Bodhi's Mango Lotus Co-op: Son of a Biche!😅

Hello, greetings, salutations, wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, welcome welcome!
I’m HeadyBear, and I’ll be your host for this, my first ever seed run.

Mango Lotus was a Bodhi freebie, and, as a result there aren’t many mentions of it on the internet at large.
Here’s what we do know:

Mango Lotus is a cross of Mango Biche and Bodhi’s Snow Lotus male.
On release, Bodhi caused some confusion by mislabeling these packs as seen here:

However it has been repeatedly confirmed by Bodhi, and a host of the Bodhi cult, that the correct lineage is the one stated above.
@SmackyMcSmackers even made a post here (and he’s not the only one) saying

On another note, Bodhi just commented on an instagram post confirming that Mango Lotus is in fact Mango Biche x Snow Lotus, as many people assumed. Mango Lotus is listed on the freebie packs as Mango Lotus x Snow Lotus, leading some to think it might be a Bx of sorts.

No breeder description from Bodhi, but Sunshine Dream Genetics sells an f2 line and offers this:

Originally bred by Bodhi Seeds, this is a large framed, red stemmed sativa hybrid. A fast growing plant, Mango Lotus is a heavy yielder under ideal conditions. Grown outdoors, this plant was tested at 43 degrees north in the humid/wet conditions of Northeastern fall weather; finishes mid to late October and shows great resistance to powdery mildew and botrytis. Grown indoor, plants will need to be thinned early as they exhibit prolific branching tendencies; flowering in 70-80 days. Mango Lotus is great for busy individuals that want a clear headed “get shit done” high that doesn’t weigh you down or leave you crashing

I found some shots of Mango Lotus scattered around, several in this thread on THCFarmer-

And a few more from Great Lakes Genetics Sunshine Dream page:

I didn’t find any smoke reports, but here there’s a little more about the parents

Mango Biche is famous throughout the world for its delicious aromas of green and sweet mango, its effect is active, clear, cerebral and long lasting. This variety has a vegetative stage tha goes from 16 to 20 weeks, its flowering is between 15 to 18 and also 20 weeks. Under natural and optimal conditions it exceeds 4 meters in height, has great vigour and resistance to pests and fungi, it also withstands large amounts of water, its structure is conical. Most plants have a very symmetrical and cone-shaped pattern, some have very beautiful reddish and scarlet stems and petioles, with large thin and serrated leaves, leaves of 5,7,9 leaflets, maximum width of 2cm of a bright green clear colour. A phenotype has a combination in its purple green calyx in the last flowering stage. There is a phenotype that is not characterized by its strong aroma of Mango, it is a little more pungent, but without losing the mango background that characterizes this native colombian line. Its effect is cerebral and euphoric, very motivating and active, in some cases psychedelic and lysergic. The smoke is dense and with woody taste,s some very fragrant on the palate

Snow Lotus is the love child of afgooey and a x19 leaning blockhead male (no sweetooth traits present) and lets the female traits pass through in a cross while uping the size, frost, and potency.

So this run will, of course, be done for the purpose of spreading these genetics across the OG-Verse, but also to document this strain for the next person who has been hunting, in vain, for a detailed experience with Mango Lotus.

It bears repeating that @nefrella made this run possible when she ran the contest to liquidate her Bodhi Packs, so definitely take a minute to shout her out as you start tagging along; I wouldn’t have these without her.
Also, @Pigeonman should also get some love based on this exchange:

So I think that gives us a good starting point, and takes us to this moment in time:

All 12 seeds were scuffed, inserted into a fresh cut aloe leaf to be covered in aloe snot, and placed atop a tray of wet worm castings in the style of @JohnnyPotseed
I sourced the castings this morning, from our local Arizona Worm Farm to ensure maximum freshness and microbial activity.

Member = Trust Level 2
Regular = Trust Level 3

Note: please add your country next to your username in the sign up to make it easier on the distributors

Who is your distributor?

USA: @G-paS
Asia; @G-paS, New Distributor needed.
Aus: @G-paS , New Distributor Needed
Canada: @DougDawson ; 13 for tracked and 3 for untracked + 2 per each strain
Europe & Africa: @Swe-can will send a PM with local currency
Latin America: @Vertebrata; 8 for tracked and 3 for untracked + 2 per each strain
UK: @Gaz29; will send a PM with local currency.

If you are in Europe you are EU or UK the distributor will contact you for address.

How Do The Co-op Boxes Work?
How do I sign up for a co-op seedrun?
How do I know what Trust Level I am?

So say whatever magic words you know, and let’s begin this badass grow!


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WooHoo! :partying_face: This is going to be exciting!


Sounds like you’ve gotta goodun there to run. Good luck and I’ll keep an eye on this. I’m not going to get in on it, since I already have more beans than another lifetime would allow me to grow! lol


@PineTarBastard Agreed!
@JohnnyPotseed You know that if you change your mind after the distribution, all you gotta do is ask. :bear::sunglasses:


So excited to see this happen! :purple_heart: Hope to try it when the wind brings it this way. Best of luck with your run.


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Nice write up on this one. @HeadyBearAdventures does that germination container get a lid or just open air?

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Dude, you’re going to smash this run. Thanks for the detailed write up on the strain. The pics show some epic flower. Very excited to watch and who knows maybe grow along. :sunglasses:

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Looking forward to this !!!
I’m particularly interested in how it stacks up against the MangoBiche x Ghashplant…

You might find a girl or 2 that leans MB and grows much taller - wishing you the best of luck !


Best of luck with the run! Cool info on the AZ worm farm, wasn’t aware of that place.

So did you anoint a temporary shaman for the blessing?


Plastic wrapped to maintain humidity :bear::+1:


They have veg starts, insect frass, compost, castings, casting tea, soil, a lot of stuff! They also host classes and tours, and help people start their own vermicompost setups. Every employee takes home fresh produce after every shift.
I will say, I’ll never use their soil again, but everything else is amazing.

I didn’t, but I’ll offer @Pigeonman the honor, since he’s the one who gave me the gift of the bear shaman image :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::bear:


Def rolling my beanbag chair in here to watch. Anyone got any Cheetos?


Boooyah! This is gonna be a helluva late winter/early spring around here! Goodness all over the place!
Much respect my Bodhi brethren :facepunch:t2:


You can have my spare bag of Flamin’ Hot Munchies.

Preaching, homie!


Btw I’m stealing some of your info…. I was just trying to put together an opener for Blues tomorrow, great timing :wink:

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What’s mine is yours my brudda!

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First co-op run, aye?
That’s awsome! Congratulations my friend.
I’ll join you for this ride.


Happy to have you aboard @blowdout2269 …yep, I’m gunning for that Overgrower badge! :bear::trophy:


There’s a badge too!? Awesome! Bonus!