Journal: Re-starting to grow... 17 years later

Hi, I’m starting a new indoor after 17 years of drought.
Will be in coco and using the Top crop fertilizers.
This is my first time with led… Previously I used LEC.
This is a grow test to see minimum light and electricity values posible to achieve a “sucessful” crop.
As it is a test, I didn’t try with the landraces because fear of loosing them, so used some bulk feminized seeds (That where frosted for a month to do a freezing viability test) and some other seeds that I had.

  1. 22/12/2022- 12.00 PM. All seeds where put in a ice bucket, one each in floating mode. As here is very cold now, I used a heat matt, setting it between 22 and 25º C.
    This is the ice bucket used for sprouting:

2.- 23/12/22-12.00PM - In a day some of the seeds has cracked, some with a little root showing.

3.-24/12/22-1200PM - All cracked and with a little root some of 2mm and other of 10mm.
I don’t remember if I transfer now to coco or the next day, will correct when at home and see the diary/notepad.

4- 28/12/22 -Some showing the head:

And the MrNice Pink Floyd twins.

That same day I ended making an open heart surgery and separated the twins.
Also, as I saw a little mold in some of the coco, I used some trichoderma for all of the seedlings and a little bio roots from GHE- very very old stock.
Also I was using 2 led strips of 5w each, updated to three today and moved all seedlings near the lights. I’m working in a new variable height light fixture…

5.-Today update

Will have to add more light, I believe

The seeds was:
White Widow (FSE)
Super Silver Haze (FSE)
Leda Uno (KC Brains)
Critical Skunk (Mr. Nice)
Pink Floyd (Mr. Nice)
Wild Thai -fem- (World of Seeds)
Gorilla Glue#4 -fem- (Bulk). This was frozen a month ago.
Cookies Cream -fem- (Bulk). This was frozen a month ago.
Super Silver Haze -fem- (Bulk). This was frozen a month ago.
Bubblegum -fem- (Bulk). This was frozen a month ago.

As the Pink Floyd was twin, it was divided and now they are labelled as
Pink Floyd (big twin) and Pink Floyd (small twin).


welcome back to growing. you will get back in the swing of things in no time


Thanks… well I think that in this many things could go wrong. But you learn more from mistakes than from successes.


17 years of drought!
But some good seeds to start off with !
The streams trickling …soon the river will be flowing
Good luck let’s watch em start growing🤪


Who says 17 says 14… I don’t remember well. But yes… Anyway… Many many years. My daughter is going to 14, and leave growing a couple years before was born … So… More or less…(but don’t trust a smoker mind :sweat_smile:)
I’m becoming to remember the feelings of arriving at home from work and going to talk to my “littles”.


You have a nice lineup to kick things off after your hiatus.


One question, as this is my first time with jiffys. Do you leave the white bag when repotting?
I see it very dense and don’t want to give roots extra efforts to cross it…


Here some images of my recicled indoor not"tent".

Now open:

The right zone will be for all vegetative staged clones/seedlings , and in the bottom mothers.
The left will be for flowering.
Still not ended working on it…


Man I feel you I haven’t had a grow of my own since 2010 that didn’t get destroyed or failed since I didn’t have a place to grow for the last decade. Finally got my own property now and stoked to get going again after a false start last year…

Hope you have a great 2023 and I’m positive it’s gonna be a good year for us all!!!



Happy holidays and good starting of year!!


3/1/2023. Starting to add 0,5ml/l of Top Roots
4/1/2023… Wanted to repot them, but due to being ill, it must be delayed, also adding more light delayed.
One error… Not Critical widow… It was Bubblegum… Sorry… My memory is not as should be.

Tomorrow will try to repot and add more light.


Made the re-potting today. 9x9x10cm…


yes - the roots will have no problems growing through them Jiffy pots !!!


Thanks… with some of them I tried to take it off… but what a mess!!!.. so some are with it and some without…


Its a great feeling. Makes even a rough day better.


Just remember jiffy pots have no food. You’ll want to lightly feed or transplant before long. Looking like your growing memory is intact😁. Plants are happy.

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I missed posting that when doing the repot I also added a little water with “micro vita” it is Good for roots and very light feeding.
I want the coco to dry a little more to force root development.
Plants tolerate well over irrigation in coco, but if I remember well, let it almost dry before giving them a good drink keep roots safe.
And … 11 small pets from 10 seeds soaked… That is my record for now… Hahahja


Yup. You want those roots looking for water.


11.1.23-. some watering and added 2 more 5w-12v cool white led .
Also added “el cheapo” diy regulable fixture… For calling it someway. Hahjaa

Will not update in a time, 'cause I have to move the littles to another “safer” place.

Ad the lights, With a little switch to turn om/off two of the middle bars.

Yeah… Feel ugly, but as they will move soon, for now it is valid for me.
The “fixture” was made from a curtain holder. All the bar lights can be freely moved, now I have all concentrated in the center, but can be “slide” anywhere.

Have a nice day.


14/1/23. I found a visitor in the SSH fem. (upper left one)… Give him a one way ticket to hell.

I don’t know if the plants are too young to spray the plants and the coco with neem oil. Long ago I have some that suffer for it. So I will take that plant away from the others till I see how it is going.