be getting a test done, before using it on a larger commercial batch.


Ok I’m in for the duration.
I think with JPS, Yeti, and Syn all doing side by sides. We will get a good result as to whether this stuff works or not. I like that JPS has chosen Autos, as there seems to be a large following of Auto lovers.
Nice work as always, brother.


I’ll follow along. This will be a good test


Ready to see your results all along the way!
Watching :eyes:


Well lol I’m thinking with this crowd gathering to watch/see how it goes…this stuff better perform!
Honestly can’t think of a better group to critique this than the OG community!

Not to forget, lol I can be pretty damn critical myself!
But I will be using a non-biased eye in my progress reports. No prejudice for or against, just purely subjective observations of any and all progress.


Definitely a better community of growers


Sorry but this is a less efficient way to test the product. Instead of growing from seed (which you don’t know the final out come) you should be growing clones from the same plant, that way you get accurate results.

I appreciate your input here, @Hunter, but these are Autos, not Photos lol no cloning on Autos cuz
Anything else to be addressed? lol

Others are already running tests on Photos, and Bob from BBP says this is great to do, so that’s it. lol


Oh I know they’re autos which is why I said clones were a better option. This method basically throws genetics out the window and can lead to false results. If one plant yields better than the rest, how would you know if it’s because of genetics or the product? You won’t.

I’m not trying to bust your balls. BBP has big claims and a good test should be done to confirm or debunk those claims.


As always, your opinion is noted and appreciated cuz But it IS my decision lol If you feel that way, you could just simply don’t bother to watch.
I’m not trying to be mean here, just not into arguing about the results being a good enough comparison or not, to make any fair decision as to the product’s efficacy…
I personally feel it’ll be good enough, but hey what do I know? lol


Any chance of throwing in two clones? Just to make sure it’s not a variation from plant to plant. I’m going to test the effects of cricket frass on a pair of NL5 clones soon :wink:. One with the dead crickets, one without.

Oops, should of read to the end of the thread :crazy_face:


Where did I leave my dang glasses?!?!

I’m back in the saddle again!
Out where a friend is a friend!
Where the longhorn cattle feed.
On the lowly gypsum weed.
Back in the saddle again!

It’s nice to be able to hairyass you again bro!


I don’t have the time or space for any more projects, also others are already doing test on clones(Photos)
I have all of my rooms set up for autos atm, except one of the spare bedrooms. That room is full of Photos in the final stages, so it couldn’t be done in 12/12 from the jump.
The other spare bedroom has been turned into a ‘safe’ room for the wife’s outdoor plants lol I can’t usurp ALL the spare rooms in the house lol


Before I go any further, I do want to thank everyone for their interest in this project! There won’t be much in the way of updates until I start the treatment in about 4-5 days.

Now, it’s back to ‘trim jail’ for me lol


It’s not a perfect test; there are a few other users running tests as well, hopefully we get a decent picture from that. Others can volunteer to test it as well, of course, if they’re willing to buy a sample bottle… though, granted, that sample bottle is as expensive as a two-gallon bottle of normal fertilizers or foliar sprays.

A perfect test is probably beyond my means, personally. Small control groups of clones on the one side, large groups of autos on the other. Dialed-in, homogenized climate and identical growing conditions other than the sprays & nutrients. I can lay it out, but actually having the space, time and a dialed-in technique in the first place I can’t do right now.

If @Hunter or anyone else wants to, here’s the lineup of tests I can come up with.
A) No BBP, fed a normal nutrient regimen - base
B) Sprayed with BBP, fed more nutrients as Bob recommends
C) Sprayed with BBP, fed the same as group A
D) No BBP, fed the same as group B
E) Sprayed with kelp & nutrient foliar, fed the same as group B
F) Sprayed with kelp & nutrient foliar, fed the same as group A

Otherwise, sorry to @JohnnyPotseed for again hijacking your thread, and thanks for volunteering to run this at all. :slight_smile: A few bare-bones tests from a few trusted growers is a lot better than nothing, certainly, even if not perfect.


I didn’t ask for the product to ‘test’… it was offered. So I accepted it and put another project onto my list of current projects, which is rather extensive. I can only run so many plants due to space constraints.
No, I agree, it isn’t a perfect test run but it’s all I can do atm
So, it is what it is cuz lol


It’s not like you are writing an academic paper for publication. You are trying a new product. If it works as well as they claim, the results should be obvious.