Killer Glue (GG#4 x AK47) SCROG adventure

Let me preface this thread by saying these guys missed a perfectly good oppurtunity to name this strain “Killa Gorilla” but oh well haha

I been shitting up the Serious Seeds thread with my grow so figured I’d just start a journal to dump it in.

The 6 seeds came in a very elaborate and fancy packaging with collector coin, brochure, stickers etc with seeds sealed inside a glass vial inside a bamboo tube engraved with breeder name and seal. Most elaborate seed breeder packaging I’ve seen.

I popped all 6 seeds. 1 (the biggest in this pic) popped overnight, the next 2 popped within 24 hours and the last 3 popped within 5 days. The last 3 to pop have been spindly, slower and generally not as vigorous or hardy as the 3 more vigorous ones.

I grew the 6 plants under a 600W HPS on a flood & drain table feeding H&G classic lineup with CALMAG, Great White and Mammoth P. EC has been kept pretty much about 1.8 the whole way through

I topped them twice, first time at the 4th node and then again at the 4th node on the subsequent branches after that.

I did 2 very heavy leaf strippings during this veg period, stripping them back to just tips to promote side branching which was succesful. The KG’s were very responsive to stripping and topping.

Once my flower tent was harvested I moved them in to 6x 50L pots of coco:perlite and mashed them down under some netting. They were a little more brittle in the stems than I’m used to and I lost a couple of main branches to snapping, and lost a few off-shoots to just kinking and dying. So in future I will be a little more gentle. I also nuked the fuck out of them with azadirachtin and 2 applications of miterid, so the roots probably copped it a fair bit in the first week after trainsplant. Nonetheless they bounced back well from the scrogging and the abundance of lateral branches were happy to fill out the net.

I’m running the plants under 2x 680w ProGrow E LED lights that have been dialled back to about 388W from some rough as guts calculations… I’ve had a bit of trouble with these lightds in the past just running them at 100% without realising it was too much light, so hopefully this run is good till my light meter gets here.

The 2 slowest phenos are down the end right-hand-side of the tent have been quite spindly from the get go and are quite slow. I just dialled in my VPD and have ordered and Apogee HQ-500 PAR meter to get my lights right. I got a humidifer and since the other day have had humidty at 65% and temps around 27-28°C.

4 of the phenos are loving life and are very lush, almost no leaf tips burnt which is a first for me. They’ve responded very well to training and love to shoot up new nodes when the branches are trained through the netting. I’ve been very vigilant clearing fan leaves away from all new growth so it’s looking pretty good so far.

The two slower ones are a little sadder and spindly and a little burnt here or there so obviously are just way more prevcious about life. but I’ll still give them a chance and run them again in case it’s amazing weed.

I’ve still cloned all of them in case one of the sad pheno’s surprises me. I’ll run them again to choose my keeper.

I just flipped the tent to flower today so I am in week 1 flower.

The pedigree of this strain is pretty good, and has great reviews as far as potency and smell goes. I’ll give this a couple of runs, find a keeper and setup another flower tent to run keepers in so I can move on and hunt through some other strains I have.

The other strains I’m dying to run that I’ve got seeds of are:

Tony Green’s GG#4 RIL
Thugpug Garlic Breath 2.0
HSO Gorilla Breath (ran this before it’s fucking amazing)
IHG PKBR, Slurricane #7 and Platinum Garlic
DVG Grandpa’s Breath
Mendo Breath S1 from someone here
Clearwater Creamsicle #4
Peanut Butter Breath S1 from BiF

I’ve popped some Exotic Mr Nasty (Grease Monkey x GMO) that I’m gonna try find a male to collect some pollen and breed from, too. Maybe cross it with the Killer Glue.


Nice my friend, those selections are all pretty killer I’ve gotta say . Lots of gems to look forward to. I’m down for the ride .

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killa gorrilla is so much better… now i want to steal that name for something lol, nice seed list also going to be some killa something anyway

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Thanks boiz. Ha i wont be mad if you steal that name.

Plants loving life at day 3 flower. The stretch is on.still sitting pretty at EC 1.8 and some light defoliation to open up more tops. Using my crude calculations I increased light power to 394W today. I hope I am right in my workings.

My #3 has grown a big ass cola that towers over all the rest.

Aside from the two slower phenos, all other four of them are damn near identical in structure and vigor.

Also, I opened my packet of Tony Greens GG#4 RIL because I read he was overpacking packs. I paid for 10 seeds, inside was 2 vials of 12 seeds. Fucking mint!


What lights are you running there?

I have two of these ProGrow 680w E lights with a controller box.

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Ok was curious, just bought 6 aglex six bar lights looked similar. :ok_hand:
Trying to cut down heat from hps testing half my room with the bar lights and haven’t changed over yet… plants look good my brother :facepunch:t2:


Well my bro, can confirm the LED’s cut down a whole lot of heat. So much so that you will definitely need to run a heater year round at least. I was running 3x 600w HPS in this tent with no need for supplemental heating but I had to work furiously to keep it cool.

With these LED’s I’m running at just over 1/3 the power in lighting and only need to run 1 oil heater to keep my temps stable. Now that I have a humidifier I am finding it very easy to keep my temperatures and humidity dialled in pretty much exactly where I want them with no nasty spikes at all. Once it’s dialled in it’s way easier to manage than HPS… so far… I am just waiting on the PAR light meter and I should pretty much be all set. :smiley: My next power bill should be much, much lower.

Also, I did the same as you, I iniitally swapped out 2 of the lights for 1 of these LED’s before I bought the second. Weirdly, some of the plants that were still under the HPS started growing toward the LED, as if they were preferring the light coming from that.


Yeah figured as much, I have heat it hardly ever runs in the winter some times .have 48,000 btu worth of mini splits in flower room but exhausting out through the attic then through two 10” exhausts the radiated heat in attic is crazy hot I bet 150 degrees up there instant sweating,. All our ducting is insulated too. Heat outside rooms in winter but man I’d Iike to get that down some not good to be that hot up there…-all my lighting runs on 240 volts and going to run leds on 240 volts as well and test these. Six 6 bar lights should do one row and only draw 1.2 amps a pc at 240 volts we shall see how this works out but very excited to test them, possible will need a few more for the one row but going to test at 6 lights . I appreciate your input above thanks :ok_hand::v:t2::sunglasses::v:t2:

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Beginning of wk2 flower. Stretch is on. The two shitty phenos down the end have almost redeemend themselves and making a good comeback. It just seems theyre not as fond of shooting off big and long nodes like the other 4 phenos and prefer to put all their energy into 4 main branches.

My #4 has grown this huge miltibranched top which is cool and looks like it will produce a lot of weed.


Very fast rooting clones. 8 days, lots of roots and good to transfer into pots for veg. Fastest clones ive taken. And 100% strike rate, too. Good stuff.


Ahh that f1 vigour! Very nice my friend

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End of week 2 flower. Not much to report. Stretch seems to have slowed down which is good. Cut the extra N from the feed. Big defoliafion in a weeks time

Noticed this weird mutation on the bushiest branch of my #5 . Thought this top looked weird, initially thought it was stunted but hadn’t actually looked closely at it till tonight I realised it’s two branches fused together at some point way down near the main stem.

Smelling nice and rubbery.


Little late finding your thread, but I’m here now. Looking real good! Nice set up. :smiley: :+1:


The branch stem mutations is called Fasciation irc . They look healthy and it’s good you have a net. The ones I grew definitely needed support not due to weakness but the amount of flowers .

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Very cool. Saw a post on reddit with a fadciated daisy. Wonder if it will pass on in the Clone. I think i took the cutting off this pheno on the fasciated branch.

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Video flyover

And the Fasciated top:

In another tent here is 4x Mr Nasty regs looking happy

(Grease Monkey x GG4 from Exotic)


Coming to the end of week 3. Stretch is most definitely over on all phenos. Stretch only seemed to last just over 2 weeks maybe 15 or 16 days. Very nice manageable height means i can veg them a little longer next time.

I bumped the EC up 1 point from 1.8 to 1.9 and within 2 days the plants were showing clawing so obviously thats a bit hot for them. So back down to 1.8 which seems to be their sweet spot. 1.7 might even be the better number in future.

They’ve just shown demand for more feed too as tonight some plants had droopy leaves for the first time so a 2nd feeding sorted them out. These plants have been easy to read and quick to tell me if they don’t like something.

Clones are chugging along well and seem pretty well consistent with their growth pattern from their mothers except for #5 which was a slow grower from the start but the clone is taking off as fast as the most vigorous pheno.

#1, #3, #4 and #5 look to be good to get a 3rd run at this stage but still wont rule them all out. #6 is very sensitive and requires way less feed it seems. Burns easily. The clone back right in the photo is the #3 and was leaf stripped yesterday because it was 2-3x bigger than the rest. My clone tent fucking sucks for climate control and I have minimal ability to get it as hot or humid as I like so the clones kinda suffer for the first few weeks till they dense up enough to raise the humidity which is a good thing anyway because it keeps their growth a little slower so they don’t outgrow the tent before transplant.I’ll try upgrade the light and climate in there in future but no rush

All looking happy otherwise. Very crowded.

BudXL goes into the feed this weekend for the next phase of flower :smiley:

I don’t know whether to leaf strip or not, I kinda wanna do a heavy defol this weekend but I keep reading that it’s bad but then some really great grows I see they strip right back. pretty torn… any advice?

And my 4x Mr Nasty’s are chugging along nicely, too. 2 very distint phenos. Dont know which one leanes which I think the taller ones are GMO leaners? Idk


Awesome looking setup!

I tried out some defoliation this round in my tent. Some plants i defoliated more than others. The plant i defoliated the most almost to the point of being naked other than the tops is defiantly going to be the biggest yielder but it could also be a different phenotype. I will be playing around with it more though for sure after what ive seen in my tent.

I did 2 big defoliations, 1 right before swapping to 12/12 and a 2nd round 3 weeks into flower and when i mean big i mean 2 full garbage bags for 8 plants lol


Ya I lollipop crudely before flip and pick away any fans that cover nodes or tops.

I mainly just want to strip out the bulk of the larger foliage to thin it all out a little. Not strip it back to twigs or anything